Best Andis Trimmer For Fades, Bread, Drying Shaving Reviews

Here we will provide you best list of andis hair trimmer to groom yourself at home or professionally use.


Andis T Edger Review

Andis t outline trimmers are more appreciated than Andis t edger. But after reading this thorough review you will be appreciating Andis t edger for its effortless work. Andis t edger is more an occasional choice as compared to outline trimmers. Outliners are more versatile but when it comes to neatness you would prefer Andis t edger. Edger can be replaced with your t outline trimmer if you want close cuts. In this thorough review, we will also discuss the comparison between Andis t edger and outline trimmer. After reading this comparison you will be able to make a quick and wise decision.

Andis T Edger vs T Outliner

Andis Professional T-Outliner Andis Professional T-Ejger
Blades can be adjusted Great for mustaches, ears, touch ups
Carbon-steel T-blade Good 7200 SPM motor
High-speed motor Great for sensitive skin/bumps

Andis T Outliner Trimmer:

Both the Andis t outliner trimmer and edger are the best options available in the market. They are the best models offered by the manufacturer to date. Both are equipped with classy powerful heavy duty motors to deliver outstanding performance. But still, there are some differences in them because both are designed for different purposes. As you have got some idea about both the Andis T Edger and T Outliner from the above comparison table. But still, there are some differences worth mentioning. If we start with the design then Andis t edger would win this game. If you are a professional barber having a very busy routine then you need a lightweight and compact tool to get everything done smoothly. Andis t edger is 5.25″ and 0.50lbs which is quite compact and lightweight as compared to t outliner. Because Andis t outliner is (5.5″) and weighs about (0.70lbs). This 0.20 lb doesn’t make a big difference for occasional use but for professional barbers, with a busy routine, it can be a blessing. Moreover, If you want to limit your trimmer usage for the neckline, big beards, moustaches and hairlines then Andis t outliner is the best choice for you. But if you want to narrow down your usage and deal with short beards, necklines, outlines and moustaches then pick Andis edger.

Andis T Edger – An Overview

What I like about t edger

  • Compact design is easy to hold
  • Great for moustaches, ears, touch-ups
  • A good 7200 SPM motor helps to get the job done quickly
  • A great choice for sensitive skin/bumps

What I don’t like about t edger

  • Heats up easily that’s somehow irritating
  • No guards that’s a big disappointment
  • Somewhat limited application due to targeted operation

Andis T Edger A Performance 

Andis t edger is no doubt designed in a compact and lightweight body but it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the performance. Andis t edger delivers outclass performance with its heavy duty motor and sharp blades. It doesn’t only deliver close cuts but also gives you the versatility of making amazing beard designs. Due to its power, performance and durability, it is considered the best trimmer for black men.

Motor performance 

Just like the t outliner, you will be enjoying 7200 SPM with heavy duty electromagnetic motor. It doesn’t lack power when we compare it with andis t outliners. But you still have the advantage of its lightweight and compact design.

Blade efficiency 

Andis t edger is equipped with high-quality carbon-coated stainless steel blades that will cut each hair strand with precision. If you want close cuts then zero gap the blade and enjoy flawless shaves. The blades are no doubt of high quality but these are not self-sharpening. Hence you should always oil the blades after use. Also, take care of your equipment by proper cleaning and maintenance. You will get a smooth experience even if you have ingrown hair and skin bumps.

Works quietly 

The Andis t edger is the best pick if you have sensitive skin with bumps. It goes so smoothly through each contour and facial feature that it doesn’t feel louder. When your trimmer goes louder, it feels so irritating. Since Andis t edger is equipped with heavy duty motor hence you can expect more sound. But surprisingly it works quietly and gives a smooth working experience.

Drawbacks of Andis t edger

Along with top-quality specs, there are certain drawbacks too. No doubt you will achieve high-end trimming sessions of beards, necks and moustaches but still, there are certain factors worth mentioning. Since it is packed up with heavy duty electromagnetic motor that delivers 7200 strokes per minute, you can experts a heating factor. So after 10-12 minutes of use, the Andis t edger gets heated. This can be a most terrible situation but it’s not only with Andis t edger but with outliners too. This might be due to the friction between polymer body material and the 7200 SPM electromagnetic motor. No matter what’s the cause but the problem is still there, Now either you can wait for a couple of minutes to let the Andis t edger cool down or use a coolant. There are several coolants of high-end brands available in the market. One more thing to be mentioned is the comb, guards, and other accessories. If you are looking for trimmers that come with numerous accessories then Andis t edger is not your choice. Because Andis t edger doesn’t include such accessories except for a cleaning brush.


  • Compact, ergonomic and lightweight design
  • An ideal choice for Mustaches, ears, touch-ups
  • 7200 SPM strong motor delivers high-end performance
  • Great for bumps/sensitive skin


  • Gets Heat up after 10-12 minutes use
  • No guards included for more versatility
  • Somewhat situational use

Andis T Edger – Final words:

Andis t edger is the overall best and effective trimmer out there. With a unique blades style and heavy duty motor, it performs best. I have already mentioned the areas in which Andis t edger performs best. Also, I have discussed its drawbacks so that you can make a wise decision. Particularly, it’s a good choice for individuals who want a heavy-duty trimmer for their daily grooming sessions. It can be used to maintain beard and moustaches. Also, it draws sharp necklines and you can also create crisp lines around ears. People who want to achieve professional outlines across necklines and heavy beards should consider Andis t outliner. The only drawback you can face with Andis t edger is the heating problem. But you still have options to remove this con.

Andis Masters Blades Review

Here you can read all the details in this Andis Master Blades! When we talk about the hair trimming then the name of Andis Master usually comes into our mind because this is the biggest hair clipper brand in the market. Recognized for their high-end hairdresser hair cutters, they have selected the Andis Master clipper as a poster boy. Zero wonders here. There’s a main cause it’s our top pick for fading clippers and a part of our preferred list with the best hair clippers for men. This model’s design and powerful work supported it to earn its fame among hairdressers and casual users alike.

If you want to relate the Master to other models of Andis clippers, then read out this whole article that highlights the whole line up of Andis models.

Andis Master’s design: a legend

Ready for my Andis Master Blades? I really suspicion another professional clipper has such a particular designed body. The Master clipper features a stylish, beautiful, and 6″ long body manufactured of aluminum. It’s not only superb with its elegant chrome-colored looks. The Master’s body is also quite durable, owing to its power to the extra strong metal housing.

Numerous people are worried about dropping their clippers and breaking them irreversibly. No such risky with this Andis hair clipper. It’s surely fall-resistant – but that doesn’t mean you should drop your devices anyway!

Surely, the Andis Master is a massive electric clipper. It’s no little baby with a weight of 1.25 lbs. So, you can’t expect such a heavy-duty clipper to be lightweight anyway. What eventually matters with professional machines is ergonomics. And despite its heaviness, there’s no rejecting the Master clipper is suitable for any hand.

What’s beneath: Andis Master clipper parts

This hair cutting machine features Andis highest line of oscillating electromagnetic motors. When you are about to plug it in (120V/60Hz), the Master’s motor works on 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. To add somebody to this simple number: just think your haircuts perform very fast, or even more.

The cutter will work through any hair powered by its roaring electromagnetic engine, and it will do so lightning quick.

If you’re considering doing fades then see our review of the Andis Fade Master.

The motor’s magnificent power is supplied by carbon-coated, stainless steel blades. Andis Master blades change from #000 to #1 length, you just require to apply the side lever. That’s something I want to just change your attention to. Look at its lever here:

Usually, flexible clippers can go only from position A to position B with their levers (Wahl hair clippers, for instance.) If you get a closer look at the Andis Master flexible lever, you can see the regular positions, enabling for more accurate blade adjusting.

That’s the main reason why this Andis model is the best clipper for fades.

The blades’ sharpness guarantees accurate cuts and tapering, regardless of hair kind and body. Remember to oil the Master clipper blades to ensure they work easily and they will help you for a long, long time.

Relatively quiet for a barber hair clipper

To be honest, I am not lying to you: if you want a humming haircutter, look elsewhere. Andis Master will be a little noisy and there’s tiny you can do about that. But, related to other professional clippers like the Oster 76, it will work almost quietly.

To add to this, the sound you’ll listen to from a Master clipper is somewhat of satisfaction to many hairdressers. The sound of this design is so special that it’s, paradoxically, changed into an unspoken advantage for professionals.

Pain points of the Master clipper

Similar to any clipper, the Master also experiences a few shortcomings. The biggest problem you’ll get will be with the Master clippers heating up a little bit more. It’s something that any hairdresser clipper will experience, but it can still be upset.

Two causes for this. First, you have a much powerful electromagnetic motor. With its 14,000 strokes per minute, it accumulates just sufficient power to heat up. When you start in the all-metal housing of the Andis hairdresser clipper, no surprise it’ll get hot to the touch.

If you just want the cooler then Andis’ newest barber clipper – the Pro Alloy XTR might satisfy you.

The Master will not overheat after an instant 5-minute of usage, but you would feel the heat at approximately the 15-minute mark for sure. You can either rest a little, or just resort to applying the lucratively priced Andis cooling sprays. So and so you have to clean and sanitize your hair cutting machine.

Another thing you need to remember is the real fact that this is a professional Andis hair clipper.

There’s a little of a learning curve here. If you’re a total novice, you might feel confused and you might love easier choices like the Remington HC4250.

While a little bit demanding, the Master will make it worth your time in the end, though. So if you’re really hesitant to try out something more pro, I recommend you to do it. Don’t worry too much about it.

An essential tip for Andis Master accessories

Unluckily, you won’t get any Andis protectors with the Master. You have to buy these separately if you want to get more freedom in terms of hair cutting lengths. If you require Andis Master combs, I can’t suggest the Andis Magnetic guards sufficient!

They will be long-lasting, will attach themselves to the clipper blade more securely and tightly, and are really the best guards on the market. There’s the main cause why users of other clipper brands like Oster’s Fast Feed buy these.

The 5 sets of purple magnetic guards on has included sizes 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ (or 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Andis sizes.) They will make your Master’s experience even much better.

How to Maintain Andis Master Clippers

If you wouldn’t maintain your tools properly then you aren’t going to get the most out of them.

Now you should read the Andis Master Blades it’s time to make sure you are managing your Andis clippers, and you will make sure you are getting the top performance that will last you for years.

Keep the Blades Clean

If you want to keep your blades clean then you should have an old toothbrush on hand or a small rigid bristle brush to clean any hair off of the blades before and after every usage. Human hair is extremely acidic and may dull your blades if you don’t keep your blades free from hair.

Lastly, you need to take your blade off and then spray it off with some compressed air like this one from to make your life more relaxed.

You have to follow this process once a week and apply a blade wash to get all of the gunk and grime off of the blades.

Keep it Lubed

As we’re discussing metal rubbing against metal you have to make sure all the parts are oiled well.

You have to add oil directly to the blades all during the working day.

All you need to do is add some of the drops at each end of the blade while it is working to get it applied smoothly.

Spraying it will Kool Lube before and after every usage will also assist to keep things working well.

Sharpen the Blades

I would like to suggest you have a spare set of Andis Master blades that you can buy from While using a spare set, you can send out your blades to be sharpened once in a while without dropping a beat.

So, if you are feeling brave and have some time you can always sharpen them yourself!

Have Back-Up Everything

It is a great plan to have not only a backup blade but also other parts as well. If you slip your clipper, even though the body is extremely durable, you can end up chipping a tooth on your clipper. I have performed this many times than I can figure and it always paid to have an extra blade to pop right on.

You should have a spare lever or cord, too, just in case.

Andis Masters Blades

  • Customer Review
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Andis Masters Blade – Conclusion:

Lastly, we must say about the Andis Master Blades, is an official standard in the niche of professional hair clippers. Few other designs can feel pride in being such a magnificent hair clipper for fades. No other cutter sports such an beautiful, aluminum body and clean design. The Master’s sheer strength and versatility make up for its heavyweight body and heating issues. If you just want something powerful, strong, and a clipper that will serve you for a long time…this should be your top pick. You can go through this whole Andis Master Blades or ask your local hairdresser about it. They know very well about this model and the classy haircuts it’s able of performing. As you actually want.

Andis T Outliner Cordless Clipper Review

Here we’re going to describe the Andis T outliner Cordless Review which is one of the best beard/hair trimmers that you can easily buy from the market. It has been leading for more than 20 years in the fashion industry. While maintaining the top position, it works perfectly for trimmer necks, goatees, sideburn, and beard edging around ears, and for fading. It can use on both dry and wet hair.

I personally use this Andis T outliner Cordless Trimmer because of it amazing speed and excellent performance. This is the reason I have been using the T outliner in my daily routine. While using this trimmer, you’ll not feel tired with it because it is a quite lightweight and small piece of the trimmer and the quality of its motor is very much reliable. It will make you look fresher and attractive than others. It has all the incredible features that you’re looking for in any trimmers.

[su_panel background=”#EEEE” target=”blank”]Andis T outliner Cordless trimmer got more than 12,000 positive reviews from the fully satisfied and it has got a 5-Star rating that shows the great value of its clippers. This is the reason, it’s so demanding in the market. After using the Andis T outliner, how many people have achieved their attractive hairstyle that’s how they left the previous clipper and it’s much more suitable for any kind of skin.[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#EEEE” target=”blank”]Many customers like to use the cordless version because of it amazing function which is why it has become the top-selling brand in the market. It has been manufactured more than 74000 trimmers so far and it challenges to provide strong lithium-ion batteries as well. The specialty of this trimmer is that it will work more than 2 hours after the full charge which is an impressive thing. With the high price, you’ll get more freedom and complete specification with this cordless design. So it is the most worthy investment.[/su_panel]

Professional Or Home Use Trimmer

Before going to explain more about it, I just want to let you know that Andis T outliner was specially designed for professional Barbers and in the salon. But if you want to use it at home then you’ll have to learn some advanced techniques to properly use it. Remember one thing, without learning the professional technique you’ll get the sharper look at home. If you have already known the advanced technique then you can use it at home.

It means you don’t need to go to the hairdresser every week to keep your hair more stylish and attractive. Now you can get a professional look at home. If you’re looking for an electric cordless hair clipper then Andis T outliner is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, it has included the three different size blades 1.8, 1.5, and 5.2 inches. Along with the trimmer that it offers a 1-year warranty as well.


Here are the following features that you can read below:

Strong and Sharper Blade

Before going to buy the trimmer, you need to know the quality of the blade because cheap blades can affect your skin like it can rashes and burns your skin. That is why we insist on it, the quality of the blades should be very good. Why we are focusing on it because once your skin will damage, it could very hard for you to recover. The Andis T outliner provides top-quality blades. The best part of this T-shaped blade is that it helps you to properly trimming and fading as well.

Powerful Motor

A powerful motor plays a huge role behind any clipper/trimmer. If your motor is not too strong as should be then it cannot provide good power to the trimmer and it might affect the performance as well. This has been manufactured with the powerful magnet material that is why it is durable and will work for a long time. On the other hand, after continues using this trimmer, if the motor got heated up then you can use the cooling spray that will maintain the heating.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this T outliner is quite beautiful that has been manufactured in plain white color with a soft grip. Design is the only thing that can attract the customer very fast. It always provides a heavy-duty, 8ft cord. This is one of the best quality trimmers that can be purchased in the market.


Along with the Andis T outliners, you’ll get the small tube clipper oil that will maintain its quality. However, if you need some extra oil then you’ll have to buy it separately.

Andis T Outliner Guide Combs

Andis trimmer comes in multiple combs sizes like #0, 1/16 inch,15 mm

  • #1, 1/8 inch, 3 mm
  • #2, 1/4 inch, 6 mm
  • #3, 3/8 inch, 10mm.

