Top 7 Best Andis Dog Clippers Reviews

Today grooming dogs has become a major part of our life even though most of us like to keep having big hair dogs. But few people know how to maintain well but they don’t have the right and perfect clippers to maintain their dog.

On the other hand, we got some other people, who don’t know how to maintain it properly and what type of tools to use on it. If you’re also one of those who have been facing the same problem then you should go through the whole article.

Here we’ll let you know about the Best Andis Dog Clippers and the effective grooming techniques that will help to make an attractive look to your dog.

All you have to do just need to choose the right and suitable tools. Whether you’re a professional groomer or grooming at home, without having a quality clipper, you can’t groom your dog properly.

Let’s little talk about the price of the Andis brand; before going into depth, we just need to mention that all the Best Andis Dog Clippers are a little bit more expensive than the other brand.

Why it comes at high prices because it’s making sure to provide high quality and excellent performance where most of the other brands get failed.

If you find the cheapest grooming clipper, you’ll have the lesser chances to get excellent work. In simple words, we just say this is a professional-grade grooming clipper that has been manufactured with high-quality material.

Here Are The Top 7 Best Andis Dog Clippers Reviewed:

1- Andis ProClip Clipper

AndisProclip clipper is one of the selling clippers in the market, as it offers multiple colors and a more stylish design than the others. The benefit of this clipper is that it only takes 120 volts to work properly. It has the ability to make any type of haircut or length, as it’s suitable to use on super thick coats without pulling the hair.

It comes in 4 different sizes attachments, on top of that you’ll get 10 detachable ceramic edge blades as well which usually work smartly and sharply.

This AndisProclip clipper has a 2-speed power option as well that can be used according to the requirement of the dog and it’s quite easy to clean. With the soft grip, it’s really easy to control for newbies and experts.

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  • It has 2-speed power that is 2700SPM to 3400SPM
  • It comes with a strong rotary motor that has no sound vibration.
  • It provides detachable stainless carbon steel blades.
  • It’s available in 14 food-long heavy-duty cords.
  • It provides 10 additional blades.
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  • It gets a little bit hot after constant usage.

2- AndisEasyClip Clipper

Being a two-speed rotary motor, it’s more suitable for dogs with thicker hair. It has the excellent feature to stay cooler while grooming the dog that’s how your pet would feel more conformable. With the detachable blade, it’s easy to save from pulling the hair.

Come up with the perfect 12 feet-long-corded device that provides extra room for efficient and quick performance. This AnidsEasyclip clipper has been manufactured with high-quality shatter-free material as completely secure from any damage so it’s more durable than the other brand.

Let’s little talk about the attachment, as it offers the 11-piece kit and 6 different sizes of comb attachments that can be used for massive work. Even if it’s not too expensive as you think, at least you should give it a chance, and it can be your perfect choice. Moreover, it is suitable for curly and wiry types of hair.

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  • It has been made shatter-free.
  • Very easy to keep and clean.
  • Comes with a 2-speed rotary motor.
  • 11 pieces of kit and 6 comb attachments.
  • The battery is quite durable.
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  • The guards don’t fit properly.

3- Andis Excel 5-Speed Clipper

With the 120-volt and 5-speed power options, it goes to 4500 SPM which is enough speed to make any type of thick hair. Being a professional barber, it’s great to have a certified grooming clipper like the Andis Excel 5-speed that always works very professionally.

As a professional-grade clipper, it provides excellent performance; you would be surprised. Even it has a very affordable price than the Andis Plus and also offers the corded pair clipper which has a detachable blade it was more suitable for dog breeds and coats.

Apart from all these features, it offers a complete pack of 10 different sizes of ceramic blades that can be changed whenever required but you’ll have the buy it separately. The specialty of these blades has been manufactured with the quad force technology that will work for a long time.

Sometimes this clipper gets heated up after constant usage but these blades have the capability to keep it quite cool during the process. Moreover, it has a soft grip that can be handled smoothly and easily.

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  • It’s available with 5-speed power.
  • It works on 120 volts.
  • It can be charged.
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  • Sometimes power button sink.

4- AndisUltraEdge

This is another professional-grade corded clipper that has been made for high-volume grooming as it’s also available in a 2-speed power motor with a quite lightweight design. It’s more comfortable and sharper to use on your pet.

If you’re looking for high quality and professional grooming clipper then try this one as it meets the requirement that you’re expecting in any clipper. Moreover, it has made with a tangle-free cord which makes it easy to move and swivel.

With the perfect 14 feet long size, the risk of damaging the clipper is quite lesser because it’s enough room to grab it properly. Remember one thing; it needs a little bit of extra care because it’s getting overheated.

