7 Best Clippers for Black Hair Reviews Latest and Updated

Our comprehensive research led us to come up with a list of the seven best clippers for black hair reviews latest and updated. If you are planning to purchase a hair clipper.

Best Clippers for Black Hair Reviews


Before You Buy, 

If you are going to purchase this product, you should get the complete introduction All about clippers. Below

Best Clippers for Black Hair Reviews

We always try to make do with specific things. When it comes to electric products, our first instinct is to get something that “Does the Job” and lasts longer than normal.

Things are no different when it comes to shaving or hair clipping or trimming. We purchase “Just Another” product and wish it’d stick around.

When you’re an Afro-American barber or a shaving lover of color, “Just Another” shaving tool won’t take you too far. The machine will wear out before you understand it. Blades will produce into dullness and the motor will die quickly.

The reason is simple. Common machines don’t have what it takes to shave ingrown, curly, and thick hairs. These are created for Caucasians. These machines can’t take care of the various hair types of ours.

That’s why you require clippers and shavers for black men. These are particular products that support to the people of color.

Wondering where to get one? I’ve got just the list for you in this review. Also, check out my shopping guide to see what factors helped me to pick these devices in the first place.

Best Clippers for Black Hair – My Suggestions

I realize that glittering objects are not gold (most of the time). Producers will promise you the best in the world when it gets to hair clippers, trimmers, and shavers.

To make sure you don’t fall for fake promises, I’ve relied on my analysis and practical experience to come up with short reviews of 7 of the Best Clippers for Black Hair products that have helped African American men’s and women for years! Here we go!




  • This device is blessed with a quiet motor. It won’t wake your neighbors up when in action.
  • Aggressive blades are excellent for the skin and hair types of the Afro-American people.
  • The blades remain sharp and able for a long time and need minimum maintenance.
  • This thing provides people with tons of styling options with all the comb attachments and various blades.
  • The 90-minute charge is sufficient for me to do two or three shaves and it holds a charge for a lengthy time.
  • To be honest, I’d have loved a battery indicator to present how much charge is left for me to work with.

The Wahl 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip is extremely effective for coarse or afro-textured hair. So if you have been looking for the best clippers for black men, you should simply try your hands at this.

I must state, this is trimmer is exceptional for both “At Home” and “Professional” haircutting.

Wahl #8148 gives both corded and cordless shaving facilities. For a cordless operation, it depends on a Lithium-Ion battery, which when completely charged works for more than 90 minutes.

When it comes to professionals, they need their trimmers to run seamlessly for hours in order to get even results. The corded use is thus meant for them.

It’s a dual-voltage machine. This 5-star product can work easily within or outside the USA without compromising performance levels.

The major unit features an electromagnetic motor. It’s fast and clean when producing the power for cutting or clipping hair. The electromagnetic nature of the motor makes it really quiet to work with.

Wahl has added a taper lever on the side of the trimmer head that assists to produce pro-quality fading and blending effects quite easily.

With this amazing trimmer, black men and women can style their hair without using too much on professional services.

Don’t deny the efficiency of this tool for a second! Magic Clip #8148 features different Stagger-Tooth blades.

These are high-precision 2161 blades that incur zero extensions. They enhance their cutting speed when you transfer them really quickly through the hair.

This means the blades will work quicker and cut even the thickest of beards effortlessly without any struggling or tugging. There are blade guards in position to save your skins from any circumstances just in case.

This trimmer is not only great for your hair but also suitable for your hands. It weighs only 10 oz. and is 6.25 inches long. And with an indentation on its front, you can keep the trimmer securely and conveniently.

The control panel of this machine is fairly comfortable to get your head around. The power switch is set on the side for ease of entrance.

It’s a “Flip” switch that you can work with just your thumb. However, this might be a difficulty for someone who is left-handed.

Wahl #8148 magic clipper is the complete haircutting and shaving kit for African-American people. Don’t believe me? Just watch at the number of attachments you get! Inside the package, you will get the best clippers for black hair, 6 combs, a brush, a lubrication system, and a charger. Six combs provide people various styling selections.

The lubrication system is intended to keep blades in the best shape before and after shaving or trimming the hair.