Along with all these comb set, you’ll have to buy the guide combs that has been described in few steps.

Zero Gap Tool Setter

Today, many customers demand the zero-gap haircuts so it provides efficiently, sharper and crisp finish. 10-second blade setter can reduce your half of the work and make it easier life. It has a nifty tool that helps to work the blade easily and accurately.

Pros and Cons of the Andis T outliner Trimmer

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  • It can be suitable for anyone even on sensitive skin.
  • The sound of this motor is quite low.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Sharper cutting blades.
  • Powerful motor.
  • It can be perfect for fading, trimming, beards, sideburns, mustaches, goatees, and edging around ears.
  • It can be used on both dry and wet hair.
  • It has been manufactured by a trusted USA brand.
  • It is also helpful for fades.
[/su_panel][su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • It’s a little bit expensive than the other models but top quality and professional design always come in a high price.
  • The blade gets a little bit hot after continued usage, so it provides the cooling spray to keep it cool.
  • It doesn’t provide more accessories.

Andis T Outliner vs Andis Outliner II

Many customers get confused, before going to buy both trimmers because both have similar functions and specifications.

The only difference between the Andis T outliner and the Andis Outliner II is the size of the blades.

  • The Andis Outliner II has a small blade than the T outliner.
  • The Andis T outliner has a bigger T-shaped blade than Outliner II.
  • The T-shaped blade is more helpful to cover the larger area of your head.
  • It provides faster and accurate cutting than the Outliner II.
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After describing the whole Andis Cordless T outliner review, we must say that if you want to use it for a professional haircut and looking some flexible, smooth, and attractive clippers then you should buy this one because it has all the amazing functions that you’re looking for. As you deal with lots of customers in your shop, it will make them fully satisfied.

If you concern about the weight, I must say that it’s a quite lightweight and compact design that comes in 0.48lbs with a length of 5.50in. Moreover, it has the great ability to rotate. It can be used only 100-240V with a frequency of 50 to 60. It has a powerful Lithium-ion battery as well that can be work for 2 hours. Even it can save you a lot of time. It will help you to make a stylish look. This can be your perfect choice if you want. Go for it.


Andis Black Master Review

Here we will discuss with you the Andis Black Master that is basically an iconic Andis hair clipper. It’s the advertiser boy for the company’s product selection, and deservedly so. It really makes sense then to present professional clipper fans with a comfortable, beautiful version of the traditional Master haircutter.

Andis Black Master

Lo and behold: this is Andis Black Master limited edition.

We must say that it looks wondrous would be an understatement. All hairdressers shop, every home holding these will scream “style” to anyone visiting.

But, is Andis Master Black’s name deserving its rather enough price? What are the differences between the 01705 Black Master and the original Andis Master professional clipper? Now we need to find out.

Black Master’s body

In the veins of Master traditions, the Andis Black Master clipper features an extra hard aluminum housing. It’s these shining, permanent looks that made the product so popular among hairdressers.

The Black Master, however, works even more. It has an aluminum body that is powder-coated with a matte black surface. Sure adequate, this detailed work makes it more stylish and superb look.

It’s not only cosmetics, though. The coating more preserves your Andis Master Black name clipper from any chipping or rust.

The other excellent feature is that it will less prone to scratches, unlike the aluminum silver Master. Your clippers get placed through the wringer in a professional hairdresser. And the more polished the coating more those scratches will be stand out.

Additionally, the black surface makes the hair cutter’s body more textured. You would feel the soft grip – and the real Master clipper was already performing well in this regard.

The other good feature is that it won’t end up with fingerprints all over it.

Just have a look at this fast tour video to get a better sense of how it actually looks:

Inside the Black Master clipper

If you see the Andis Black Master clipper’s motor and blades, you won’t see much different than the traditional Master’s. You have the brand Andis magnetic motor that is working on 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. You can use this motor for heavy-duty without any hesitation and won’t stumble even after many regular haircuts.

Cosmetically, the Andis Black blades are quite different – black-on-black surface powered by Andis’ personal Electro-Glide Technology. Beautiful and stylish, the black blades certainly differentiate themselves from your general steel blades.

At the equal time, though, they’re just similar to the Masters in terms of performance. Same great quality and sharpness. It has the same option to fix them from size #000 to #1 through the lever on the Black Master clipper’s side.

The blade points are flat and it looks like a hungry to cut some hair. Your general Andis clipper blade quality, this time surfaced will be in stylish black. Cuts are crisp, close, and quite accurate.

The good thing is that most of the time, they get covered with some plastic comb attachments.

An even better hair clipper for fades?

The real Andis Master electric hair clipper is an excellent option if you want to make some fades. It will be of no wonder to you that the Black Master clipper sustains the status quo.

So, there’s a little improvement here. I’ve said earlier, but the original has some severe heating problems with longer haircuts. And decent fading will take some time. As a consequence, the Master’s warms a little bit too much and might be annoying in your hands.

In my view, Andis Black’s powdered coating creates a difference. It separates some of the stored heat so it will stay a little cooler in your palm. So while the motor and blades are not changed, this slight difference might give you the better hair clipper for fades.

The heat transfer to the blade still uses, however. The blade uses to get very hot if you work the clippers for a long time. If you utilize these as your first clippers, keep that in mind.

I started out as a hairdresser with the Andis clippers since they were cheap and get the work done, but after that, I ended up with an Oster 76 just like my father used to apply. I couldn’t stand the heat. So, they grew a solid back up clipper that I would work to end fades by getting rid of the lines left by the 76 nonadjustable blades.

Another excellent Andis fading clipper option would be the brand fashionable Pro Alloy XTR clipper pictured here.

Andis takes the most excellent of the Master and develops upon it. Some of the negatives, particularly the hot it gets, are dispensed with when it comes to the Pro Alloy. It is much more stable, stays cooler, and is not nearly as loud as the other. If I had to pick between the two for a primary clipper, I should go for the Pro Alloy.

You get the full premium treatment

Andis has performed above and beyond in pleasing anyone who chooses to get the Black Master hair clipper. Limited edition gift box aside, the haircutter comes in an amazing drawstring bag composed of black velvet. Related to how general clippers get packaged, this is the final way to tickle your imagination when it comes to accessories.

Though it’s what’s inside the box that eventually figures, the packaging does make a variation. Just as Apple!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Black Master

Now you’ll get the stylish clipper that is completely ready to make a statement, you should take care of it to make sure it serves you.

Here are a few quick tips to maintain your machine in peak condition.

Clean the blades

Your blade has to be kept sharp at all times. Both for the client’s satisfaction and for your speed. If it is slow then it will pull the hair and make it feel longer to perform the haircut.

The most comfortable and most efficient way to keep your blade sharp is to wash the hair away before and after every haircut. I love to utilize a can of compressed air at the end of the day to make sure there will be no hairs left lingering there.

The sharpness of the hair left on the blade will do a sign on it and finish up making it slow.

After the month you have to do a deep clean to get the dirt that has built up removed. Utilize a blade wash to make your life comfortable.

You’ll really listen to the blade speeding up as it washes in the solution.

Keep it oiled

After washing the blades you need to keep them well oiled to work smoothly.

You have to spray the blades with a blade disinfectant after each cut. Use on that also oils and you’re golden.

After every few cuts, you need to put a few drops of clipper oil on the blade. Just put a drop at either end while the clippers are working to get the oil distributed equally across all of the teeth.

This also assists the motor and durability of your clippers overall. If your blades are fighting, then they put pressure on the motor. When the motor used to work harder, it makes it to degrade quickly.

If you will not take care of your clippers, then they will create a problem during your haircut.

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In the end, we need to say that the Andis Black stays reliable to the original Master quality and updates on it with premium aspects. You can’t ignore its attraction – you won’t see a clipper more beautiful than it. The bonus point is that if you move ahead and pair it with the GTX T-Outliner trimmer from

If you’re beginning out or just not a committed Andis fan, though, it doesn’t make sense to waste so much money. The original Master’s will perform the job well suitable at a more affordable price. There’s not too much difference from a functional aspect.

Remember one thing Look is not everything, but they do count. This is particularly true if you are a new hairdresser. If you look like you’re working on the same tools from school, then it means you did not take it seriously. If your gear looks fashionable, it may change to some people that you understand what you are doing. If it supports you to pull down an extra client per day then these clippers will give for themselves in a short time.

And you look pretty cool in the method!

For any appreciator of the Andis name, though, this would be a must. You don’t know when it will get consumed. You will not see anything Andis be even remotely that beautiful and well. Andis Master Black label limited edition is the holy grail for clipper specialists. You can’t skip it.

When talking about the Andis, you know very well what you are getting. I personally use the Oster, but after getting a good experience with Andis, I really like to use the Andis clippers over Oster every day of the week. These clippers really up the style game of any hairdresser.

Do you have questions regarding these clippers or want to understand how they relate to some other brands? You can leave a comment in the box here, and we will reply to you.


Andis Pro Alloy XTR Review

A beard trimmer is an extremely useful device in a man’s grooming kit. A trimmer can clean up your beard. It helps you to look neat and clean, makes a man look respectable. It can also help you to cut the hair with meticulous care that looks pleasant if you desire not to be clean-shaven. Using and maintaining your beard trimmer is not a complicated task. Also, it saves time. From replacing hair clipper guards to keeping the blades oiled, you can get a precise trim and clean your trimmer in a flash. When your hair is passed through the blades, they cut your hair with great accuracy but it also depends on the product. In the markets, there are thousands of brands selling trimmers but you should have prior knowledge about the product that you are going to purchase to buy the best product for you. It will help you to select the product of your choice and save you from scammers and you will be able to get the right thing for long time use. Otherwise, you will have a bad experience without knowing the relevant product.  So it is really necessary to know about the product you are using. Especially during a pandemic when there are a strict lockdown and a person should avoid going out unnecessarily cutting hair at home might be the best option. Below are some common concepts regarding Andis Pro Alloy XTR Trimmer.

Different types of devices to cut hair

  • Clippers are mostly used to cut larger hair easily.
  • Also, there are razors when we consider face hair to clean up the hair which is difficult to reach. They are pocket-friendly and can be easily used.
  • Although razors are there to help to cut your facial hair trimmers give you a precise cut. So there are two types of trimmers:
  • Corded and cordless trimmers
  • An edger is used to create edges and to maintain a sharp jawline and accurate neckline.

Ideal properties of a trimmer

  • If you prefer a cordless trimmer it should have strong battery life. ( lithium-ion battery,lead-acid battery)
  • Blades should be of carbon so they won’t rust.
  • Titanium blades also don’t trust easily.
  • Ceramic blades are also recommended because they produce limited friction.
  • It should have minimum vibrations.
  • It should be portable.
  • It should be buyer-friendly and not be so expensive.

Andis products are quite famous among barbers for providing tools that deliver extra performance more than an individual expects. Clipper with high speed, the reliable magnetic motor is budget-friendly and versatile, assumed to overshadow paradigms like Andis master clippers.

But is it worth it? Does it live up to the expectations? Are they one of the best trimmers in the market now? Did it get extra hype than it deserves? Will the audience thoroughly love it? Is Andis pro alloy xtr the best hair clipper for fades? Is Andispro alloy xtr fade guard an all-rounder?

Andis is a beauty master and has the best pair of adjustable clippers and stays comfortably cool so you don’t have to leave them just because of the temperature. It provides a decrease in the temperature while keeping the clipper running with efficacy and quietly.

If you have cut your hair with clippers like Andis master you might have noticed the remarkable increase in the temperature and you cannot hold them for such a long period.

Those clippers that have electromagnetic motors become heat up. This causes friction and produces an irritating sound. I

t is always the biggest complaint among barbers; finally, Andis decided to do something about it and launched a product with extreme reduction in the heat production so that barbers can do their work easily and comfortably.

Andis pro alloy XTR trimmer provides an uttermost temperature cutback while keeping the clipper running efficiently and soundlessly or with a minimum sound. It is the best characteristic of Andis pro alloy XTR 61900.

  • High-speed rate with sound and well-built magnetic motor.
  • Designed with efficiency and provides comfort to the barbers and the client as well.
  • It gives a smooth grip on it and is quite safe and helps in ergonomic.

Resilient Andis professional Pro Alloy Fade XTR Clipper

Resilient aluminum warrants you to get a durable barber-grade clipper that will continue for a long period. The material keeps it cool.

Using this heavy-duty plastic helps in heat reduction not only helps you but also makes your client feel pleasant as he won’t feel warm. Heat doesn’t transfer to the blade and the body’s skin.

Andis Pro Alloy Trimmer Weight and Dimensions

Item weight is 2 pounds and product dimensions are 7.5 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches which makes this trimmer a bit heavy but weight is not a major problem because it stays cooler for a longer period so you can work slowly with ease. The main concern should be efficiency which is Andis pro-alloy XTR trimmer’s prime concern.

Contrast Master Movable Clippers Blade VS Pro Alloy Movable Clippers Blade

Andis pro alloy fade clipper is available with a fast-moving, magnetic motor, and prime mover. 7200 strokes per minute while master adjustable blade clipper gives 14,000 strokes per minute. Also, the weight of the master’s adjustable blade clipper is slightly less than the pro-alloy adjustable blade clipper. Furthermore, the master adjustable blade clipper comes only with blade oil and blade guard. Apart from it, the voltage provided is the same.

Andis pro alloy fade blades

As I have said earlier before those titanium-coated or carbon-coated hair clipper blades are the finest as compared to your usual steel blades because they don’t tarnish. They have higher impact strength and the material is strong. A lot of persons do ignore this practice and this may appear like a big deal, but the acidity of your hair will destroy and will demolish your blade and end up causing it non-shiny and removal of luster. With Andis pro-alloy XTR, you’ll receive 11 attached combs, blade guards, blade oil, hairbrush, blade cleaning brush with a one-year limited warranty which is pretty good.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • 35% cooler and 20% fewer vibrations than typical clippers.
  • Sharp-edged carbon-coated steel blades.
  • Perfect for fades and tapers.
  • So basically it’s not fragile.
  • These clippers are very strong, mighty, and powerful.
  • Used by professionals, it is very smooth and trims hair in a single go.
  • High-quality product.
  • Designed for various functions.
[/su_panel][su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Tends to be noisy.
  • Its weight is 2 pounds which seems quite heavy.
  • Requires some experience and skills to use it.
  • A bit expensive.

Product Specifications

Brand Andis
Model XTR 69100
Product Weight 2 Pounds
Dimensions Dimensions
Material Aluminum
Trimming Stroke Per Minute 7200
Corded and Cordless Options Corded
Speed Magnetic
Voltage 120 V
Product Frequency 60 HZ
Blade Carbon Steel Blade
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Final judgment

I would say that Andis pro-alloy XTR did live up to the expectations. It’s a proficient clipper, buyer’s-friendly price. You cannot get a well-manicured beard without good appliances and tools. Only an efficient tool will make you look perfect. Its use is a little bit challenging but obviously, everything comes with practice.

Considering the pro alloy hair clippers you can use it if:

  • Wants fades and looking for the best clipper.
  • Looking for an incredible product with reducing heat production and a classy design trimmer.

Andis clippers pro alloy launched a few months back, but I can see it attaining a high rank in the future because of its proficient performance. These clippers are very strong and powerful. Don’t mix this up with heavy annoying vibration. The Andis pro alloy clippers are some of the most amazing clippers on the market and the clippers that I own don’t have such a strong vibration which is unpleasant to hear. They feel very comfortable and pleasant to me. I hope this helps you in receiving an acceptable clipper. They stay cooler when running as compared to all the previous trimmers I have ever experienced while the aluminum body does eventually get warm usually but not too hot and amazingly, the blade does not get extremely uncomfortable. The trimmers that I bought earlier got excessively hot to touch the skin after only a few couples of minutes of use, and I would have to stop my work and let the trimmer cool to continue without guard combs to keep them from touching and damaging the skin. These are a little heavy, but no more than other professional clippers. They came with proper close gap works properly, no adjustments were essential, smooth, and does not twist, twirl or bind on things. Noise level is a common feature of electromagnetic clippers, maybe produces less noise than the others. They cut very accurately, and I have experienced no pulling of hair. The included guard combs are more than enough, but nothing so remarkable and extraordinary. Just everything is made up of plastic. A Very good professional product. One must buy it and will surely love it for its perfections. It works great and possesses a powerful motor.


Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper Review

Are you desperately finding the professional and all-around dog clipper? If “yes” then here you can get the best clipper that will provide you the excellent features and great performance all the time. This Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5 Speed clipper is a perfect option for you. It has a powerful, rotary motor for complete and sleek grooming.

And you recognize what the best part is? The clipper boasts various blade choices thereby giving you more excellent versatility while also ensuring you perform the smoothest cut. This is the reason why the device is a little bit costly.

That stated, here is our Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper review to support you to decide if this product is worth the money.

Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade

  • Strong, rotary motor clipper for full animal grooming…
  • Variable, 5-speed clipping
  • Detachable blades for simple changing and detachable blades…
  • Unique anti-slip soft grip housing is contoured to suit your…
  • Adds Ceramic Edge #10 blade

This clipper has been designed for dog owners and professional groomers who finding the best device that money can purchase. It is possible because the tool excels at staying correct, quiet, and powerful.

And if you love grooming your canine more frequently, this device would be an excellent option. More so, the kit really does a magnificent job when you’re about to grooming curly-coated dogs to breed such as:

  • Poodle
  • Golden Doodle
  • Bichon Frise

Moreover, the Andis Excel 5-Speed is well created and housed in a permanent casing to ensure long-lasting performance.

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Key Features & Advantages

Being an all-around professional clipper, the Andis Excel 5-Speed is much familiar for its powerful features as well as specs. These add:

  • 120 Volt rotary motor
  • Ceramic edge #10 blade
  • Variable and detachable 5-speed blades
  • Anti-slip soft grip

That stated, let’s have a look at every one of the aforementioned features in detail.


Powerful Motor

When you are about to cut thick or curly dog coats, the clippers will cut through very sleekly. For this purpose, you need to spend in a unit with plenty of power and high rotations per minute.

The Andis Excel 5-speed has featured a five-speed rotary motor with up to 4,500 strokes per minute. This makes the unit very powerful and the effect is a bright, neat cut.

And really thanks to the strong motor, the clipper can be utilized on a variety of coats and breeds. What’s more? The motor is invented to be long-lasting which helps to prevent stalling or dragging.

Variable Blades

The Andis Excel 5-speed features detachable blades that support smooth changing as well as cleaning without the requirement for tools. But here is the most useful part; the clipper has been designed to accept an extensive range of blade preferences for greater versatility.

As if that’s not sufficient, it comes with a Ceramic edge #10 blade that is made to stay more active longer. The ceramic blade also works up to 75% cooler than steel and boasts a longer-lasting edge.

Moreover, the blades boast a chrome finish to stop corrosion and a special hardening method for improved durability.

Anti-slip grip

This is maybe not the smallest clipper. But, its lightweight design repays its rather big size.

Apart from it, the unit features an ergonomic anti-slip rubber grip that is shaped to fit your hand. This ensures the most convenient and sure handling. Therefore, you can apply it for a long without having to worry about hand exhaustion

Corded or Cordless?

Many dog owners love to use cordless clippers because they are more comfortable to use it. They are more comfortable to work with especially for hard-to-reach spaces. So, they just require regular charging as the battery manages to run out of charge after an hour.

When it comes to cordless clippers, you don’t need to worry about battery life. This indicates that you have an option to groom your dog all day.

With Andis Excel 5-speed, it is accessible in both corded and cordless design. So, you can work corded if you don’t need to worry about the battery working out or cordless for grooming anywhere.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • Excellent for grooming all coats and dog breeds
  • Simple to clean and change the blades
  • Adds long-lasting and reliable ceramic edge blade
  • Gives a soft cut just like the pros
  • Long-lasting and ergonomic construction
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Easy to work applying the simple on/off button
  • Accessible in different bright colors to pick from
[/su_panel][su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • The blades manage to get hot after some time and can be hurt the dog skin
  • Buttons are in an uncomfortable position
  • The cord is a small
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#F6F6F6″]

Andis 5 Speed Clipper Review: Final Thought

In the end, we must say that the Andis Excel 5 Speed is arguably the best professional clippers you can get on the market. It has a heavy-duty unit that is not only lightweight and long-lasting but also extremely versatile. What’s more, it’s easy to work thereby making it excellent for beginner and professional groomers.

So, all things examined, we just say that this clipper gives great value for money. Some people might see it as costly, but it has everything professional grooming tools can give. If you want the quality result then it doesn’t matter how much pricey this clipper.

Andis Promotor 24565 Combo Clipper Review

After making lots of experiments with the Andis Promotor Combo kit, we came to know, this trimmer is much sharper and affordable than the other brand trimmer. It provides everything that someone needs to cut the hair. What I like the most about this trimmer, it comes with a complete set of 23 pieces so you can use it to make any kind of haircut. This is one of the top quality adjustable clippers that you can easily from the market. While using the Andis Promotor Combo clipper, you’ll get to know the more advanced methods that will help to groom your personality.

Andis Promotor Combo also provides one copy of the training video which will help to increase the skill while maintaining your hair. This is a quite versatile trimmer for home and professional usage.

Before going to buy any clipper/trimmer, you should know how it can work. Here we are going to explain some special features about the Andis Promotor Combo which will definitely convince you to purchase it. This trimmer is quite lightweight and rounded shape design that usually comes in a soft surface and hard plastic cover. That is why it is a durable design to use at home. The specialty of this trimmer is that it has a powerful pivot motor as well. But one thing I dislike about this motor, it is not much suitable for a buzz cut, crew cuts, and short hair. So it all depends on you, what kinds of haircuts you actually want.

As far as the sound is concerned, it has no high sounds that will irritate you. It will make you more comfortable during haircut which is why it can be used on children. Before going to use it on the kids, you need to check the blades of the trimmer because sometimes it gets hot that can affect their sensitive skin.

What I most love about this trimmer, it is a quite small and smooth trimmer that can be used anywhere even it will not slip in your hand. Plus, it comes with a T-blade trimmer, it can be used on wet, dry, and oily hair. But you need to oil on its stainless steel blade after every two days that’s how it will work for a long time.

Specification of Andis Promotor Combo:

Here are the following features that you can read below:

  • Andis Tools

Comes with 27 necessary tools that will help you to groom.

  • Motor

It is an adjustable blade clipper that comes with a pivot motor.

  • Design

It has a T shape blade trimmer that can be used on dry and wet hair.

  • Attachments

Along with the Andis clipper, you’ll get the 8 different sizes blending combs: 1/16, 1/8, 3/8, 5/8 and 7/9.

  • Safety Guards

You’ll get 4 different clipper safety guards: ¼, ½, ¾, and 1.

  • Trimmer Comb

It’s available with 4 hair trimmer combs: 1/16 to 3/8.

  • Length and width

The length of this trimmer is 10.6 and the width is 6.6.

  • Height and Weight

The high of this trimmer is only 4.6 inch and the weight is 3lbs only.

  • Styling Barber Tools

You’ll get a styling comb, tapered comb, stainless steel shears, and barber cape as well.

  • Maintenance Tools

Apart from the trimmer, you’ll get a cleaning brush, protective blade guard, and trimmer oil as well..

  • Storage

It comes with a soft plastic storage case.

  • Warranty

Always comes with 5 years warranty.

Problems with the Andis Promotor kit

I have got some bad reviews regarding the Andis to promote trimmer, some of the users said; it works quite similar to Wahl trimmer like it’s not good enough to use on the thick beard and the hair of the sideburns. Sometimes it creates a little problem to neat and clean a thick beard. Honestly speaking, I have never faced such kinds of problems with Andis promotor trimmer but some of the professional barbers said, they have got really good experience. I know why some people are not happy to use it because sometimes it’s got a little bit hotter than the other clipper. I think it could be the main reason for the bad reviews.

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Final Thought:

In the end, we just need to say that you’ll get what you actually pay. I think the brand knows better than us how price really matters for most of the customers, if you consider the cheap price of any trimmer then you’ll never ever get an excellent result. So I would like to recommend you please do not consider the cheap price, if you want to use as a professional barber then you should always consider the high-quality trimmer that’s how you can get the attractive and dashing look.

Finally, we just say that if you’re interested to use the low price trimmer then try to use this Andis Promotor comb. It comes with a T-Shape blade trimmer that will help you to groom your personality. It’s a quite casual and friendly trimmer. So do not think too much to use it just go and grab it.


Andis Barber Combo Review

Today, we’re going to describe the best features of the Andis Barber Combo Review which is the top rating clipper and trimmer in the market. Here the major point is that why many people like to use the Andis Barber Combo. The only thing we have found is that it always provides excellent performance to their customer.

After the excellent performance, people usually consider the cheap price of the hair clipper but Andis is the only clipper who has been offering the affordable price of its clipper. The best part of this clipper is that it can be used for the fades as well. It is the favorite choice of all the barbers and the Andis Barber combo has been beating in the market so far.

Andis provides all the important tools that help men to make their hair more stylish and attractive than others. We have seen many clipper brands have been failed to provide the high result where Andis has given the successful result to their customers. If you’re also worried about the result then you should try Andis hair clipper which will meet your all requirement.

Andis Barber Combo comes in a T-outline blade like an adjustable clipper that provides all the grooming requirements. It has a high-quality carbon-steel that works really efficiently.

This professional trimmer can be used for close-cutting which provides zero gapped. It can be cut your hair length from 000 to 1.

The Specialty of this Andis Barber Combo is that it offers 6 different types of blade guards for the clippers like 1/8, 3/8, ¾, ½, and 1 inch. Moreover, you’ll get three different attachments for the Andis trimmer like 1/16, 1/8, and ¼. This is the complete grooming tool for you.

You’ll love it for these But you won’t like these
  • Andis grade magnetic motors
  • Heavy
  • Very smooth cutting
  • Tends to get hot
  • Very comfortable hanger loop
  • Vibrates
  • A great budget deal
  • Suffers from the “package deal” phenomenon
  • Somewhat quiet

Features of The Andis Barber Combo:

Andis clipper combo is available with the following feature that makes the valuable choice to the barbers and experts.

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T-Outliner Blade:


T-Outliner Blade has been manufactured with a carbon-steel blade that will be quite sharper and durable for any type of hairstyle.

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Fine Teeth:


Andis clipper has fine teeth as well that will help you out for any type of hair cutting.

[su_panel background=”#2F4468″ color=”#ffff” border=”0px none #cccccc” padding=”5″ shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]Professional:
When we talk about the professional hair clipper then Andis is at the top of the place because it has been made by a well-qualified and expert team. This is the reason that Andis barber Combo is a professional-grade trimmer that can meet your all requirement.
High-Speed Magnetic Motors: One of the best and high-speed magnetic motors has been used in this trimmer that will provide you the excellent performance.
[su_panel background=”#2F4468″ color=”#ffff” border=”0px none #cccccc” padding=”5″ shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]
Whisper Quiet:
The specialty of this Andis Barber Combo is that it has a low sound that makes your customer more comfortable during the hairstyling.
[su_panel background=”#2F4468″ color=”#ffff” border=”0px none #cccccc” padding=”5″ shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]
Cool Running Operation:
After too much usage, many trimmers get hot but Andis clipper remains cool that is why most barbers love to use this hair clipper. So it’s really demanding in the fashion industry.
[su_panel background=”#2F4468″ color=”#ffff” border=”0px none #cccccc” padding=”5″ shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]
Hanger Loop:
Many hair clippers cannot make enough amount of storage but this allows your clipper to store. If you have been facing a storage problem then you should try this one, without any hesitation. It will work at least 2 hours after the complete charge.
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Social Proof:
This is one of the best hair clippers for close-cutting. It has been suggested by many customer reviews that this is why this is the professional-grade clipper. This is the best haircutter for home-usage.
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Final Thoughts:

In the end, we must say that Andis Barber Combo is an excellent choice over other clippers. If you’re finding a durable and adjustable clipper then you should try this one. Moreover, it has a T-outliner blade as well that works very smartly and sharply. With the T-outliner blade, it will work very easily and efficiently.

Overall, it provides the top-quality result that insists you buy this clipper set. It makes the hairstyle much more attractive and beautiful. Along with that, it has three different sizes of trimmer attachment that help you to groom your hair well. If you’re looking for some professional type of hair clip then use this Andis Barber Combo.


Andis Ceramic BGRC 63965 Clipper Review

Andis Ceramic BGRC clipper is one of the best products and quite famous products among professionals. There is no problem for personal use, or anyone cutting hair for prolonged periods, but here is a great advantage to hair salons. It has surely no comparison among other professionals’ hair cutters. It can be said that the Andis BGRC can be proved the best choice for all users. The outstanding quality of the BGRC ceramic clipper its blade which outshines most of the others, the fact that it doesn’t heat as much, and its lightweight design.

Consider These Features Before Buying Andis Ceramic BGRC 63965 Clipper:

Decently powerful Rotary Motor and Body of Andis BGRC

Andis BGRC uses a rotary motor that has single-speed and quite powerful. The rotary motor of the Andes BGRC professional hair clipper is powered with 2900 strokes per minute. Andis Ceramic is one of the quietest, hair clippers on the market. If you hate noisy clippers, Andis Ceramic clipper is one of the quietest hair clippers than the other heavy-duty barber tools on the market and which is delighted for you and your customer.

Andis Ceramic BGRC 63965 Clipper Blades

A powerful motor and efficient blade both qualities make up a good hair clipper. Due to detachable blades, you can use any type of blades such as all Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades with this clipper. The Detachable Ceramic Edge blades will cool even after extensive use, they will remain 70% cooler than your stainless steel clipper blades.

Almost every hair clipper uses regular, stainless steel blades on the market. Ceramic edge blade is easily changed with other Andis blades, also interchanged with Oster blades. Ceramic blades have certain advantages such as stay sharper, extremely hard-wearing, and corrosion-resistant, do not conduct heat.

Andis Ceramic blades are well insulated and produce a low popping sound. Ceramic is non-metallic, which means it does not conduct heat or electricity. Through these blades, you will cut all types of hair without any issue.

Andis BGRC Corded and Cordless Battery

The Andis BGRC cordless does not contain a charger when you purchase it. So the Andis BGRC battery pack and charge separately you will have to get it. It has a Nickel-Cadmium battery that runs for a long time without any intervals.

Just take an hour the BGRc battery can be recharged completely. The Cordless Andis Ceramic BGRC you can be used anywhere, and it doesn’t restrict your movements at any given time, which is a great advantage which many barbers and fanatic prefer. It is pretty great. It will take an hour and recharge completely.

Operating Andis BGRC

Andis ceramic clippers body is made from silver for the coded option, and quality of polymer has been used for a black finish for its cordless version. Its weight is quite light and its ergonomic shape helps you to feel comfortable.

Moreover, it also gives a light and easy-grip to those who have to work with it for long, especially, the professional barbers’. The Andis detachable clippers are almost 10% small and 20% light. The Andis Ceramic clipper is lighter much more comfortable to hold, or easy to use over extended periods.

It uses rust-resistance and ultra-strong ceramic edge blades. Its length is 6.5 with 0.90 Ibs weight provides frequent work. Nobody wants to use such a clipper that is critical to handle or complicate. It is a slim and lightweight design that is easy to carry.