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  • Massive design.
  • Power lock.
  • Cool and peaceful.
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  • A little bit overheated.

5- Andis Endurance Pro-Grade

Basically, this Andis Endurance clipper has been manufactured for humans but many dog owners use it on their dogs. It has been included with the strong motor at 3800 SPM.

This one is quite versatile and stylish, and the latest brushless motor technology hardly produces a lesser sound compared to the other clipper.

With the advanced brushless motor technology, it’s more suitable for all pet hair kinds including cats, horses, and dogs. It comes with lots of amazing functions, so you can’t find this type of clipper in the market which could make your dog comfortable.

The best part of this clipper, it provides constant stream power that can be used for more than 10000 hours. Overall, it’s really worth buying.

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  • It comes with the latest brushless motor technology.
  • It has an extreme motor at 3800 SPM.
  • Can be used for more than 10,000 hours.
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  • Little bit heavy

6- Andis Pulse ZR II

Andis Pulse ZR II comes in a very attractive purple galaxy color that has been specially manufactured for professional pet owners as they know very well, the beauty is not enough to reveal all the features of any clipper which is why here describe all the functions of this clipper.

As it has been launched with the 5-speed variable option which means it has enough power to make any type of pet hair curly, wavy, or thicker.

The best part of this clipper, it comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that usually increases the speed and performance of your work because this wireless clipper can be chargeable this is the specialty of this Andis Pulse ZR II.

Moreover, it offers 10 different sizes of detachable ceramic blades that can be used according to the needs. Overall, it’s professional and worth buying.

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  • It comes with gorgeous purple galaxy color.
  • It is available with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Offers 10 detachable ceramic blades.
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  • A little bit pricy.

7- Andis Pro-Animal 7-Piece Clipper Kit

This Andis Pro-Animal clipper is quite user-friendly that is easy to work on medium coats, wire breeds, and curly hair breeds as well. It comes with a detachable blade that performs cool and peacefully.

Plus, it provides 4 different sizes of attachment combs which helps with different styling. It has a simple and heavy-duty motor that works on a one-speed option. You should give it a chance.

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  • User-friendly.
  • Works for medium coats, wire breeds, and curly breeds.
  • Comes with 4 attachment combs.
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  • Work on a one-speed option.

What To Look At Before Buying The Dog Clippers?

Before going to buy any dog clippers, you need to consider some important points that will help you to buy the right tools. Here is the list of some important features:

1-Stroke Per Minute (SPM):

SPM plays a huge role in maintaining and increasing the speed of any clipper. With a good SPM, your blades, and the motor will work quite smoothly and efficiently. It has enough power to make any type of haircut properly and quickly.

2- Corded Or Cordless:

All the dog clippers should be cordless because you can’t seat your dog in one place forever and trim their hair comfortably. So you’ll need to use the cordless clipper that can work without any connection.

The bad part about cordless clippers is as it’s not much strong and fast as a corded clipper. It also has a lesser life span than the corded one.

3- Sound:

Many clippers come with a high sound vibration that usually may irritate the dog. Here Best Andis Dog clippers are available with a strong rotary motor that has no sound vibration. As it can work everywhere.

4- Accessories:

Andis has been included in multiple accessories and attachments that will help you to groom your dog.

Andis Vs Other Brands?

If you’re a professional barber or hairdresser, you might have seen many competitors out there like Braun, Wahl, Conair, and many more.

All of these brands are available with lots of amazing features and designs but in the modern-day, these features are not enough to make the latest and stylish haircut that is why today many people rely on the Andis Clippers as it comes with all the latest and necessary features that you actually need like strong rotary motor, multiple ceramic blades, lubricant oil, and different sizes comb attachment and many more.

As we all are getting very modernized day by day, whether we’re professional or home groomers than just need to choose the right and suitable clipper that comes with the complete features. Remember one thing, if you choose the other brand of clipper, it might become extra difficult for you to make any type of haircut.

We just say Andis is the only brand that has been competing in the market. So you should try Andis Dog Clippers once because it has been competing in the market right now where many brands don’t provide the complete features and functions.

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In the end, we must say that Andis Dog Grooming Clippers are a little bit more expensive than the others but don’t worry it will pay you more than the price you’ll pay and it offers the extra features and functions with all clippers.

It’s one of the most efficient and reliable clippers in the market which has been manufactured with high-quality material and extra power that can be used for heavy-duty grooming as well.

With more versatility, stylish and excellent performance, it’s been so familiar around the world. So enjoy threads dog clippers.


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