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2-Panasonic ER1611 Professional




  • One hour of charging provides the battery with sufficient legs to run for 50 minutes! Excellent for a complete shave.
  • Haircuts and trimming are fabulous with or without the attachments people have with this product.
  • The blades are set at a 45-degree angle that gives for maximum performance output when cutting.
  • You get the “Quick Charge” that enables you to instantly get the shaver ready for one shave only.
  • The blades are curved to grant people more cutting power than normal shavers/trimmers do.
  • As one goes through the various speed levels, the sound of the motor raises which can become a lousy confusion if you’re not accustomed to it.

For those who want to experience barbershop quality and performance at home, the Panasonic ER1611 is what they require.

Panasonic is rated as one of the best hair clippers for black hair producers in the market. Trust me, this is no “Fluff.” I kept this product on my list in light of individual experience and quite specific reasons.

First of all, it works on a powerful motor that works at a speed of 10,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). This supports the blades cut hair quicker and more easily than other clippers. For a powerful motor, the sound is surprisingly low.

The machine is truly sufficient to let the neighbors sleep peacefully while you shave. The blades are the winning quality of this hair clipper. The stainless steel blades are edged at a 45-degree turn.

Owing to this, this clipper can give precise cuts every time. Yes, even when it comes to shaving off hairs from hard skin types like the African-American men and women.

But there is more to the blades than just the cutting power. In order to support the blades retain their sharpness for an extended period of time, Panasonic has used Diamond-like Carbon coating (DLC) and Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating.

These coatings are only seen in Panasonic products, and so they are “unlike any other.”

Wait, I’m not done ranting about the blades! these blades have a relatively larger cutting surface than the opposition.

This is what the producers call a “Curved” design. This assists them to catch and cut more hair during every stroke.

As far as the styling goes, one can modify the cutting length of the blades in two ways.

By using the comb attachments, you can modify lengths from 0.3 mm to 15 mm. And the way is by applying the dial on the body of the clipper. With its guidance, you adjust lengths in 0.3 mm increments from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm.

The trimmer/shaver works on batteries. As it turns out, the battery is very efficient at the job. The battery takes an hour to get completely charged, and once done recharging it can work for 50 minutes or more depending on how hard you’re shaving.

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Best Clippers for Black Hair



  • As common, Phillips presented this shaver/trimmer with a state-of-the-art motor and drivetrain to drive power from.
  • You have plenty of attachments and combs with this kit that provide you a multitude of hairstyles.
  • Dual Cut technology of the blades assists them to cut close to the skin without hurting it.
  • If you calculate the attachments, there are 14 various accessories that people get with the kit.
  • I like the ergonomic grip that makes shaving or trimming for people with large hands comfortable.
  • Even the Afro-American people want to steer clear of rubbing the face with the blades too thick. Aggressive blades can nick, cut, and tug on the skin.

The Philips Norelco MG7750/49 is one of the best clippers for black hair. It is a 23-piece multi-groomer that assists to take care of all kinds of grooming requirements.

This product is rated one of the “Most Competent” because it works on a Lithium-Ion battery. It works for 5 hours straight when completely charged.

This is something very unique for hair clippers. I’ve observed people charging it once and applying it for months.

The major piece of this 23-piece grooming kit has a stainless steel body with a rubber handle. Stainless steel makes this shaver lightweight.

Also, the rubber grip assists people to carefully manage the shaver and get the wanted to shave or haircut without any hitches.

The Philips MG7750/49 is suggested by multiple “Pro” hair stylists. There’s a reason for the widespread demand.

This clipper has a complete metal motor and a tempered steel strengthened drivetrain which gives maximum torque and power.

Moreover, the blades are designed with Dual Cut Technology that makes them double as sharp as most other blades. In fact, the blades are self-sharpening in life.

They brush against each other lightly when in control, which assists them to remain always sharp.

Admiring what’s inside the package? 6 extra-wide hair guards, 3 beard guards, two stubble guards, two guards that preserve the blade, one eyebrow guard, 1 full-size trimmer, 1 precision foil shaver, one precision detail trimmer, one extra-wide trimmer, one nose, and ear trimmer, cleaning brush, power cord, and a bag for collecting them all.

Well, are you surprise that if the blades are so helpful, why apply additional guard attachments?

Since this is a “Body Grooming Kit” and our body cover is not the same everywhere, the guards are thus very helpful.

