8 Best Clippers For Poodle Hair (May 2021) | Reviews & Buying Guide

Many people like to groom their poodle dogs at home as they look more beautiful and cute. Even we have seen in many dog shows where most people come up with their elegant poodle dog and shown their long and stylish fur that is why it’s a more popular and special one. But it needs special treatment to maintain it well. If you’re a poodle lover and desperately finding the best clipper for poodle hair, then this is the perfect place where you can easily find your best one. Our review page has rounded up some of the best clippers for Poodle hair, so you can try clipping your dog’s hair yourself. Some of  the most important factors that you should consider are:

Due to the weather climate changes, your dog needs to cut his fur according to the weather condition to make them more active and comfortable. That’s how you can groom your poodle dog. Without having a doubt, poodles are the cutest dogs in the world and also very demanding everywhere.


Before buying any clipper for poodle hair, you need to consider all these things that will help you choose the perfect clipper.


Having more functionality and versatility will help you make different kinds of lengths for your pet.

Along with the best poodle clipper, you’ll get the various sizes of blades for the different coats, such as long, short, medium dog breeds, etc.

With efficient use of these blades, you can leave some part of your poodle fur that can make your dog look more attractive, and it offers a minimum of 4 different sizes of blades.


The clipper’s noise should be very good and low vibration level as it has a huge effect on the dog while you’re grooming.

If you choose the high sound clipper, it may irritate and discomfort you and your dog.

A low noise clipper is always ideal for everyone that makes the haircut quite smooth.


Most of the clipper generates lots of heat while grooming the dog that usually affects their skin; it all depends on how to use and control the heating process of the clipper.

You should understand the usage and heating process of the clipper. Even more, heat reduces the speed of the clipper which can affect your performance as well.

On the other hand, lubricant oil will be used to keep it calm and reduce the heat.


Nobody wants to spend money on the low-quality clipper, so durability is very important to see in any clipper, which is always demanding from the user.

Therefore, you should choose the metal-body clipper, which is a durable and long-term investment.

How to Cut Poodle Hair

Most of the poodle dogs have softened hair that usually grows up in wave shape, which is very easy to trim at the start of the time.

Between the ages of 9 to 18 months, poodle hair changes from dog hair to adult poodle hair that may be grown up in the shape of a dense, coarse, thick, single-layered coat of curly hair.

There are many ways to groom your poodle dog, but it fully depends on you what types of look you want for your Poodle or how old your Poodle is.

 Teddy Bear Style:  

If you want to make the teddy bear a simple look for your puppies as it just needs the best dog trimmer and sharper blade guard that will allow you to manage the length of the poodle fur.

Therefore, you have to leave some face and feet hair to make the teddy bear look.

 Classic Continental or Lion Cut: 

This is one of the most popular and technical poodle hair cuts.

It just needs the professional groomer to make this continental look, so you’ll have to contact the professional groomer.

Still, if you’re a professional one, it’s not too difficult to make this look. While getting this type of look, you have to shave only your dog’s face and upper legs and leave the rest of the area in two circles.

 Retriever, Dutch, and Kennel: 

This is a perfect and stunning haircut for active dogs, and the hair length would be remaining the same on the body.

 Summer Cut: 

The summer haircut is always perfect for cooling down your dog in the summer season, and you have to cut your dog hair very short with no fluff.

 Lamb Cut: 

If you want the lamb cut, you have to shave your face, including the head, fluffy ears, and tail. 

As it’s a little bit difficult to work it, but if you do some practice, it will become easier to perform.


Here we’re going to describe the eight best Dog Clippers for Poodles Hair that will surely help you to make stylish poodles hair.


Wahl pro corded & cordless clipper kit is on the top that is available with the strong Lithium-ion battery, which will work for a long time. It provides the 5-in-1 German blades that are perfect for different lengths of trimming on your Poodle. With having a unique and versatile design, we have listed it on the top. The specialty of these 5-in-1 blades helps you to trim your Poodle in different sizes such as 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. Being a strong-speed motor, it operates on 5500 strokes per minute with the complete 90 minutes of battery timing which is sufficient time to work. Even it will remain cool after constant use.

Apart from that Hungarian manufacturer gives the complete 1-year warranty, which is the most satisfying factor for any user. Moreover, it has included some important accessories such as blades, charge stand, lubricant oil, storage case, brush, etc. With this trimmer, you can easily get all the experience levels. So overall, it provides all the necessary features that you’re expecting in any trimmer.