Key Features:

Manufacture Andis 
Length 6.50
Item weight 14.5 oz.
Speed motor Single-speed \ Rotary
Body material Plastic polymer
Voltage 120V \ 60 Hz
Motor Rotary motor
Bladder Detachable Ceramic BLade

Product Specifications

Battery Rechargeable Battery with 1-Hour Runtime
Includes Ceramic Edge size, 1 Blade, Blade Oil
Cutting Strokes Per-minute 2900
Warranty Warranty
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • Small and lightweight for easy to handle and use.
  • Powerful motor
  • Ceramic edge blades stay cool for a long time
  • Quietest Ceramic clipper
  • Detachable blades
  • Heavy-duty ready
  • Easy to use
[/su_panel][su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Price difference.
  • The battery and charger are not available.

Weak points of the Andis BGRC Clipper

In this Andis BGRc clipper review, this clipper is unnecessarily expensive, the main issue, however, will be in the costs. Another thing you have to buy blades separately. Another thing would be the NiCD batteries [Nickle Cadmium].

NiCD batteries are older battery technology, so the other shortcoming battery life is not good. Moreover, you may need some force to remove its blades for cleaning. It may break if it fell. If you buy separate blades, then they are quite expensive.

One of the users bought ceramic Andis trimmer blades 00000 for $135. It’s heavy and cut reek and does not give close cutting. This is the review of that user. Some have positive thoughts on these blades as well. As they have told that these blades work well.

Overview of Andis Clippers T Outliner

Those people who are using Andis ceramic BGRC are happy with it. Customers have been using it for hairstyling and all other purposes. Its ceramic blades have satisfied the customers. The blades are serrated and stay cooler while using and give fabulous results. Andis clippers blades don’t burns neck, face, and where it is needed. Many customers have been using Andis clippers and they prefer to keep using them. Some people have issues with their voice. According to them, Andis master clippers have louder voices whether some people have said that it does not have noise and they are quiet in use. Although it is expensive. Some professionals have also revealed that the blades were not finished. They said they have proper knowledge about clippers therefore they have identified some issues with them. Whereas many people have shown satisfaction and interest in this product and they are happy with it. We must provide you knowledge about everything even if it has benefit or loss, we think of you first.

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Andis is known a well-known brand and all its products come with special features. In the same way, Andis Ceramic BGRC has been designed under the professionals’ conditions. These clippers are available in premium quality. Therefore barbers can perform multiple jobs without losing their grip on it and getting tired. The Andis Ceramic Clipper is lighter in weight, beautiful, ergonomic, and will become the centerpiece in your barbershop or your grooming kit. Must use oil on blades before, during, and after use for optimal performance. It all depends on your choice. What you like, you buy. Many users like to buy additional accessories which Andis cordless clippers are already providing.



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Q1: Can I trim my beard and mustaches with Andis ceramic BGRC?

Answer: Yes, you can trim your beard and mustaches even have a haircut.

Q2: What voltage does Andis BGRC use?

Answer: I use Andis ceramic BGRC and its voltage is 120V.

Q3: Can this trimmer be used to remove the cat’s fur? Will it be safe to use on them?

Answer: I think it can be used to remove cat furs. I am not sure if the cat’s fur is thicker. If it comes with attachments then it’s well and good. You can easily use it anywhere.

Q4: How much does it cost?

Answer: Andis products are quite expensive. Its price is around about $298. I think prices may vary due to models.

Q4: Can we Andis products in other countries? Will the same voltage work in Dubai?

Answer: Unhappily, all of our Andis products are only for US use. You would need a converter to use these products in your country. This is a possible way to use them.


Andis Supra ZR Review

I have been personally using this Andis clipper in my daily routine for many years because of the excellent features and incredible results. This is the primary tool kit when the first day I went to the hair salon. It’s getting so popular these days and has been well-made with high-quality material. Before Oster was provided the detachable clippers but now Andis is also providing the detachable clippers that are why now Andis Supra ZR has become the top brand in the market. I cannot deny this thing because many times I got the smooth result from this clipper and attractive look than others. Now you can get a saloon-type haircut at home, it can save you lots of time. You don’t need to go every day to saloon and wastage time. That is why I would recommend you to use it.

Overview of Andis Supra ZR

This Andis Supra ZR is available with a cordless detachable blade that provides heavy-duty for any Barber. The specialty of this clipper is that it can be work for two hours after the full charge. It has the lithium-ion battery design which is available with the rotary motor feature that can be cut any type of hair dry or wet. This ZR clipper has five different speed options that will be work from 1800 to 3800 per minute strokes. Plus, it has the Andis 000 Ceramic Ultra edge blade. It is convenient for charging and storage base clippers.

This Andis Supra ZR is the first aim for all the professional Barber and hairdressers. For those people, who want the buzz cutting at home and looking for a quality cordless clipper then this is the perfect option. This detachable clipper is one of the excellent deals which is available with a clipper comb that gives the various effect of blending. It can be work on 5/8 inches length.

Andis Supra ZR clipper feels really smooth while making a haircut but it’s a little bit heavy than other brands. The unique thing about this clipper is that this is a little bit narrow than my previous cordless clipper. I really like this thing; it has a comfortable grip to hold.

How Does It Work

The important thing to know the usage of any clipper, if you’re facing any kind of problem to use then doesn’t matter how much it is a big brand. Without providing the good features, all the brands are useless that is why Andis Supra ZR has more focused on adding their new features like effective blades, powerful motor, smooth grip to hold, and slim design as well. It has a tough polymer housing design that provides extra durability to use. The popularity of the Supra ZR clipper is that it has more versatile and flexible than the other brand clippers. This rotary motor has a lesser sound and a much cooler system.

The Andis Supra ZR challenges that it can be work continually two hours after the full charged. Moreover, it can be used on both dry and wet hair that will perform very well without damaging your skin. After upgrading the new features, the clipper can be work for shaving as well which is an amazing thing for all of you. With the eight hours shift, you just need to put on the charging and dealing with the customer, after the dealing just grab and apply on the customer’s hair. When you have done this process, you can put it again on the charging that how you can use it the whole day.

Andis Supra ZR II Features and Functionalities

Here are some of the following features that Andis Supra ZR has given:

  • Powerful and Durable Motor:

Andis Supra ZR has a strong rotary motor that is quite durable everywhere and every clipper has some great features and functionality to compete in the market. Without having great features, you cannot survive there that is why Andis’s supra ZR clipper is on the top. Its motor has a lesser chance for damage which is a great feature of its motor. It has specially manufactured with thick carbon steel and ceramic, but its detachable blade is a little bit harder than the adjustable one. The teeth of the Andis Supra ZR have a larger girth.

  • Bulk Cutting:

Andis Supra ZR has the ability to handle any kind of haircut even it is a perfect choice for lots of haircuts. So you don’t need to worry about bulk cutting because it will meet your all requirement. Moreover, it has the lesser chances to slow down and get stuck anywhere.

  • No Needed Attachments:

While using the adjustable clipper, it can work one-handed. It means you don’t need to use such kind of attachment because an adjustable blade will help you out in maintaining your haircut. It has a powerful and sharper blade that can be work for any length. Even it has a plastic attachment that you can use it.

  • Detachable Blade:

Andis has great work with the cordless detachable cutter. The size of this masterpiece is only 1.1 LBS that’s quite lightweight than other brands. It looks really slim and compact design as well. The supra zr is available in #000 heavy-duty with ceramic detachable blades that are quite versatile in design and dark-toned colors. Moreover, it has a different variety of blade series like CeramicEdge UltraEdge, the Oster Classic 76, and the Oster Titan blade series as well.

  • Excellent Battery Life:

The battery life of this clipper is quite amazing even it has the feature to replace easily. With having a powerful battery, it can be used for more than 2 hours and will take only 30 to completely heap up. After using the clipper, simply turn it off and put on the charging.

  • Extra Cool Features

It has a great LED lighting display where you can easily monitor the accurate cooling level and speed setting. Moreover, if you’re a traveler or planning to go somewhere, then this is the perfect clipper for you to carry anywhere. It can be used from 100v to 240v.

  • Weak points of the Supra ZR

Might be you have seen that it is a little bit expensive than other brands because of its incredible performance and the great functions. It’s a perfect choice for many professional barbers. With the Supra ZR, you’ll get only the #000 blade but if you want to make a different hairstyle then you’ll have to buy the #000 CeramicEdge Blade that is the only week point I have seen.

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Final Thoughts:

In the end, we must say that many expert and professional Barbers are using this Andis Supra ZR cordless clipper so you should also try it once without any hesitating. Because it provides excellent performance, along with the performance, it gives amazing features like durability, 5-speed rotary motor, sharper blade, and slim design as well. It means no other brand gives this kind of features that is why it’s more demanding in the market. If you’re also finding a clipper with all these amazing features then I would suggest you use it. If you have any questions regarding this clipper then you can ask in the comment box here.


Andis Speedmaster 2 Cordless Review

A magical tool for men’s grooming and styling that enhances the personality. Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers are one of them. The tool is not only for beard and mustaches but can also trim hair. Some sharper trimmers do a single job and some Speedmaster 2 clippers and do multiple jobs. They are known as professional trimmers. Most Barbers possess professional trimmers to make their customers happy by doing professional works. In this article, we will acknowledge you about Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers. You will be able to know all about Andis Speedmaster parts. A Speedmaster Andis clipper consists of the following parts that are given below.

Consider These Things Before Buying Andis Speedmaster 2:

Blades of Clipper

Blades means to clean mustaches and beards. Unnecessary hair can be removed by these blades. Some (trimmers_KW) consisting of a variety of T-blades. T-blades edges are curved that can be used to access ears, neck, beard, and mustaches easily.

  • The Andis Speedmaster uses ceramic blades in clippers. While other models have stainless steel blades.
  • Ceramic blades are expensive and sharp. They give a smooth shaving experience with their sharp blades.
  • Ceramic blades stay cooler while using. This makes the difference among all other models.

Body Cover and Weight

Every Andis clippers have different body material and weight. Body material is another thing that to check the quality product and weight depends on its material. Both things relate to each other.

  • The body material of Andis Speedmaster ll clippers is eye-catching. It is made up of chrome-plated plastic.
  • Its material design is smooth and persistent that can be used for a long.
  • Its weight is quite different from other clippers. 0.9 Ibs lightweight machine measures 6.
  • You can carry it with its lightweight that is just perfect while holding heavyweight trimmers can slow down the grip. It prevents hand cramps with its lightweight.
  • The clipper has rubber on its top for grip and it also helps in a phase of ergonomics.

Guards of Clipper

Clipper guards are also known as attachment combs that are used to measure hair length for cutting by barbers. The attachment combs are available in different sizes. Some attachments are short and some are long and their sizes are set on millimeters or inches.

  • Andis clippers set come with 9 guards in different sizes.
  • The kit includes a blade guard, clipper oil, and blade cleaner brush.

Power Motor

Andis clippers cordless are consisting of three types of motors i.e. magnetic, pivot, and rotary. Rotary may supply direct current while both magnetic and pivot uses magnetic force.

  • Andis master is consisting of magnetic motors that make it four times powerful.
  • This magnetic motor Andis clipper is common among professionals and barbers for all kinds of stylings.

Overview of Andis Speedmaster 2 Clippers

Many users are completely satisfied with the Andis clippers combo and enjoyed using it. They can have a haircut on their own easily that grooms them professionally.  The clipper’s noise is less and lightweight that is easy to hold. Where some people are happy, on the other hand, some have a bad experience with it. They found previously used clippers. Some people have issues with its attachments combs and clippers oil. The attachment combs are not according to their need. They are having length issues and cheap quality, therefore, they have to buy them separately which cost them. And clippers oil vanished sooner while using. The users have shown interest in considering the buying knowledge about blade care and antiseptic. They should be provided the information, they want to know.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer is Andis
  • Dimensions are 25.4 x 19.69 5.72 inches
  • Model is 24145
  • Ceramic blades
  • Long-run motor and quiet
  • Work for dry and wet hair
  • Cooler blades than conventional
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  • Ceramic blades remain cooler.
  • Quiet and lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • Long-lasting and adjustable blades.
  • Helps in ergonomic.
  • Easy to use.
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  • It gives vibration.
  • Not good for bulk cutting.

Andis Speedmaster 2 Clippers vs Oster Fast Feed Clippers

A variety of clippers has been introduced in the market. It becomes difficult to select the best one for use. Andis Speedmaster is a well-known clipper and we have compared it from the Oster fast feed. You have provided all the information about Andis clippers now there’s another trimmer clipper for you. Let us do a comparison in both and find that which one is the best trimmer.

Oster fast feed specifications are given below

  • The manufacturer is Oster.
  • Dimensions are 6 x 3 x 10 inches.
  • Weight is 1 pound.
  • Model is 76023-510
  • A powerful pivot motor.
  • Adjustable steel blades.
  • Corded
  • Blades safety guard, 4 cutting combs, grease oil, and cleaner brush.

An Oster fast feed clipper does not make any noise while an Andis Speedmaster ll makes vibration. Oster clippers size is small while Andis Speedmaster size is a little bigger. Both have pivot motors. Oster feed fast has steel blades while Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers have ceramic blades. Andis clippers blades stay cooler that differentiates it from Oster feed clippers. Oster clippers and Andis clippers both are being used for wet and dry hair. There isn’t much difference in both clippers’ weight. Oster is a fast and trimmer as compared to Andis. Oster clippers are not much expensive than Andis clippers. Oster clippers’ price is $71 while Andis master clippers’ price is $109.

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Final determination

On the whole, we have come to the final decision of both the clippers that which one is better? Andis clippers are much better than Oster clippers. Four times powerful and best-considered clippers. Its blades adjustment from 000 to 1. This has nine attachment combs from 0 to 8. This includes 1/16″ (1.5mm), 1/8″ (3mm), 1/4″ (6mm), 3/8″ (10mm), 1/2″ (13mm), 5/8″ (16mm), 3/4″(19mm), 7/8″  (22mm), 1(25mm). It has a pivot motor and 3400 strokes per minute. Andis clippers blades are specially designed for barbers’ professional jobs.


Personal Recommendations

I have been using Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers for 2 years and I am amazed and satisfied with Andis clippers. I can use them on my beards, mustaches, and for a haircut as well. As it comes with all its attachments including combs, guard, and other additional things are lubricant oil, cleaning brush, and blade guards. So I can use it by myself at home. I even can have a haircut with the help of measuring combs. One thing I would like to clear is that it is not good in bulk cutting. But it is ideal for use at home. Everyone can use it easily. It’s not faster that’s why does not give cuts. I show my positive impression towards Andis Speedmaster ii clippers.

Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver Review

An electric-powered tool used to clean beards, mustaches, and haircut is known as a trimmer or shaver. Andis profoil lithium plus shaver is a small hypo-allergenic shaver. It gently removes hair on the area where you move it. A simple electrical and cordless tool for cleaning.  Andis foil shaver head gives close shaving and removes stubbles. It supports a lithium-ion battery that gives maximum power for close shaving. The battery can give 80 minutes job on a single charging. Andis shaver consists of the following parts that are given below.

Main Parts:

Profoil Lithium Blades

Andis foil shaver head uses gold titanium blades for a perfect and clean look. It’s quite safe and can be used for all types of skins. The foil shapes are octagonal that catches hair perfectly. Its hypoallergenic titanium foil gives an amazing cut. Each cutter blades consist of dual single drive shafts for the finest result. Foils and cutters are replaceable.

Profoil Lithium Plus Battery

Andis profoil lithium shaver is supported by a lithium-ion battery. A powerful battery that runs for 80 minutes on a single charge and gives stunning results. It doesn’t draw or booth during cutting. The battery is charged on a premium charging stand.