Further, these guards are strengthened with fiberglass that does not let them mold. They ensure accurate results when shaving every part of the body.



  • I like the clever use of Aluminum in the making of the product. It’s lightweight and long-lasting.
  • The powerful motor is another plus working in support of this trimmer/shaver as it breezes through hairs.
  • Blades are extremely sharp and on point as far as serving the African-American people are concerned.
  • This small product could really give the “Fading” effect when cutting my hair.
  • This is excellent for professional-grade haircutting services at shops as well.
  • Frequent lubrication of blades before and after the shaving can be tiresome for people.
  • One problem of using Aluminum as the casing for this product is that it gets hot when running for a long time.

The Andis Master is manufactured to last. It has an aluminum housing that is lightweight and strong at the same time. Some may surprise how can aluminum be so beneficial.

Well, it is one of the few metals utilized in rockets, so there’s that. Professional barbers who wish to get the best clippers for black hair should clearly try this silver stallion of shaving and trimming.

Apply it for years on end and you will see no compromises in the levels of satisfaction.

One thing I love about this product is it remains cool even if you have been using it for many hours.

This is often due to the high-speed magnetic motor, which while being strong and effective is also surprisingly quiet.

This motor produces 14,000 strokes per minute. That is, it will cut more hair in a short time.

This 15-Watt Master Hair Clipper from Andis is a professional standard product. One can assume professional-grade performance whether at home or at the shop.

The Carbon Steel Blades tolerate a testament to that fact. These things have the legs to go on for several years.

They remain sharp for an extended period of time. All you have to do is frequent oiling, before and after every use.

The blades can be modified from 000 to 1, which lets you give the desired close shave. You can do this modification using a lever on the side.

In fact, the power button is also located on the side for added freedom.

One “Pro” tip I will give you is that you require oiling the blades to secure the best lubrication before and after the shaving or trimming.

This way, the blades won’t get tight on the course and at times rough hairs of the African-American people.

Don’t worry about the appearance one bit. With Andis Master Hair Clipper you can give your customers with satisfying levels of outlining and fading.

According to multiple barbers who have used Andis Master, this hair clipper gives the best tapering results. The product is stringently for corded use.

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  • Remington is the smallest shaving/trimming apparatus you’d get on the market in today’s date.
  • This is a lightweight product. One can take it anywhere in the world and enjoy the best shave.
  • The cleaning brush is very skillful. It’s able to get the tiniest speck of hair out of the machine.
  • People don’t need to worry about water damaging the inside parts of the device as it is water repellent.
  • The lubricating gel or oil works surprises with the blades that you get with the kit.
  • Working cordless for just 40 minutes after a 4-hour charging time is a bummer according to me.
  • People should drive this machine carefully when shaving or trimming hairs around the ears.

What if you could catch a trimming/shaving kit on in your hands and rarely notify it’s there?

Well, the Remington HC4250 Hair Clipper fits best in the palm of your hand. This uniquely sized product makes hair clipping so much more comfortable than you imagined it could ever be.

With the help of this hair clipper, you can simply reach the back of your head, your neckline, and around the ears – a feat that always needs a second set of eyes and hands.

The blades are manufactured of stainless steel and they assist to cut the thickest of hairs with no pulling or tugging.

In fact, the blades are produced with a more extended Power Curve System. The advantage of this system is that it effortlessly glides over the shapes of your head, males face, and body.

Now, people don’t need to worry about nicks and cuts, even if they are fresh to the art of clipping and tripping hair.

Even my Afro-American brethren won’t have difficulties with curly, ingrown, and thick hair roots of theirs.

The HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut kit has a rubberized handle that makes it quite easy to hold it in your hands without much struggling.

Moreover, this kit is fully washable and so if you use it in a wet condition it will not slip.

Remington is not free from its pains. Although this Remington product works on a Lithium Power battery, it needs 4 hours to get completely recharged only to work for 40 minutes.

This means you will have to charge it every time before applying it.

However, this specific type of battery gives comparatively more torque and more energy.

Remington also offers a 5-minute fast charge that recharges it sufficient for a haircut. You can also use it corded for as long as you want.

This Self-Haircut kit includes 9 length guide combs, a cleaning brush, oil for lubricating and prepping the blades, and a storage bag.