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  • It comes with a strong and durable Lithium-ion battery.
  • Available with 5-in-1 German Blades.
  • It operates on 5500 SPM,
  • It provides additional accessories such as blades, charge stand, lubricant oil, and storage case.
  • It can be used for more than 90 minutes.
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  • It provides only a 1-year warranty.

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Andis easy-clip pro-animal kit is quite familiar due to the strong metal body and the long term of use. Now you don’t need to worry about slipping this trimmer because it is manufactured with the strong metal material that usually saves from damage. It also provides four different sizes of combs that are used to cut various hair lengths. Along with that, it has included the storage case and the 12 inches heavy-duty cord as well. That is why this is the first choice by the many professional groomers. The weight of this clipper is quite balanced on both sides, which is excellent for anyone who has a wrist problem.

Therefore, some of the users claim that this clipper gets heated up too fast after constant use, I think it’s normal in every trimmer, but you can maintain its heat level by following the few steps that will remain the clipper quiet cool while grooming your dog. So we recommend you buy some important things such as lubricant oil or spray to maintain its heating level.

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  • It has a strong metal body that will save it from damage.
  • It provides four different sizes of combs for making various hair lengths.
  • It offers a storage case and 12 inches heavy-duty cord.
  • Durable.
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  • Heating up fast.


OSTER A5 clipper is on the number 3 in our suggested list that usually operates the 2-speed options 3000 and 4000 SPM. Most people like to use it because of its wide blade that reduces half of the work for any groomer.

Moreover, it provides detachable blades for making them smoother and excellent performance as it is really helpful for those groomers who regularly change their blades.

It also provides some important accessories such as a cleaning brush, clipper grease, and lubricant oil, which will help you make an excellent poodle haircut and maintain the clipper.

Therefore, it has a unique and versatile design than the other model, and if you’re about to use the full-body clip, you have to operate it on the 4000 SPM.

There is another option for you; if you want the precision trim, you have to go with the 3000 strokes per minute speed. The specialty of this clipper is that it has been manufactured cryogenically, which makes it durable.

One thing more is that it comes with only ten # blade; if you want a different level of fluff for the poodle body, then this clipper does not belong to you.

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  • It comes with 2-speed, an option which is a 3000 and 4000 SPM.
  • It is available with some important accessories such as a cleaning brush, clipper grease, and lubricant oil.
  • Made cryogenically.
  • Durable.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • It comes with only ten # blades.


UltraEdge super 2-speed pro clipper is the second-best model of the Andis brand, but this one is more expensive than the other and used by many professional groomers.

Therefore, it has a 2-speed motor option that can be operating at the different speeds 3400 and 4400 pm. By using the 4400ppm setting, you can make a full body cut for poodles.

That is why the 2-speed motor option is very important for the professional groomer.

It can even be used for trimming poodle coats, poodles with long hair, cutting poodles hair, haircuts for poodles and grooming toy poodles, and. It comes in a 14-inch heavy-duty cord which is sufficient space for easy movement.

That is why many users like to use the best grooming tools for poodles. Therefore, this clipper doesn’t provide additional accessories, so you have to adjust with it.

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  • It has 2-speed motor options.
  • It operates on 3400 and 4400 SPM.
  • Easy to use for a full body cut.
  • Comes in the 14-inch heavy cord.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • A little bit pricey.
  • No accessories.


Some of the clippers don’t provide the additional accessory, which is disappointing for any user, but this Wahl cordless clipper comes with a whole assortment that will help you groom your Poodle. It is suitable for light to medium coats and very easy to use for the face, ears, bridle paths, and fetlocks. The Lithium-ion battery provides excellent performance that has 2 hours of battery timing after the full charge. The best thing about this battery is its fast-charging speed, which is the most loved feature by many professional groomers.

The specialty of this clipper has three adjustable blades, 10, 15, and 30, that can be used according to the desired need. It also offers essential accessories like a storage case, stainless steel scissor, styling comb, brushes for poodles. Moreover, it is not available with a 2-speed motor; it only has a high-quality motor that operates 6000 SPM. However, it has been manufactured in the USA with their one-year warranty option. Many users claim that this is not good for full-body cuts, so go with the dog clipper for poodles and toy poodles.