Profoil Lithium Plus Motor

Andis foil shaver head has a rotary motor that has maximum power and undemanding use. It cuts off stubbles and gives the final touch of fade styling. This effortless Andis shaver replacement foil can easily remove hair from the neck, face, and head. It does not make noise. It takes 9000spm strokes per minute. It uses 50/ 60 Hz frequency and voltage is 100/ 240V. This mini machine does numerous jobs and amazed everyone.

Additional Accessories

Andis clippers cordless come with additional accessories. The accessories include a dual voltage charger, charger stand, brush, and blade guard. All these additional accessories come along it and it doesn’t cost much. The blades are replaceable for cleaning and for charging them. It’s easy to charge via a charger stand.

Key Features

Manufacturer Andis
Weight 5 ounces
Dimensions 8.07 x 5.24 x 2.83 inches
Battery Lithium-ion
Model 17150

About Andis Shavers

Andis profoil copper is a stunning shaver that ultimately gives close shaving. Its titanium blades are hypoallergenic and do not give skin burns. It is safe and can be used on all types of skin. It gives a close shave and a haircut. Andis profoil copper does not give irritation to the skin.

On a single charge, it delivers 80 minutes of runtime due to its lithium-ion powerful battery. It comes with a premium charger stand. This mini clipper is light weighted and easy to handle for the neck, face, and hair. It’s rotary motor is super powerful and quiet in use. It is available cordless and corded.

Its voltage is 100 t0 240V while the frequency is 50 to 60Hz. It gives 9000 strokes per minute. Andis foil shaver sallys perfect for stubble cut-off and fades finishing. A polymer material grey mini Andis with 5 ounces weight is designed to deliver you a full-fledge shaving experience.


Product Model Number TS-2 17200
Length 4.60
Material Polymer
Category Rotary motor
Voltage 100/ 240V
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
Inner Cutters Lithium Titanium Foil Assembly

Weak points of Andis foil shaver head

Andis clippers blades may be fragile. It may break if falls accidentally. While removing foil you should be careful about cleaning its blades. In case of break down, you would buy them separately.

It might not work on thick long hair. It does not come with oil for cleaning; you have to buy oil separately. Oil is a must for sharp and clean blades. Cleaning the Andis shaver properly on daily basis can work for a long time.

Overview of Andis shaver gold

There are many positive reviews of Andis profoil lithium plus shaver and some negative reviews as well. Those who are satisfied with Andis foil have been using it for months. They have used many brands but after using Andis profoil for bald heads, they are happier and prefer it for the rest of life.

They considered it much better and powerful. It has a plastic guard for foil protection. It is simple to clean it with its brush. Just remove the foil and rise-off hair with the help of a brush.

After this, take a drop of oil and apply it to the blades for cleaning. It’s been working for 4 months for those users who have liked it.

Good quality, powerful shaver for close shave and haircutting. It takes all the hair in the blades and removes them gently. It doesn’t cost much. On the other hand, Andis profoil lithium shaver review is also bad for those who have used it. They have revealed that it doesn’t clean thick hair and gives irritation.

When the customer thought of returning it, they were told that this item can’t be returned. Another issue with it is that it stopped working after 3 months. The reviews are fluctuating between these issues. These issues can be resolved easily to make Andis foil more popular.

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Andis profoil lithium plus shaver is an amazing power tool for shaving and haircutting. It gives close shaving and easy to clean. It is not that much expensive and everyone can afford it. Andis profoil lithium plus contains a brush, charger stand, blade guard, and dual voltage charger in addition. A mini shaver can be taken anywhere even if you are traveling. It can be used anywhere, anytime. It takes less time to shave hair. Lithium plus is a quick shaver with non-stop working. It has a Long-lasting battery with less charge.



Question                                 Does this come with additional accessories? 

Answer                                    Yes, it comes with additional accessories. It comes with a brush, charger, and blade guard.

Question                                 What blades does the Andis profoil lithium plus shaver have?

Answer                                    It has titanium blades.

Question                                 How can I clean them? Can anyone guide please?

Answer                                    Sure why not! Replace the foil carefully, now clean it. Clean the blades with the help of a cleaning brush. After that use a drop of oil on its blades for its sharpening and cleaning.

Question                                 What voltage does it have?

Answer                                    Its voltage is 100/ 240V.

Question                                 How efficient does it work?

Answer                                    I am using it with 000 and it is working efficiently with it. I don’t know about its actual moving foils. It is an amazing shaver for me.

Questions                                Is it corded or cordless?

Answer                                    It comes in corded and cordless both. The choice is yours.

Question                                 Is it refundable if having issues with it?

Answer                                    Check the refundable policy for returning. Return before 2 months.

Andis Stylist Combo Envy 66280 Clipper Review

Are you on a budget? Are you looking for an all-in-one tool that will work for hair, neckline, and beard to trim? Andis is trustworthy and fulfills all your needs. It gives you classical styling and you can relate it to your barber’s tool. Do you want to buy it? I’ll give you all the advice you need in this Andis Stylist Combo review. A professional hair trimmer and a barber clipper are more than an affordable package of Andis stylist combo clippers. Andis Stylist Combo performs to the customers and tells the feature that it comes out with. You get this efficient hair clipper and trimmer, with a profitable price range. This tool can also use for the best Andis clipper for fades. The qualities make it the best Andis clipper due to comparing with features and cost. Moreover, Andis Stylist Combo perfect for family haircuts! The barbers and stylist, the T-Outliner blade is the best prime. A hanger loop is offered by the company for moving easily.

 An Overview of Andis stylist Combo

Many people have been using the Andis stylish combo for many years and they personally like its features and quality. It gives zero-gap shaving and has sharp blades. It doesn’t make noise and gives great cutting. Many people are satisfied but some have got it offensive. It didn’t work well for them and the motor stopped working due to the hairline. One of the customers said that the 1 attachment was missing and it might be a used clipper so he wanted to replace it. Although, he is a user of Andis products and he has been using them for many years. So, he trusts Andis products and likes these products.

Shortcomings of Andis Stylist Combo

Andis barber combo sallys becomes hot when using it constantly. The powerful electromagnetic motors of the Andis barber clippers: tend to get warm easily. Andis stylist combo is not made up of metal; it gets hot in 15 minutes while using it. This is the defect of Andis clippers, and this defect can be solved if you bombard some coolant in the mix.

As I have stated above that the clippers become hot. It is due to the aluminum body of Andis’s master. Its blades can become hot against the scalp of your client. To resolve this issue and for detailed work with these clippers, you can use the backup clippers. You can upgrade your clipper in this way. Another thing is its plastic guard that feels a little flimsy as compared to other Andis master clippers.

In any case, what I suggest you always Envy clipper is US-1 it fits the single magnetic Nano guards. I persuade you: your cutting games will change. Using more secure attachments with your Andis combo set can help you.

Features of Andis Stylist Combo Envy

Andis Stylist combo comes with the following features that make it popular with barbers and experts.

  • T-Outliner blade of Andis Combo

Carbon steel is the composition of the T-Outliner blade. The T-Outline blade slices hair closely and its blades stay sharp for a long time. For trimming, and shaving, a T-Outliner trimmer is best. Edge blade cheer with T-Outliner. High-speed blade clipper good is for all-around styling.

  • Fine Teeth of Andis Combo

The fine teeth of Andis Stylist Combo are ideal for an all-around hairstyle and are useful for chopping well-defined.

  • High -Speed Magnetic Motors

The magnetic motor in this clipper that gives you high performance means high speed.

  • Whisper Quiet

Andis Stylist Combo is one of the quietest hair clippers. It’s motor quiet and cool.

  • Cool Running Operation

After the use of it, the Andis combo remains hot. You would have an experience with the Andis clipper if you are an older user of it. A newbie doesn’t have the same experience. The unique feature of this trimmer it’s motor quiet and cool.

  • Hanger Loop of Andis Stylist Combo

For storage, and moving easy, not drop from the table company provides you a hanger loop; it is a great benefit for the barber. Figuration to fit your hand comfortably.

Andis Stylist Combo Performance

Overall, the comb performs more than satisfactorily for casual users or semi-professionals. The electromagnetic motor of the Andis master takes up to 7200 strokes per minute. It is powerful as Wahl clippers, but the price of Wahl clipper is quite handsome than Andis clippers. The same thing will be told to you when you go through Andis clipper’s master reviews. The Andis clippers can’t serve a lot of clients in a day. A lot of clients especially if you have thick, curly hair. A bit of struggle is taken by the clipper with challenging hair.

The blades are made up of carbon-coated stainless steel are adjustable. The lengths of blades are controlled between #1 to #000. It helps you in choosing your cutting style.  They do an overall nice job, very flexible in terms of application to performing fades or shape us, from styling and chopping wet hair. Andis stylist combo cuts hair, comfortably, quiet, and easy to use.

Even little fades are nice easy to do. It is easy to blend in without leaving any line, but for a tight fade, I wouldn’t try to 0 gaps these and does skin fade. They are superb for a new barber to start with these clippers. It helps in learning ropes while coming to the fades.  An electromagnetic motor also runs on the trimmer and performs well. This is not a GTX T-Outliner!  It looks like glossy black, but it’s closer to the standard T-Outliner trimmer with T-blade. The T-Outliner is a very good set of trimmers that may barbers use for years without thinking of changing since they get the job done. The ability does not draft you away with their performance; they are the workhorse of a trimmer. Carbon-coated blade features slightly deeper teeth; they help to trim mass hair, which is an aggressive type of hair like, curly hair. The T-blade is very sharp and can cut you a bit, so it’s my advice that trimming with the guards that you have given, you can go with it on your neckline.

Andis Stylist Combo Motor

  • Magnetic type Motor
  • Strokes per Minutes-7200 spm
  • Volts required this combo-120 V
  • The frequency required this combo-60 Hz

Andis Stylist Combo Blade #1

  • Item Number of this model-66240
  • Name of blade-US-1 Replacement Blade Set
  • Carbon Steel Material is required for this model

Andis Stylist Combo BLADE #2 

  • Item Number of this model-04850
  • Deep Tooth T-Outliner Replacement Blade is the name of the blade
  • Carbon Steel Material is required for this model

Andis Stylist includes

  • GTX Trimmer and Professional Envy Clipper
  • 6 Clipper of Andis attachment combo
  • 4 Trimmer of Andis attachment combs
  • Oil for blade
  • Operating Instruction of Andis stylist combo

Product Specifications

  • Model of Anis Stylist Combo-US-1\GTO
  • Item Number of model-66280
  • UPC Code of Andis Stylist-0 40102 66280 5
  • Model weight -1.1 lbs.
  • Model Length -7.00
  • This model has required batteries-1 Lithium-ion batteries
  • Polymer Material Body
  • Black Glass finish

What’s in the Box of the Andis Combo Set?

In this Andis Stylist combo review, you get so much stuff; you will realize that Andis Stylist Combo looks like a gift box. It’s slightly heavier with its hard plastic, the glossy black body; it’s more compact and bigger than another barber clipper at 7″ and 1.1 lbs. An Envy clipper is one of the Andis medium budget pro tools. For perfect styling, shaving, outlining, and trimming, every professional wants the perfect tools. All the essentials of the Andis Stylist Combo Kit were designed to combine into one convenient Kit. A T-Outliner Trimmer and an Envy Professional Hair Clipper include in the Andis Stylist Combo Kit. The Envy is uniquely balanced and ergonomically designed. Its motor gives 7200 cutting strokes per minute. A quiet and cool motor is just amazing.

Dress with great fine tooth blades, the T-Outliner assures a close and excellent trim with every use. The Andis barber combo remains comfortably fit in your hand. Firm and strong blades give accurate cutting and they use the power in both ways of cutting strokes. For changing the voltage, you don’t need internal oil arrangements. For more blooming the clippers, oil and blades serve a lot for awesomeness. The Andis Stylist Combo is a balanced trimmer combo for stylists.  Andis barber combo cordless clippers blades are quite close to Andis T-outliner trimmers and they use the frequency of 120\ 60Hz. The same use the clippers. Andis master clippers combo is quite light hair clippers on the market. If you hate noisy clippers, Andis Stylist Combo is one of the quietest hair clippers than the other heavy-cut barber tools on the market. Its motor’s quiet and cool operation boots the clipper’s quality usability quality.

Andis Stylist plastic combo cutting your hair at home, and will help you give a regular haircut tapered on the side. Moreover, the blade is made up of carbon-steel works well for close-cutting of all hair along with facial hair.

Some accessories are given to you free by the company. These includes one guard and six attachments like _1\16″, 1\4″, 3\8″, 1\2″, 3\4″. You’ll also grab four trimmer attachments_1\16″, 1\8″, 1\4″, 3\8″. For more updates on the Andis Stylist Combo review stay connected with us.

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  • T-Outline blade
  • Cool running
  • The magnetic motor produces motor power
  • Reliability product and accurate cutting
  • Amazing quality and a good combo set
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  • Sometimes overheat
  • Sometimes create Vibration
  • No starter lube and loose-fitting attachment
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Andis master Combo clippers will not be disappointed you. It is a lightweight and ergonomic Cordless Envy Clipper that features a premium adjustable surgical fade blade or a close cutting blade. Andis professional clipper and trimmer combo set is well -designed machine with its design and advice by the customer review. The Andis combo set is stylish in design and I personally like it. The Andis trimmers and clippers have the ability to do any hair-cutting jobs with all joy. The Andis clippers provide you all the guidelines for managing your cutting tools. For those who use the clippers at home on their own, they have the perfect choice of Andis clippers.


Andis Professional Fade Master Clippers 01690 Review

Andis has a good constant place in the market for many years due to the amazing features of their product. With the help of the Andis fade master clippers, you cut all types of cutting which you like. It is also perfect for trimming and beard. So you don’t worry in this century about the hair. Andis master bald fade is affordable, not high in rate. The weight of the Andis fade master clippers is light, for a long time working calmly to fit in hand without any ennui.

A lot of clippers for haircutting are available in the market. People are too much confused about which one is a good clipper for a haircut. Because people are too conscious about the hair. The look of every person is attractive due to the hairstyle.

Clipper is an instrument used to cut the hair of humans and give the modern look.

Clipper made up of comb, scissors, and a razor.

Clipper consists of two sharp teeth blades used to cut the hair.

Andis is a very famous company for introducing the best amazing hair products like the clippers. Andis offers its product internationally. When you want to have a good clipper for fade Andis provides you the best clipper for a fade.

The fade work can be done at home or by professional people. But these sources have not done work properly so clipper is a wonderful source for the fade.

Because fades is not only clarify but also give a good apparatus of hair.

Fades give a brilliant look to you despite their kind of hair and design head. That why in this century than men, as well as women, are giving great importance to Andis master clipper fade.

Andis is a famous company,

their products successfully run in more than 90 countries.

Andis company work as a family and hold this business for a long period since 1922.

Andis Company does not only introduce the clipper for the hair but also introduced the Andis straightener and hairdryer. Due to great competition, it is difficult for every company to make a good place in the market.

When you take the Andis Fade Master clipper you know have about qualities

Here is the list of features that make the Andis fade master cordless best in the world.

  • Motor

Every clipper motor has a great role.

Without the motor, its working is not possible.

In best clipper used three kinds of motor such 

Electromagnetic Motor: Those clippers which have electromagnetic clipper motor is calm to purchase 

Pivot Motor: Pivot motor clipper is high in rate as compared to the electromagnetic clipper motor due to great powerful working

Rotary Motor: The third motor found in the clipper is the powerful rotary motor, this motor is expensive found in the Wahl clipper. This motor clipper makes the hair smooth and gives a sharp cut.

  • Blades

Blades in every clipper play the great rule. Without blades its working is impossible.

The Andis fade master replacement blade is very apical calmly to cut the hair.