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Best Clippers for Black Hair



  • Andis gave this model a high-speed motor that is the core aspect of excellent shaving experience.
  • The T-blade cuts close to the user’s skin and provides people a close shave and a fabulous trimming effect.
  • One can modify the blades for an informal and personalized shaving or trimming experience.
  • These blades are rustproof and last for a long time before you require to replace them.
  • The blades don’t have any gaps for the hairs to get stuck. Cleaning the hairs is exceptionally easy.
  • One cannot apply this thing for wet shaving routines in the shower.

To be honest, the Andis Professional T-Outliner looks like a missile that will discharge in satisfaction only.

Barbers have to fight all kinds of hair when it comes to men and women of color, and so they require something to take care of all of them. Enter Andis T-Outliner trimmer/shaver!

The Andis GTO 04710 is one of the best clippers for black hair, as they tend to have coarser hair and so needs high-quality clippers such as Andis.

This clipper has been equipped with Heavy Cutting T-Blade that provides a close cut regardless of the hair type.

In fact, the blades are manufactured of particularly hardened carbon steel. This kind of blade lasts much longer than usual stainless steel ones.

The T-Blade is very effective in trimming hairs in the necks, beards, mustaches and around the ears.

There are approximately zero gaps between the blades. So barbers can simply rely on them for highly satisfactory close cuts, fading, tapering and other kinds of hairstyling.

In fact, this is one product that every barber should have in his/her possession.

The strong magnetic motor is oiled from the factory and so works smoothly all the time. The best clippers for black hair feature of this magnetic motor is that it works extremely quietly and does not heat up.

The blades, however, require to be oiled before, during, and after every performance. You will have to unscrew the blades in order to replace them.

And when replacing, make sure they are accurately aligned as they should be.

Andis does not let out any of their products before experimenting with them. So assume nothing but outstanding results from this Andis product. It might just blow your mind.

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  • 8 feet strength cord will award people a sizable leash when they have been looking for freedom to move around.
  • The Pivot motor is excellent when it comes to managing power to this unit.
  • The textured gripping system is an excellent help when you have large hands and need decent handling.
  • I like the fact that manufacturers included four combs with this machine at an affordable cost.
  • Wet or dry shaving won’t be a difficulty with this tool. Go with the mode you feel satisfied with.
  • I’d have preferred a travel pouch to tuck the attachments of the kit inside. There isn’t any.

The Oster Fast Feed 76023-510 is an extremely efficient corded hair clipper that will simply fit into your budget.

It has been formed to cut through all kinds of hair. Naturally, it deserves a position on my list of best clippers for black hair.

People can do wet and dry shaving with excellent confidence with this product around them.

The clipper has an 8 feet long power cord that provides you a decent arc to work within. This is greatly suitable for professionals as they need a decent space to move around their customers.

Anyone shaving in front of a counter at home would enjoy the leash as well!

As is the case with corded hair clippers, this one has a loop at the base that assists you to hang it in a place.


Moreover, the Oster hair clipper has an ergonomic build with textured housing. This makes operating with it far easier. It is best for both professional and personal usage.

The most important of this hair clipper is the use of a strong pivot motor that is magnetic in nature.

As a result, the motor is whisper quiet and does not get heated even after hours of continuous usage.

This Oster product comes with three guide combs (¼ inch, 3/8 inch, and ½ inch) and another one that assists with fading.

One can modify the length setting of the stainless steel blades without attaching any of the combs as well. You can modify the length from size 000 to 1.

Since it can be used for wet shaving, it is also quite easy to clean. Oster has included a cleaning brush though, for getting rid of hair held in the corners.

Remember, at the start, you may not need to lubricate the blades a lot. As it gives wet use, lubricate it once every month after the first 3-4 months.

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How to Choose the Best Clippers for black hair on Your Own?

Several of you might not love my suggestions for one reason or another. I know that. In that case, my opinion is to pick one for you.  However, picking a clipper for a normal person and choosing one for African-American people isn’t the same. You need to be careful about certain factors. Let me give you a short idea about them in this section.

Pick One with the Right Motor

You need wonderful legs to drive a race at full speed. A trimmer or shaver that we apply to get shaving done instantly. For that, we require a good motor. Saw the parallel yet? If your machine doesn’t have a great motor, it can stop mid shaving, clipping or trimming.