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  • Comes with essential accessories.
  • Operates at high speed 6000 SPM.
  • Available with three adjustable blades, 10, 15, and 30.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Offer 1-year complete warranty.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Not good for a full body cut.

6. Oster A6 Slim 3-speed Pet Clipper, Purple

This Oster A6 is one of the most comfortable clippers to use for poodles with long hair. Being an ergonomic design and lightweight clipper, it may reduce half of your work and overcome hand fatigue as well. This clipper has a quite low noise vibration level that makes the clipper very cool. Plus, there is a three different speeds option that you can use according to the desired needs. This is the only corded clipper that comes with the #10 cryogens blade. Being a heavy-duty motor works on the 4400, 3600, and 3100 SPM, and it also has long-lasting durability. 

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • It comes in a lightweight design
  • It has ergonomically designed that is very comfortable to use
  • It has a lesser vibration and noise level
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Not a cordless clipper

7. Ceenwes Poodle Dog Clippers

Ceenwes Poodle clipper comes with two-speed motor options that can be used according to the desired needs. It provides four different sizes of combs attachments as well as 3 to 12mm. The specialty of this clipper is that this is one of the most powerful and safe designs, which is perfect for any breeds and fur hair like curly, thick, and matted poodles. Moreover, this is a rechargeable clipper that will take 3 to 4 hours to charge fully; then, it can be used for more than 70 minutes. Even it comes with the titanium ceramic movable blade that provides excellent and neat performance. This is also the most durable clipper. The weight of this clipper is only 1.5 pounds as it is very easy to use for grooming toy poodles and grooming standard poodles as well.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Comes in two-speed options.
  • It can be cut for multi-breed and fur.
  • It has a sharp titanium blade.
  • Offer four attachments.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • A little bit noisy.
  • Short work time.

8- Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers

Bousnic Dog Grooming Clipper is not too familiar as the other model, but we talk about the features and the performance, then this is not behind the other big brand as it comes with the four different blades with the four guides as well.

Being a smaller blade will work accurately and sharply for all types of breeds of your Poodle.

The battery of this clipper will be rechargeable within 3 hours. After that, it can be used for more than a one and half hour work time.

With the 2200MAH battery, this is fully durable, and the strong motor works on 6000 and 7000 RPM.

But the noise of this clipper is slightly higher than the other model, and the weight of this clipper is less than one pound which is very easy to control.

However, it can charge through the USB cable as well.

The specialty of this clipper is that it is completely suitable for all kinds of breeds and fur, like thick, curly, or matted hair.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • It is available in 4 blade options.
  • Durable motor.
  • It has a lesser charging time.
  • Multi-breeds and fur.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • A little bit noisy.
  • Short-time work.
  • Power reduces before the battery.

Tips on How to Groom a Poodle with Clippers

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There are some tips for clipping your Poodle:

  • You have to bathe your poodle 24 to 48 hours before clipping him and also need to make sure that his coat is fully dry and clean. 
  • Before using the clipper, you need to brush your poodle coat out and use the pin brush with the slicker brush. Even if your dog has mats hair, then try to work them away from the skin.
  • Your dog should stand until you’re not clipping him, and if your dog is wiggling around, then you might have a problem with the major haircut. So that is why we suggest you buy the grooming table if you’re a regular poodle groomer. With the help of this grooming table, you can make him a haircut very comfortably.
  • You need to keep your dog in a relaxing situation while using the clipper. You have to give your dog some good treats when you take him out. After that, you have to start using the clipper quite slowly. 
  • Remember one thing; you have to make your first session with the clipper very short for getting a positive experience.
  • If you didn’t get an excellent result with your first attempt, then do some good practices again and again until you’ll not get better results.
  • If you get frustrated while grooming your dog, take a short break and let yourself and your dog because this is more important than the haircut.
  • Lastly, you have to fully take care of your clippers if you want to use them for a long time.
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In the end, we must say that we have tried our best to describe the real reviews about the eight best clippers for poodles. Poodles are the much-complicated breeds to groom as they’re having numerous kinds of hairstyles. These clippers come at quite low prices that can be affordable. So you can choose any clipper as all of the trimming poodles provide the top features needed in the grooming process. All you have to do is need to learn the right way of grooming your Poodle at home.