The adapt of this clipper bale about the 00000-000. The carbon steel blade of the andis master clipper is flexible and can easily malleable with other blades. 

  • Body and Shape

The construction of every clipper is very important for the professional barber or common person who is that used personally.

Every person before purchasing the hair clipper,

check easily fit in our hands or not.

When it is not fit in hand,

you should buy it because they work with this clipper for the whole day without any enervation.

So the andis offer those hair clippers that in an ergonomic form not abundant in the load that good for the barbers.

The body of Andis master clipper is aluminum that can’t break easily works for a long time.

  • Corded or Cordless

Clipper comes in the market both in corded or cordless adaptation.

The priority of the barber is the corded form in this case you do not need to wait for the recharge of the battery.

The battery comes with a cordless clipper that is recharged before use.

Andis master fade clippers come in both corded and cordless forms.

  • Silent Performance

Another feature of the good clipper is a silent performance that does not cause any buzz. 

  • Guards

Andis fade master with magnetic guards performs its work more properly because these guards hold a large amount of power.

These magnetic guards are useful for the maximum duration even for months and years. These magnetic guards play their role for safety purposes.

  • Cost


not high rate this clipper considered the cheap andis fade master.

Detail of Andis Fade Master Clipper

Andis master fade clipper has a powerful motor and its speed of doing work is very fast.

It motor of andis master clipper is an electromagnetic motor which releases 1400 currents in about one minute.

Due to this,

you can have a fade haircut rapidly and it also gives a good appearance to your hair.

The motor of andis master clipper can work for a long time and cutting the hair constantly.

It is very useful for the tapering of your hair.

The motor of Andis fade master black has a voltage of 120\60 Hz.

Andis Fade Master master clipper has changeable blades with the blades you can easily make the comparison of andis fade master Vs andis master.

Andisndis fade master has a changeable blade from 00000 to 000 which is 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm.

While on the other hand andis master has a blade that can be changed from 0.5mm to 2.4 mm. the blades can be used for a large period for fades.

The blades of andis fade master clipper are manufacture with a material of polymer.

Andis fade master replacement blade you can adjust the blades according to your choice.

You can remove the gab totally between the blades.

Andis fade master clipper body is ergonomic and it is prepared by the aluminum compound.

Andis fade master clipper 01690 is very light in weight which is a great advantage for those peoples that use andis clipper for a fade.

This clipper can use for a large period without any disturbance in your arms.

You don’t feel in pain in your hands and it is easy to hold and use.

Andisndis fade master professional hair trimmer is specially designed for professional people.

The main reason for this design is can use for a large time even for years. Because it does not break easily it has no remarkable damage in one hit.

The Andis fade master clipper performs its function in a silent mode.

It is no source of any kind of irritation on your ears and noise pollution.

Due to its silent mode quality,

it is preferred by professional barbers as well as common men. Because no one can live for a large duration in a noisy place.

Andis fade master clipper is considered to be a cheap andis fade master.

It can be comfortably bought by every person as well as professional barbers.

It is one of the good qualities of any product.

Andis fade master with magnetic guards performs its work more properly because these guards hold a large amount of power. These magnetic guards are useful for the maximum duration even for months and years.

The quality of this magnetic guard is very good it cannot easily break. These magnetic guards play their role for safety purposes.

Andis fade master clipper possesses Andis fade master comb attachment.

When you want to have a fade haircut you must utilize the comb attachment will provide you the desired style of fade.

During the use of these comb attachments, you hold them carefully and also change these combs faster.

Andis fade master clipper with comb attachments is considered to be the best clipper for a fade haircut. Andis fade master cordless has amazing performance.

In place of cord, it possesses a battery which is prepared by the lithium-ion. This battery of lithium-ion performs its function for about 90 minutes constantly without any issue.

This battery is fully charged within one hour. It is a good thing you do not have to bound with a switch.

Key Features/Specifications

Motor Electromagnetic motor, 1400 strokes per minute
Blades Changeable and sharp blades
Guards Magnetic guard, for safety purpose
Performance Silent
Shape and body Ergonomic, Aluminum Lightweight 
Corded\cordless Both
Manufacturer Andis
Dimensions 2 × 1.8 × 6 inches
Length 6”
Weight 1.25 lbs.
Power Source 8ft
Accessories Blade Oil and Blade Guard
Warranty 1 Year
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  • Andis fade master clipper is very light in weight cab carry for a large period
  • Andis master fade clipper with cordless has a battery made up of lithium-ion can perform its work rapidly
  • It has a magnetic motor which produces 14,00 current in one minute to work fastly
  • This product posses a comb attachment which is considered to the best thing for a fade hair cut
  • It is low in price every person can easily purchase, considered cheap andis master.
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  • It becomes warm after some work
  • Have fewer accessories

Andis Fade Master Clippers Review

Andis fade Master clipper is one of the awesome hair clippers for cutting.

With the help of this clipper not only cut your hair but also used for trimming and also good for crinkle hair.

A lot of reviews about the andis fade master some are good and some are not.

People buy it,

and give different reviews such as light in weight can carry for a large time, work rapidly, comb attachments best for fade hair cut and easy to purchase.

Other views come with fewer accessories and become warm after twenty to thirty minutes.

The Shortcoming of the Andis Fade Master Clipper

Everything in this world where has good qualities also some demerits.

Same in the case of hair clippers however the andis fade clipper is best for hair cutting but also has some demerits such as it becomes warm after some time, motor heat up within twenty to thirty minutes.

The other not good thing about this clipper the clipper comes with fewer accessories. However, accessories are important for every clipper.

Comparison of Andis fade master Vs Oster Fast Feed Clipper

Andis Fade Master
Oster Fast Feed

Andis fade master Vs Oster Fast Feed Clipper, Oster Fast Feed has a pivot motor which is great but not powerful in its work.

On the other andis fade, the master clipper has an electromagnetic motor which is very powerful and performs its function fastly.

Oster fast feed is not very costly.

It is within the range of every professional people as well as common people as compared to andis fade master clipper. This is more expensive and especially for professional haircuts.

Oster fast feed remains cool for a long duration during the work. But andis fade master clipper it becomes warm after some time off work.

Comparison of Andis Fade Master Vs Wahl Senior

Andis Fade Master

Andis fade master Vs Wahl Senior, Andis fade master clipper has an electromagnetic motor that is made of aluminum. Wahl senior also possesses an electromagnetic motor but it is made up of plastic and chrome.

The weight of the Wahl senior is great as compared to andis master clipper. So the andis is better than the Wahl senior.

Final Judgment
The selection of each product indeed ist is dependent on its performance. Andis master pro is considered to be the best clipper for a fade haircut. It posses a magnetic motor or it may be corded or cordless depends on your choice. It has an ergonomic design and light in weight. It performs its function very quickly. So andis fade master clipper posses the all qualities which make the wonderful product for the fade haircut. This product is not very expensive it is within the range of professional barbers and for common people. It can also be easily used.
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In this competitive world, it is difficult for every company to make the best place in this world. Despite all these andis products successfully run in more than 90 countries, and satisfied with its working. Andis fade master combo absolute for entire types of cutting, and also absolute for wavy hair. Men also used this for a beard, any time which you need to cut easily at any time.
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Question: Which type of motor used by the andis fade master clipper?
Answer: The motor of andis master clipper is an electromagnetic motor which releases 1400 currents in the above minute works rapidly.

Question: What are adjustable blades in andis fade master clipper?
Answer: Andisndis fade master has a changeable blade from 00000 to 000 which is 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm. While on the other hand andis master has a blade that can be changed from 0.5mm to 2.4 mm. the blades can be used for a large period for fades.

Question What the role of guards in andis master clipper?
Answer: Andis fade master with magnetic guards plays its role for safety purposes has a maximum duration. It performs work more properly because these guards hold a large amount of power.

Question: Andis master clipper is expensive or not?
Answer: Not the andis master fade clipper is not expensive easily affordable.

Question: What are the drawbacks of andis master fade clipper?
Answer: The drawbacks of the andis master fade clipper are becomes hot up after 20 to 30 minutes. Another is to come with fewer accessories.


Andis Master Hair Clipper Review

The hair clipper is a device used to cut hair and give different hairstyles to your hair with the help of a hair clipper. If you want to cut hair you need an affordable device. Andis in this case does not abort you. Every person on this planet wants to look admirable. And handsome look relies upon the hair when your hairstyle is good you look also gorgeous. Andis is one of the good company offers the clipper for the hair used for all kinds of cutting. Andis Clipper is awesome for beard, trimming and all kinds of hair cut what you want. Andis devices have run in more than 90 countries since 1922. Professional barber as well as the people who used personally like the andis master clipper. To satisfy the customer barber used the andis master clipper. Andis Master hair clipper consists of power and beauty both things make the best andis master clipper cordless in the world. Over 91 centuries Andis provide an awesome device for over 94 years. Andis hair clipper is not just used to cut the hair also give the modern look. You see the Andis clipper in every barbershop because the expert barber is a big fan of andis hair clipper. It is considered a classy piece in the barbershop.

Another good thing about the andis master clipper rate is not high you calmly buy it according to your estimate. In ancient times, it was very difficult for people to make hairstyles because no instrument was introduced for the hair.

At that time, the male gives the stylish look with the help of just a comb or scissors.

After, science advance makes it calmly by discovering an instrument name a clipper by Serbian barber Nikola Bizumic between Nikola Bizumic.

With the passage of time, many brands in which andis introduced the clipper because the hair clipper is necessary for every man. The one common thing is found in all the Andis clippers is excess close-cutting clippers.

Key Features

Motor Powerful motor-14,000 strokes per minute
Blades Convertible blades from 000 to 1
Design ergonomic
Performance Silent or cool performance
Cord length 8 ft
Cost Cheap in price
Material of body Aluminium can’t break
Corded\cordless Both

You know about these things when you take the Andis Master Clipper

Here are the qualities when you take the andis master clipper to know about it. These features help you in buying the best Andis Master clipper.

  • Motor

Every clipper is different from the other due to the qualities of the motor. What type of clipper used the motor? That clipper is introduced is consists of three types of motor. All these motor is different from the other such as electromagnetic motor consider the cheap motor simple is scheme requires the current such as 1400 strokes per minute. Another quality of this motor uses less power as compared to another motor so that why electromagnetic is not available at a high rate. The Pivot motor looks like the electromagnetic motor, the speed of the pivot motor doubles as compared to the magnetic motor so that why high in rate as compared to the magnetic motor. Pivot motor design clipper is used easily by the professional or common man. The rotary motor is an expensive motor in the market and its is great motor power comes in ac or dc motor. This motor is used for the hair removal of men as well as for the horse and dog suitor.

  • Modifiable Blades

Andis Master hair clipper best due to its modifiable blades. The modifiable blades of the andis master clipper so that why you can use any kind of blades. Andis 01557 professional master adjustable blade hair clipper very sharp used for any kind of cutting without any problem. Almost all Andis clipper stainless steel and ordinary blades are in the market. Andis blades calmly pin and sharp the blades for a long time.

  • Ergonomic Architecture

The body of Andis master clipper is made up of aluminum, weight is light calmly to grip and the ergonomic shape will reduce the pain and peepers in your fist. Nobody likes to use that clipper that is analytic to grip or entangle. Andis Beauty Master Hair clippers are abbreviated and the design is not heavy that is calmly to bear.

  • Clipper
    Silent and Cool

Andis Master hair clipper silver famous for its quiet and cool performance. The motor of andis master clipper quiets work continuously while behind an hour birth to create buzz. In another clipper, you notice clipper becomes heat up after forty to thirty minutes but Andis Master clipper performs continuously work after an hour start to get warm. So the Andis master clipper works long in a silent mood and the motor also cool for a long time.

  • Corded\Cordless Clipper

Andis offers the clipper corded or cordless form. The main difference between the corded or cordless which is easy to understand which one is best. The cordless form of the clipper runs with a battery. A corded clipper is considered the best clipper due to its continuously working. When customers come into the shop you just plugged the wire and start to cut the hair. But in the case of a corded form clipper, you need to first recharge the battery that you provide with the clipper. Andis master cordless comes with a battery first to recharge and then use.

  • Guards

The guards of andis master clipper perform grip up the great amount of power. The use of Andis master guards is for safety purposes.  The guards of Andis masterwork is continuously for long-duration such as month or years.

  • Accessories

Barber like that clipper comes with accessories. Because the accessories are very important for the barber as well as the common people. Andis Master clipper comes with accessories like oil for a blade before or after the use of clipper use it, and attachment guards.

  • Cord Length

Andis master corded version comes with electrical wire and it has a cord length of about 8ft. This cord length is great barber effortless to move from here and there.

  • Cost

The price of every clipper is different from the other depending on the features of the clipper. The andis master clipper consists of the electromagnetic motor so the andis master calmly affords for every person according to its budget.

Detail of Andis Master Clipper

Andis Master hair clipper 01s557 is one of the great clippers on this planet for all kinds of hair cutting.

The crinkle hair is also best.

The andis master clipper is a powerful electromagnetic motor that works at 14,000 strokes per minute at great speed.

Andis Master 15-Watts Adjustable blade hair clipper is very sharp used for any kind of cutting without any problem.

The Andis Master hair clipper has a convertible blade from 000 to 1 and can be 0 gapped.

Andis Master hair clipper has stainless steel and ordinary blades. These blades without any cut can easily change. Andis master blades calmly pin and sharp the blades for a long time.

The body of Andis Master Clipper is aluminum can’t break,

Weight is light calmly to grip and the ergonomic shape will reduce the pain and peepers in your hand.

Without any tiredness,

Barbers work the whole day in joy mood due to ergonomic design.

Andis Master’s hair clipper is famous for its quiet and cool performance.

The motor of Andis 01557 improved masters professional hair clipper silver quiet work continuously while behind an hour birth to create buzz. In another clipper, you notice the motor becomes heat up after some minutes but Andis Master Clipper performs continuous work for a long time without heat up.

Andis master cordless comes with the lithium-ion battery it takes the one for the charging and works for about one hour and thirty minutes. For safety purposes, andis master guard is used.

The andis master clipper is made up of electromagnetic motor so the andis master easily affords for every person on this planet according to its budget, not high rate.


Manufacturer Andis     2 * 1.8 * 6 inches
Dimensions Table
Length 6
Accessories Balde guard and blade oil
Warranty 1 year
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  • The powerful electromagnetic motor generates 14,000 strokes per minute
  • Very sharp, changeable, and stainless-steel blades
  • Due to strong aluminum bodywork continuously for a long period
  • Easily to grip due to its ergonomic scheme
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Also Beneficial for fades
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  • After a long time, its motor starts to warm up
  • Accessories are limited

For many years people use this clipper. And give different reviews about Andis master clippers. Most people are satisfied with this clipper and some are not. Because the choice of every person is different from the other. A lot of companies introduced many hair clippers due to this it is difficult for every company makes a place on the market. Despite all these andis make a good place in the market for about 90 years and have many Andis hair clipper reviews. No doubt the Andis clipper is best for the hair, motor runs very fastly, calmly to hold the clipper in hand for the whole day and it’s famous for cool and quiet working. And another good thing about the Andis clipper it is perfect for a newbie not to face any difficulty easily cutting the hair.

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Weakness of the Andis Master Clipper

The drawbacks of this clipper are not great. When the barbers purchase the Andis hair clipper, use it and give the reviews is good or not. The shortcoming of this clipper however is not great such as when the Andis clipper is used for a long it starts to heat up. Another one is andis master clipper come with fewer accessories that thing is not like the barbers as well as the person who used personally.