When we’re trading with a thick facial skin or curly hair on the head, the capability of the motor becomes even more relevant. What you require is a motor that’s high on the RPM count. Make sure it’s pretty as well. You don’t want your neighbors to wake up from a lunchtime slumber while you’re shaving.

Make Sure the Blades Are Sturdy

When it comes to black men/women, the skin plays a vital part. The African-American people have thick skins that are difficult to get around. Facial and skull hairs are also ingrown and sometimes curly. People want something extra than “Just” a blade to cut these hairs.

Yes, you require blades that are sharp and are at an accurate angle. More than that, you need strong blades that won’t break while navigating through tight facial hair or lose their sharpness in a matter of days. To make sure this doesn’t happen, pick flexible yet strong blades that can work on rough surfaces.

Corded or Cordless Device to Go for?

Select this early into your shopping. Whether you wish a corded trimmer/shaver or a cordless one can make or break a deal. Shaving stingy beard or curly hair can be a time-consuming affair. If you pick a cordless version, make sure that the device is capable to hold the charge for a considerable duration.

Cordless things can sometimes supply less strength than you’re satisfied with. These things are fully dependent on batteries, it’s normal for the motor to lose its legs over time. Examine if there are any differences regarding motor performance between corded and cordless clippers/trimmers.

As far as the versatility goes, I’d suggest people go for a model that can work both with and without cords. You’ll have flexibility by your side. My decision in this matter is models from Phillips and Panasonic.

Look at the Accessories You’re Getting

Under normal situations, I’d be describing you to skip over to the major trimmer or clipper and judge it for quality before purchasing. But when shopping for the best clippers for black men, it’s necessary to go over extra accessories as well. The hairstyling kit or trimmer most have multiple combs.a

These things benefit the device to cut down the hair to various lengths and sizes. People who have curly, ingrown and coarse hair will require combs of various sizes to tackle the hair and beard. Make sure to check for blade replacements as well.

It’s pretty normal for a blade to become dull or break altogether when shaving. Kits with blade replacements save you a bundle of money. You don’t have to buy extra ones before the refill provides in. Wahl Magic Clip shavers can be excellent decisions when it comes to attachment count.

How Does the Trimmer React to Your Skin?

This is important when you’re buying for trimmers for a black person. As you know by now, the major difference between regular Americans and African Americans is the skin type. African-American skin is perhaps just a tad bit more sensible than regular fair skin.

That’s why it’s significant for people to pick a device that has coated blades with guards. These blades are hypoallergenic and don’t tug the skins. You won’t observe any rashes or red spots during or after shaving or clipping hairs. Blade guards preserve your skins from too much expression and getting cut.

Make Sure It’s Easily Cleanable

For several of us, shaving is nothing but a chore. That’s because we have to clean up after ourselves when we’re ended. If the shaver/trimmer/clipper is not perfectly produced or doesn’t come with a cleaning brush, then all hell breaks loose. I’ve observed people spending an hour and a half cleaning their tools.

Men and women of color have facial and body hair that’s more powerful than most people. If one or two get into the shaving mechanisms like the motor than good luck getting those out and placing the machine!

To avoid such a scenario, always purchase a product that has a minimum gap between the blades. The tool should have many guards in place to block the hairs from getting in.

Also, make sure that it’s water-resistant. That way one can clean the device smoothly under running water. Having a cleaning brush nearby supports to get hair strands out of the inside part of the machine.

Let’s End the Article Here

Believe me, purchasing the best clippers for black hair is only half the job. Once you’ve got the best clippers for black hair of the products, you have to take good care of it. Quality electric shavers/hair clippers are not poor. You need to make sure that you purchase the right one and run proper maintenance.

Luckily, products on my list are top-of-the-line choices. Also, all of them come with a cleaning kit and lubricator fluid. Make sure to clean the hair after you’re done applying it and lubricate the blades. This will get the tool ready for the next routine. Always make sure to see the manual before jumping in.

In case you don’t get what you have been looking for, take ideas from my research and search for the tool that helps you the most. You’ll get these pointers profitable in coming up with the ideal machines for yourselves. Let us know about your experiences with these machines.