Comaprison of Andis Master Vs Babyliss Pro MrtaIFX

As you know the andis master is very cheap in price easily afford every person. If you compare the Babyliss Pro MrtaIFX this clipper high in price, very expensive. Another good thing is that the motor is very powerful corded and works for a long duration. But in the case of Babyliss Pro MetaIFX motor is also powerful but comes in a cordless version and very flexible.

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Final Judgment 

The Andis Clipper is great for men’s haircutting and gives the stylish look to the person. Whatever you want the cutting of hair you got it. Because the motor of the Andis clipper is more powerful than the other clipper. So that’s why cutting the hair very fastly.  Andis Master clipper looks grateful and working silently. Its shape of the clipper is ergonomic and simple easy to fit in hand and without any tiredness work whole day. However, the clipper has some cons such as come with fewer accessories that things in this clipper not like the expert barbers as well the people use personally.

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Andis master cordless is an awesome clipper, used to cut hair all kinds which you want. It is perfect for trimming, beard and also perfect for the crinkle hair. A lot of clippers for the hair cut in the market so it is difficult for the people who choose the best clipper for the hair. In this case, and is not disappoint you once you purchase you satisfy its working. Because its motor is working at very high, the weight of this clipper is light, quiet performance. The greater the length of this clipper cord here and there moves easily.

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Question:                    How do I care about the Andis 01557 professional master adjustable blade hair clipper?

Answer:                       The best way to care for the adjustable blade of andis 01557 before or after the use of clipper you must oil the blade. Due to this blade carry work for a long duration.

Question:                    What is the box of Andis master clipper?
Answer:             When the clipper comes with the box, the box consists of the following things such as oil for the blade, hair clipper, guard for blades, and operating instruction.

Question                     Andis Master Hair Clipper is expensive or not?
Answer:             The Andis Master Hair Clipper is not expensive easily affordable for every person.

Question:                    What kind of material used by the body of Andis Master Clipper?
Answer:             The body of Andis Master Clipper is made up of aluminum, not break calmly even work for the whole. The aluminum body of the clipper is not heavy effortlessly move from here and there.

Question:                    What are the drawbacks of the Andis Master Hair Clipper?
Answer:             The demerits of Andis Master Hair Clipper are not great such as when the Andis clipper is used for a long it starts to heat up. Another one is andis master clipper come with fewer accessories that thing is not like the barbers as well as the person who used personally.


Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner Trimmer

Andis is one of the most powerful brands of hair clippers which has a strong fan base among hairstylists and barbers.  It is manufacturing powerful shaving products according to the needs of its fans. Andis Outliner 2 vs Andis T Outliner are the two most respected products of Andis and we will discuss its comparison in this article.

Both models will allow you to shave neatly even if you are new and does not have barber skill. One may say that these models are newbie-friendly, who are conscious about their bread style.

Andis Outliner 2 Vs T Outliner, they both have too much resemblance that’s it is very hard to decide which is best suited to the need. Only the person having experience of using both models can exactly guide you about this and I can do this for you.

Here first we discuss the features of both in comparison and then follow the discussion on both.

Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner Comparison Table

Features Andis Outliner 2 Square Blade Andis T-outline Blade Trimmer
Manufacture Andis Andis
Motor Powerful Magnetic Powerful Magnetic
Weight 11 oz 12 oz
Voltage 120V 120V
Wet/ dry Dry Dry
Blades Smaller Teeth Larger Teeth
Cutting Strokes 7200 spm 7200 spm

Andis Outliner 2 Review:

I heard about Andis Outliner 2 from one of my friends who has good experience of using it and then I read reviews about this product and I decided to use this trimmer. Here is my experience of using it.

This trimmer is too simple and easy to use. Its performance is simple but performance is so good. High-quality carbon is used for its blades and makes it looks like super fine teeth.

Andis Outliner 2 gray is one of the best hair trimmers in the market today. If you have sure to cut your hair, Andis Outliner 2 would the best for you. For many years of the world, Andis Outliner 2 trimmer has been attractive for the barbershop. Andis Outliner 2 looks great and is extra durable.

It is very useful for edging up, outlining, fading, and trimming. Andis Outliner 2 can easily take down a thick and rough beard. It provides a beautiful tapered beard look with a clean neckline.

It can cut the beard very close to the skin but one can adjust according to need. Most of the time, I try to use this shaver for getting medium bread. There is no pulling of hair while shaving with this.

It cut the hair close to the skin even if I have rough hair. I was thinking it is very helpful for getting a clean shave for people having thin facial hair. It is also helpful for shaving the hair of the head.

The dark side of this shaver is that it does not have comb attachment. It is also devoid of a rechargeable battery. You can separately buy combs to use with this shaver. Following are the sizes of combs available with the shaver  3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, 1/16”. Andis Outliner 2 has a long cord attached with it which is about 8 feet long.

This feature makes this shaver even more flexible to use. Its contoured outer surface provides a strong grip on its users. Moreover, its blades are easily adjustable. There are zero gaps between the blades which provides a sharp edge of the shaver.

It is necessary to properly clean up this shaver after using it and lubricate the shaver with oil after at least 3-4 times usage. Disinfect spray is required if more than one person is using the same shaver. Andis Outliner 2 is not only providing good fading and edging but is also skin-friendly.

If you are fed up with having razor bumps after each shave, you must try to use this shaver.  It does not affect ingrown hair growth as it does not cut hair beneath the skin.

It is a heavy-duty trimmer most suited to the modern day’s needs. In the nutshell, we may say that Andis Outliner 04603 is the outstanding shaver to get beautiful bread and haircut.

Every experienced barber knows they persuade how convenient the trimmer will be used because size and weight are always considered primary factors. Andis Outliner 2 trimmer is lighter in weight, a slightly rounded tool, and keeps you cutting your hair for a long time, and helping lessen arm fatigue. It is excellent for shaving and fading. Its length is about 5 inches, and its weight is about 11 oz fit to any hand, rounded in shape comfortable to hold because it has molded grooves. Andis Outliner 2 provides an extra and fixed cut with no rough edges, it is excellent for beard trimming and shaving. Andis Outliner 2 has a competent electromagnetic rotary motor that has great speed and works at 7200 cutting strokes per minute. Carbon coated, stainless steel of the Anis Outliner 2 is very accurate and, sharp using the zero-gap for ridiculously cut. For all your trimming needs the Andis Outliner 2 is excellent. Andis Outliner 2 doesn’t come with a comb but it’s okay according to its price. But you can separately purchase the square blade which is 1\16”, 1\8”, 1\4”, and 3\8” size.

Andis Outliner 2 Specification

  • The item number of this model-4603
  • Dimensions-8.13*2.75*5.25 inches 11.2 ounces
  • Weight of this model-11.2 ounces
  • The motor of Andis Outliner is 2 powerful electromagnetic
  • Blades Of Outliner 2 square carbon steel trimmer which equipped with close cutting
  • Color of this model gray
  • Run time of this model is about-7200 spm
  • Accessories required for this model Outliner 2 square blade
  • Warranty of this model 1 year
  • Hanger loop of the Andis Outliner 2 with 8-foot cord
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The Magnetic Motor is powerful runs at high speed for all types of cutting, included fading, and dry shaving
• The extra close cutting, carbon-coated –steel blade of Andis Outliner 2
• Andis Outliner 2 powerful motor works cool and quiet
• Rounded in shape tool fits easily in your hand
• Andis Outliner 2 are sensitive skin-friendly
• Precision cutting Of Andis Outliner 2
• Quality of Andis Outliner 2 square blade

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• To get overheat after 10 minutes
• On\Off of the Andis Outliner 2 switch



This trimmer is inclined to heat up after continuous use of 10 minutes, otherwise, it is close to perfection.

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer Review:

Andis Professional T-Outliner

This trimmer is very powerful and simple as no one can guess it from its plain exterior. Its polymer-made casing can survive heavy usage i.e accidentally dropping this clipper a few times on the floor.

If a barber or hairstylist looking for the best trimmer, he must consider T-Outliner while buying the shaver. Its length is about 5.5” with longer T-blades as compared to square blades of outliner 2. Andis T-Outliner is named after its T-Shaped blades. Carbon steel-made T-Shaped blades perform very well to get a smooth and clean shave.

Due to its T-shaped blades, you can trim hair easily from difficult spots like the back of the ear, upper lip, neckline, and so on. Professional barbers can use this trimmer for fading, lining up, and edging.

To get a smooth shave for short to medium-length bread, you can adjust the blades to zero-gapping. You may say that it has reduced the need for the razor. Andis T-Outliner can also be used to shave your head but first, cut your long hair with a scissor.

Despite the above, there is a lot of similarity of Andis T-Outliner with Outliner 2. There is a cord with T-Outliner to operate it on standard household voltage. The adapter is also available with it to adjust according to the voltage.

It is a lightweight trimmer, you can carry it while traveling. There is a small bottle of oil with it. You must lubricate the trimmer with oil after every 3 uses to keep running the blades smoothly.

You must clean the head of this trimmer after every use to get rid of any trapped hair inside it, otherwise, the clipper tends to heat up abruptly.

Andis T-Outliner Specification

  • Weight of this model-12 oz
  • The motor of the T-Outliner blade is oscillating high speed magnetic motor
  • Rus the motor at 7200 spm cutting strokes per minute.
  • Colour of this model-silver
  • Accessories required for this model oil blade
  • Warranty of this model 1 year
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• Oscillating electromagnetic power
• Extra close-cutting including trimming, shaving, and edge around ears
• Polymer body light in weight comfortable to hold easy
• Whisper quiet
• Easily clean of this trimmer

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• To get warm after 15 minutes
• Limited accessories of the Andis Outliner trimmer



Similar to Andis Outliner 2, this trimmer is also a victim of overheating with excessive use but it is still best for limited or low duty use like lining up, shaping, edging. It may take up to 15 minutes to heat up while doing heaving duty shaving.

Similarities Between Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner

Andis Outliner 2 and T Outliner both have the following similar features: –

  • Motor

Both trimmers have the same magnetic motor with a capacity of 7200 SPM (Stroke per minute). It is very easy for this motor to handle lightweight shaving jobs like fading, shaping, and trimming. You feel it is with the powerful motor when you start the shaving but it does not mean to expect to shave like a razor blade.

  • Zero-Gap settings

These two devices can use a zero-gap setting. To get your hair trimmed to 0.2mm, you need a zero-gap setting of these trimmers. You need to do a little bit of effort because it is not as easy as it sounds.

  • Appearance

Andis Outliner II and T Outliner both have a no-frills design. Their hard plastic bodies are not prone to be broken and can easily bear a few slips from their hands. I always prefer performance overlook, therefore, their non-glass look does not distract me. These devices have 8 feet long cord with a switch at the end. Neither Comb guides, nor speed adjustment is provided with them.

  • Basic Functions

Both the devices are specifically designed for light-duty shavin i.e edging, lining, and fading. A person with small and thin hair can easily shave close to the skin by zero gapping.

  • Maintenance

A small bottle of oil is provided with both the trimmers to grease to blades after every 3-4 uses for their smooth working for shaving. One must clean the head of these trimmers after every use. Replacement blades of these two trimmers are available in the market at affordable rates.

Difference Between Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner

The differences between both the models have been pointed out here and listed below: –

  • Blade Shape

Andis Outliner 2 has a square-shaped blade while T Outliner has T-Shaped blades. The former has micro-fine teeth at the end which are smaller and narrower but It is a little bit larger as compared to T-Outliner. Andis Outliner 2 is easy to operate and works well for dry and sensitive skin but there is a limitation that it cannot shave the difficult-to-reach spots but T-Outliner performs well in this term. It does better coverage of complex edging.

  • Ease of Use

Andis Outliner 2 is an easy-to-use trimmer specially designed for beginners who require fading, edging, lining-up, and dry shaving, etc. Andis T Outliner is a little bit advanced in terms of use and designed for a little to medium level of experience of shaving. It is not easy for a newbie to adjust its T-shaped blades at a specific angle on a difficult reach spot.

  • Available Accessories

There are no comb guides available with both the trimmers but you can buy comb guides from the market only for square blades of Outliner 2 if you need to use it for varied lengths.

  • Noise

Andis T Outliner is a little bit noisy due to its lengthy blades as compared to Outliner 2 which is less noisy and makes its use very comfortable.

  • Weight

Andis outliner 2 has an eleven-ounce weight while T-Outliner has twelve ounces. No doubt, it is not a big gap and it is only due to the smaller length of Outliner 2 blades.

Comparison of Andis Outliner VS T-Outliner

These two models highlight the comparison between Andis Outliner 2 vs Andis T-blade. Comparison of Andis Outliner 2 vs T-Outliner is quite similar, looks beautiful coequal. Both models look the same. The great difference between the Andis Outliner 2 and T-Outliner clippers is about the replacement blades.

Andis T-Outliner cordless blade consists of a T-shaped carbon-coated steel blade which is very sharp used for all types of cutting more precise trimming and shaving. The blade of the T-Outliner is  Andis stainless steel blade which is large which gets warm earlier as compared to the Andis Outliner 2. On the other hand, the carbon-coated, stainless steel of the Andis Outliner 2 is very accurate and, sharp using the zero-gap for ridiculously cut.

Due to the larger size of the T-Outliner replacement blade is slightly louder as compared to the Andis Outliner because its blade size is small. Both of the trimmers consist of powerful, high-speed rotary motors generated at 7200 spm strokes per minute. The Andis Outliner 2 weighs about 11 oz, and the Andis T-Outliner about 12 oz both are lighter in weight fit to any hand. Another good thing in the Andis Outler trimmer has an 8 ft long cord it is a great advantage for the barber comfortably moving around the shop.

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Final Judgement

Both of the models of the Andis are great which I have reviewed in this article. According to this review, The T-Outliner and shaver are the best for men shaving, hair trimming. According to the review, the Andis T-Outliner blade proves this trimmer best for men. There is no doubt Andis Outliner 2 blade replacement is also best but T-Outliner is perfect for intricate cutting as compared to the Andis Outliner 2. . For very sensitive skin it fits easily, the Andis Outliner 2 reduces the chance of nacking and razor burns. Both of the best I’ll recommend both for a newbie because there is no problem in use. Both Andis are used for shaving, trimming and include other types of cutting. Both of the models are best for sensitive skin. It’s all about your need.

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Final Verdict: Which Andis Model Best Suits Your Need?

The performance of both the models of Andis has been reviewed above and we can say that both can provide you good bread design without razor bumps. One can say that Outliner 2 and T Outliner both can do proper shaving even on dry sensitive skin.

Despite a lot of similarities and resemblances T-Outliner is a little bit better and has more usability as compared to Outliner 2. T-Outliner has more control and precision to provide shave on difficult spots. Its durability and powerful usage do not leave a beat no matter how difficult the spot is.

Outliner 2 is recommended for the newbie who wants a dry shave and tries to maintain the subtle edge and head shaving.



Question                  What is the main difference between the Andis Outliner vs T-Outliner?

Answer                     The main difference between these two models is the blade. The Andis Outliner 2 consists of a square blade that has smaller teeth and the T-Outliner consists of a T-shape blade that has larger teeth.

Question                  What does the Andis T-Outliner use for?

Answer                     The Andis Outliner is used for extra close cutting hair including beard, shaving, and around the ear.

Question                  Does the Andis Outliner 2 come with a comb?

Answer                     No, the Andis Outliner doesn’t come with a comb but according to price it’ an adjustable price.

Question                  Which one is the best Andis Outliner 2 vs T-Outliner trimmer?

Answer                     Both of the Andis trimmers are good but the Andis T-Outliner works great as compared to the Andis Outliner 2 used for all types of cutting including shaving. Beard and edge around the ear.

Question                  Can I wash my clipper blades?

Answer                     Do not wash them. Clean your blades with a brush and use oil on them.  Using water on blades can cause rust.

Andis Master vs Fade Master

According to your budget, you need something to cut your neckline hair or beard. Andis has taken care of your needs. Close cutting blades are one of the common things in all hair clippers that use the barber. Do your looks rely upon a good haircut Andis Master Cordless Clippers does just the same? You devoir to use the great tools such as Andis Master Clipper Combo when you want to regard your best. Andis Master Clipper sallys is one best hair clippers that are used extensively by professional barbers. For taking care of clients or personal care you need to use the Andis Master Cordless Clippers. Beauty and power are included in one clipper of Andis’s master guard. It consists of a powerful magnetic motor blade. Andis Master Clipper is the lightweight awesome design, much more comfortable to hold, and unbreakable aluminum body that is fully resistant, or easy to use over extended periods. Andis Fade Master is one of the ultra-close cutting blades. Andis Fade master cordless clippers suitable for edgy hairstyle and all kinds of blade fade. Andis Fade blade perfect for tapering, and for all types of cutting including bulk hair removal and shaving. Andis fade master cordless consists of a high-speed magnetic motor, which is easily adjustable. Andis fade master cordless guards is unbreakable and lightweight aluminum housing awesome designed for heavy-duty cutting. Due to the sharpness of the blade, I would not advise the fade master blade for non-barber or a newbie. The length of the Andis Fade Master blade is 0.2mm-0.5mm which is easily adjustable. At first, the time when you buy both clippers, it could easily confuse because both models look the same. I have not only discussed the comparison between the Andis Master vs Fade Master but I have also given the review in detail of each model.

Comparison Table of Andis Master VS Fade Master

[table id=24 /]

These two models highlight the comparison between Fade Master vs Andis Master. Comparison of Andis Master VS Fade Master is quite similar, looks beautiful coequal. Both models look the same.

The great difference between the Andis Fade and Master clippers about the blades. Blade of the Andis Fade Master adjusts from #00000 to #000, about 1\125 to 1\50. However, the blade of the Andis master adjusts from #000 to #1, about 1\50 to 3\32.

The Andis Master best for the fades and the Fade master is used for extra close-cutting blades. This Fade blade is very sharp you have to be more careful to easily nick your clients. The Andis Master clippers are used for bulk hair removal, optimal for haircuts, and all-around cutting, and many other kinds of hairstyle.

Andis Master Blade would be a better starting point if you are a newbie. The fade master would not do as best for a complete beginner, the Fade master I would not recommend, a bit heavier, warmed up, and can be somewhat noisy.

The Andis Fade Clipper consists of a high-speed motor generating at 14000 cutting strokes per minute. On the other hand, Andis Master runs at 72,00 strokes per minute. Andis Fade Master weighing about 1.25 lbs is heavier than 1 lb Andis master but it is manageable. The Fade comes with four additional combs but in the case of Andis Master, you don’t get any guards you purchase separately.

Detail Review of Andis Master

Andis Master Cordless Clipper review: Andis Master Clippers are one of the best hair clippers in the market today. If you have sure to cut your hair, Andis master clipper would the best for you.

For many years of the world, Andis Master corded version clipper has attractiveness for the barbershop. The body of the Andis Master clipper is made from the aluminum good look, a strong quarter that is unbreakable and is used for smooth cutting.  Andis Master looks great and is extra durable. Its length is about 6 inches, and it weighs about 1.25 pounds fit to any hand, ergonomically design that shape comfortable to hold.

Every experienced barber knows they persuade how convenient the clipper will be used because size and weight are always considered primary factors. Andis master is lighter in weight and keeps you cutting your hair for a long time, and helping lessen arm fatigue. Andis master provides an exact and fixed cut with no rough edges, it is excellent for a beard trimmer.

Andis master guards have a competent electromagnetic motor that has great speed and runs at 7200 strokes per minute. Andis Master Clipper is used for taper cuts, smooth cutting, bulk, and thick hair removal.

Carbon coated, stainless steel of Andis Master Blade is very accurate and sharp, using the side lever to cut from 000 to 1 in length by arranging the blades. Andis Master battery is made up of lithium-ion bring time about 1 hour and 30 minutes of regular use and has a charge time of just one hour.

The integral surface of Andis master is soft which makes it light slippery. Andis master blade is one of the quietest extra close-cutting hair clippers. Andis Master Clipper Amazon is also used for trimming animals such as dogs, without any interruption. After every use cleans the clipper with water. To reduce skin irritation using a blade guard is also included in this box.

Andis Master Features

  • The motor of the Andis master clipper is magnetic used for tapering and fading.
  • The powerful magnetic motor of the Andis master runs at 7200 strokes per minute
  • Andis master blade is used for smooth cutting.
  • Carbon-steel of the Andis master blade from 000 to 1 and tight trim.
  • Andis Master Guard consists of an unbreakable aluminum quarter.
  • The lithium-ion battery of the Andis master charge time of just one hour.
  • Andis master powerful motor runs at high speed, quiet, and cool.
  • Cord\Cordless features of Andis master clipper an LED light which represents the battery power levels.
  • Includes of Andis master guard are premium charging stands.
  • Tube of Andis master blade oil
  • Operating instruction of Andis master

Andis Master Specification

  • Dimensions of this model-2 into 1.8 into 6 inches
  • Weight of this model-1.25 lbs
  • Body material of Andis master cordless-lightweight aluminum
  • The motor of this model-magnetic
  • Blades required for Andis Master –adjustable replacement master blade
  • Power source-8ft
  • Colour of this model-silver
  • Run time of Andis master-90min
  • Accessories of this model-blade guard or blade oil
  • Warranty of this item-1year
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• Design of Andis master clippers’ combo
• Powerful electromagnetic motor
• Highly quality carbon, stainless-steel blades
• Has a very durable and tough aluminum quarter
• Noise-free
• Ergonomic design for better handling and usability
• Great fading clipper
• Best for a newbie
• Easy to clean off this clipper
• Whisper quiet

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• Tends to overheat if you use it for a long time.
• Limited accessories of Andis master.


Detail Review of Andis Fade Master

Andis Fade Master clippers cordless are very durable with an unbreakable strong aluminum tool, lightweight for easy handling. The Andis Fade Master Amazon is used for a simpler haircut, the best silent clipper for cutting, and hairstyle.

The Andis Fade Master is used for excellent all-around cutting hair, giving a neat and absolute finishing touch to all types of fades and taper cuts. Andis Fade Master sally has an oscillating magnetic high-speed motor that works at 14000 strokes per minute while ensuring cool and quietness.

The Andis Master Blade is made of up carbon steel blade for extreme sharpness that is adjustable from #00000 to #000 and can be 0 gapped for ridiculously close cuts. This is 1\125 to 1\150. The weight of the Andis Fade clipper is about 1 lb it’s easy for handling because of its unique design and won’t annoy your hands as much.

In every barber’s shop, Fade Master is an honorable piece of art. Andis Fade has a frequency-60 Hz and a voltage consisting of 120 V, you need to bring a voltage connector if you use it overseas.

The issue is that the Fade Master is heavier, noisy, but it is manageable. It has less moveable parts with a bearable magnetic motor. You can separately purchase the Andis blade guard because the box doesn’t come with any blade guard. For very sensitive skin it fits easily and reduces the chance of necking and razor burns.

Features of Fade Master Blade

  • The Andis Fade master consists of a powerful magnetic motor, used for tapering and heavy-duty-cutting
  • Magnetic motor works at 14,000 strokes per minute
  • Powerful motors run at high speed, quiet, and cool
  • Andis Fade master sallys used for smooth cutting
  • Single lever of fade master blade adjusts from 00000 to 000, tight trim
  • Fade master is an unbreakable aluminum quarter

Product Specification of Fade Master

  • Model of fade master-ML
  • The Item number of this model-01690
  • Weight of this model-1.25 lb
  • Length of this model-6.00 in
  • The body material of Fade master is a polymer

Fade Master Blade

  • The Item number of Fade master blade-01591
  • Blade name used for this model Replacement blade
  • Material of Fade master carbon-steel
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• Good for ultra-close cutting, tapering
• Powerful electromagnetic rotary motor works high speed
• Best for skin fading and low haircuts fade.
• Strong weight distribution
• Desire minimal upkeep

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• A bit heavier, noisy
• To get overheat after some time to use
• Very sharp easily poke your scalp

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Final Judgment

Andis is Masterfully suitable for a compact buzz-cut and maintaining elegant fuzz look. Andis Fade Master cordless suitable totally if you are a regular person, and a seasoned barber who has ahead observation of using a trimmer. Andis Fade clipper works very sharp easily pokes your scalp. If you want an all-purpose machine though, and an extra close-cutting clipper just sticks to the Andis Master Clipper Combo. They implement simply amazing designs for the Master series. Andis Master Guards are used for faster cutting, and impressive handling, and usability, this master also consists of an electric clipper that should work for a long time. It’s all about your need.



Question                  How long do Andis Master Clippers last?

Answer                     Andis Master long for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Question                  What is the main difference between these two models?

Answer                     The great difference between these two models is the blade adjustment.

Question                  Does the Andis Master Clipper come with any guards?

Answer                     No, there is no guard in this box you purchase separately.

Question                  What is in the box of the Andis Master clipper?

Answer                     Hair clipper, oil, blade guard, operating instructions.

Question                  Without the lever can you fade?

Answer                     Yes, You can.

Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver vs Wahl 5 Star Shaver Shape

Several queries have been received asking about the comparison of Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver. No doubt, it is our mistake, we are now going to publish about this topic. After studying in-depth, we have in our front beautiful shavers like Andis Profoil and Wahl’s 5-star shaver. Wahl Finale is also a popular shaver on our list. I love Andis’s Profoil as I recently used this. Its durability and long-lasting battery enforced me to love this product. Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver is the contest of barber’s foil shaver in which we consider the competition of Andis Profiol vs Wahl’s 5 Star shaver.

Comparison Chart of the Two (02) Shavers Mentioned Above: –

Best Pick
Andis Profoil


  • • Useable for sensitive skin,
  • • More than one hour battery life.
  • • Hypo-allergenic titanium foil
Best Pick
Wahl 5 star Shaper


  • • Extraordinary for sensitive skin
  • • About One Hour battery Time
  • • Hypo-allergenic gold-coated foil
Best Pick
Wahl 5 star Finale


  • • Good to reduce razor bump
  • • About one and half hour battery Time
  • • Hypo-allergenic gold-coated foil

It is evident that The Finale is the only an improved form of shaver in terms of battery as its battery lasts –to 90 minutes but it has fragile foil despite good bump reduction capacity.

To review Andis Profoil vs Wahl 5 star Shaver vs Wahl Final, these are the main factors to be considered to decide which one is the best.

  • Quality and body and it is material
  • How much power it consumed i.e watt
  • Duration of battery
  • Closeness/smoothness of the foil cut

It is appreciable for you to read the in-depth comparison to understand which shaver best suits your need. All the aforementioned shavers can give slick bald looks and work as foil shaver according to our needs.

Body and Material of Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver

Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver

Andis Profoil Shaver has a size of 4.75 inches and weight 0.2 lbs body. There is a little bit of sturdiness as it is the mode of the grayish polymer. Due to its material, it is durable and, no doubt, it is at the cost of lightweight comfort.

The size of the Wahl’s shaver shaper is smaller as compared with Andis Profoil i.e. 4.6” inches but its weight is about double the former i.e. 0.36 lbs ounces. It does not mean that it is hard to work with this shaver as a lot of people prefer to use a bit heavy shaver like Wahl’s shaver. The textured body of Wahl gives a strong grip and does not allow the shave to slip out of the hand of its user.

Andis and Wahl, both, have features of Hypo-Allergenic Foil but the former depends upon titanium and the latter has a delicate gold coating for a smooth shaving experience.

It is important to mention here that both the products have very thin foil over their blades.  It is necessary to have extremely thin foils so that they can cut the hair when they are closed to the holes but too thin can cause the foil to break. For sensitive skin, Wahl’s super is the best foil model.

While shaving, one can feel the pressure. You should be careful while shaving with Wahl’s super shaver as has sensitive foils as compare to Andis Profoil and there are chances you may damage it.

It is a big myth to press harder the shaver for a smooth and clean shave which is not true and the reality is its opposite. When you press harder the shaver, the blades cannot pass into the skin and do not work properly. You need to push the shaver with reasonable force making contact with the skin and have a beautiful shave. You need to move the shaver on the same spot more than one time to have a clean shave. Try to avoid burning the razor by pressing hard. If you press hard the razor, there is more chance the razor burn if the foil not breaks.

Several people do not like to use a lightweight shave and Wahl’s Shaver is the best suited to them. The Rating of both in terms of material is as under: –

  • Andis Profoil: 90%
  • Wahl’s Shaver Shaper: 82%

Power & Battery:

Andis is more powerful in terms of Battery Only. It has 9400 strokes / Minute Lithium rotary motor. The Motor of Wahl is also powerful but it is not at par with Andis due to battery life. The battery of Andis lasts up to 80 minutes when it is fully charged while Wahl’s shaver shaper runs only for 60 minutes. Despite battery time, its technology is also considered. The Andis has the latest Lithium-ion and Wahl comprises the older Nicad battery type.  The rechargeable battery is not for life and one day may stop storing the energy and will not be able to get full and also stored energy will be used quickly in these batteries. In the nutshell, Andis battery will last longer while shaving than Wahl’s shaver.

NiCad is also known as Memory of the battery. With the continuous use and passage of time, there is depletion in battery charge, and devices using NiCad decreased their cutting capacity. But this is not in the case of Li-Ion technology. One can use Andis and Wahl’s corded shavers but in cordless feature, Andis has its superiority over Wahl. The former can be used globally as it runs on 100-240V and 50/60 HZ. The Rating of Andis Shaver Vs Wahls Shaver is as under: –

  • Andis Profoil             95%
  • Wahl Shaver Shaper 80%

Closeness / Smoothness Of The Foil Cut:

This is the most complex portion to elaborate but Andis Profoil and Wahl’s shavers are much efficient in their working. They both can be used for finishing purposes such as effacing necklines and removing the stubbles everyone tries to get rid of. Both the shavers are working well for providing a smooth bald look and polish well your dome as well. For extra sensitive skin, Wahl 5 Star performs better well as compared with Andis. If the skin of someone prone to bumps and irritation, the Andis Profoil #17150 will not provide you smooth cutting experience. In conclusion, we may say that Wahl’s Shaver performs better in terms of closeness/smoothness of the shave. The final rate of Andis vs Wahl Shavers in terms of smoothness is as under: –

  • Andis Profoil 85%
  • Wahl Shaver Shaper 90%

Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver: Brand History:

Andis and Wahl are both well-reputed brands in the field of hair care and, no doubt, you have heard a lot about them if you want to buy a shaver or have the interest to buy a shaver the in future. Wahl came into existence about a hundred years ago in America with its headquarter in Illinois. It is well known for manufacturing various types of clippers. The quality of its clipper is very good. It is one of the best clipper brands around the world. Andis is less popular as compared with Wahl and came into being in 1922, a few years after Wahl. Andis is created by an Australian person and shifted to the US for brand building and now it is also in the most popular brands around the world.

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Final Decision:

In this article, we have compared the two best products of Shaver. It is not an easy task to compare two products in any niche. It needs a lot of attention and research. After doing a lot of research and analysis of both models, we have come to the result that Andis Shaver is a little bit better as compared with Wahl Shaver. The former has good battery timing and is also durable. Andis Shaver vs Wahl 5 Star shaver, both are considerable but the former is the best but Walsh performs better in terms of smoothness of the shave. I have tested both of the shavers and it is very hard for me to choose which one I should choose as no shaver is deniable between the two. If you enforce me to choose at least one of the two, I will go with Wahl. Both the shavers are extraordinary in their field. You just have to decide which will work better for you and select according to your choice.


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