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Top 12 Best Andis Clippers And Trimmers Reviews – 2023

Today maintaining attractive beard hair has become a huge problem for us because everybody wants to have an attractive beard. In that case, you will need to find the best andis clippers which will help you to maintain your beard. But the problem is how to find the best and most trusted brand in the market. As you know that many brands are out there who make the promise to provide the good best quality Andis clippers but they are not giving them. Are you also one of them?

Are You Desperately Looking For The Best Clipper?  

Are You Looking For Perfect Tools That Could Work On The Neck, Hair, And Beard To Trim?

Are You Looking For An Affordable Clipper?

If “yes” then we must say that you’re in the right place where you can easily choose your best and high-performance clipper. Now you don’t need to go anywhere to find the best one because we bring lots of the best Andis clippers. You just need to go through the whole article once. It will surely meet all requirements that you’re looking for.

Here we’re presenting the reliable brand for you which is the best Andis Clipper. Nowadays, Andis has been more popular because of its amazing features and excellent performance. With more versatile features, it’s been so popular everywhere. Even it can use on dry and wet hair at home. It always provides the dashing look that you’re expecting for that is why this is one of the most preferred clippers by any barber.

Here Are The Top 12 Best Andis Clippers Reviews

1- Andis Master Cordless:

Andis Master cordless is the most demanding clipper in the market which is why it has been used wherever. Apart from its popularity, it provides excellent performance and amazing features as well. The best part of this clipper, it works quite efficiently without snagging or pulling the hair. It has an ergonomic design that gives sufficient control to the user when they’re about to haircut. This is the perfect choice for any barber. Having a soft grip will make you feel more comfortable. While using this clipper, you’ll get a good experience with your customers.

The Andis Master Cordless is available with a strong Lithium-Ion battery which is quite durable. With a Lithium-Ion battery, it can work for 90 minutes after the full charge. This is the highest time recorded.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It’s available with a strong motor.
  • It is the wonderful ergonomic design
  • It is quite a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery
  • More durable aluminum housing
  • Comes with a much sharper blade.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Little bit noisy
  • No additional accessories (just oil)


In the end, we just say that you’ll not get any additional tools to expect of oil but still, it is the most used Best Andis Clippers in the market. It provides excellent performance and is easy to control. Without a doubt, these are the cordless Best Andis Clippers that are really worth buying.

2- Andis Cordless Fade Envy Li

Best Andis Cordless Fade Envy Li is the most convenient and excellent clipper for professional and home usage. It will meet all requirements that you expect in any clipper. It can be your perfect choice if you want. This combo kit is available with a Lithium-Ion battery that can be run for nonstop 90 minutes after the full charge.

Many professional barbers like this clipper because it has a beautiful, compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design. It’s easy to control for a long time. It has adjustable fade blades (#0000 to #000) that will help you to close cutting and fading. Moreover, it has the Slimline Pro Li trimmer that will help you to work for any type of hairstyle. Overall, it’s an amazing tool.

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  • Comes in a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design.
  • This is perfect for close-cutting.
  • It is available with a hair trimmer
  • It has a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery.
  • It is available with all the necessary tools that you required.
  • It provides more value and convenience
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • A little bit noisy.
[/su_panel] Conclusion:
In the end, we need to mention that you’ll never feel any tiredness while performing a haircut. Overall it provides all the necessary tools that you need for any hairstyle which most of the other brands are not giving. It could be worth buying.

3- Andis Speed Master II

Are you looking for a speedy and affordable clipper?

Then you should try this Andis Speed Master 11 because it has the highest speed and affordable clipper which everyone can purchase. Along with the high speed and low price, it comes with a soft grip, chrome-plated and ergonomic design that can be easy to control for anyone. It has a strong magnetic motor and a smooth taper handle with a power cord which is perfect for fading as well.

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  • It’s available at an affordable price
  • It’s small, lightweight, and Ergonomic design.
  • Durable blades were more than you expect.
  • Soft grip and is easy to control.
  • It provides enough accessories
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • The motor is not much strong as should be.
[/su_panel] Conclusion:
In the end, we must say that this is the perfect choice for the Oster fast feed. You can’t find an affordable clipper that comes in a low price range. Apart from the low price, it comes in an ergonomic design and is sharper-bladed that increasing efficient performance.

4- Andis Supra ZR II

Many professional barbers like to use these premium cordless Best Andis Clippers because of their stylish, slim, versatile, powerful, and ergonomic design. This Andis Supra ZR II provides lots of incredible features that help to make a stylish haircut. It’s not too complicated to use anywhere. Moreover, it’s available with a great 5-speed rotary motor that provides a speed between 1500 to 3800 SPM.

It comes with a detachable ceramic blade (#000) which is in different sizes that can be used according to the hairstyle. It also has a Lithium-Ion battery that will run for 3 hours after the full charge.

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  • It comes with a strong, 5-speed rotary motor
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Enough flexibility
  • It’s quite lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • It works smartly, is cool, and quieter
  • Perfect for occupied barbers
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Not provide lots of accessories
  • Not very pocket-friendly
[/su_panel] Conclusion:
In the end, we just say that if you’re looking for a professional and stylish clipper then this is the perfect choice for you because it’s available with sufficient features.

5- Andis Headstyler/Headliner Combo

This Best Andis Clippers Headstyler/Headliner Combo set comes with all the necessary tools that someone needs to use in the haircut. This clipper has a soft grip and user-friendly design that has been manufactured with tough ABS polymer.

It comes with a strong magnetic motor that usually works on 7200 strokes per minute. Moreover, it has high-quality, sharper, and adjustable blades which make the performance more efficient than the other clippers. The best part is that it makes the beard more neat and clean.

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  • It has manufactured with a tough polymer.
  • It’s available in a two-in-one combo
  • It has a beautiful design
  • Much Durable
  • It has the strong motor
  • It has the high-quality and sharper blades
  • It’s available with a complementary trimmer
  • Comes in multiple tools
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • A little bit heavy.
  • A little bit noisy.
[/su_panel] Conclusion:
In the end, we just need to say that it’s one of the reasonable choices for any user because it comes with lots of necessary tools that will reduce your half of the work.

6- Andis Pro-Alloy

Best Andis Clippers Pro Alloy is quite familiar just because of its stylish design and excellent features. It also provides an adjustable blade that works smoothly and efficiently. Along with the great features, it makes the promise to have a good haircutting experience.

The major selling point of this clipper, it comes with XTR technology (Extreme Thermal Reduction) that helps to cool the clipper and sound. It has a high-speed magnetic motor which usually works on 7200 strokes per minute. With carbon-coated and adjustable blades, it performs very well. It comes with an ergonomic design and a soft grip that is easy to control at any time.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It has the low vibrations
  • It works cooler and quieter than other Andis clippers
  • It comes with the carbon-coated stainless steel blades
  • It has the strong 7200SPM Motor
  • It’s available with an ergonomic design
  • Lots of accessories
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • It has compatibility issues with its old Andis guide combs
  • The little flimsy taper lever
[/su_panel] Conclusion:

In the end, we would like to ask you, if you want a professional and heavy-duty hair clipper that could be an ergonomic design and comes at an affordable price then try this Andis Pro Alloy.

7- Andis 73500 Supra

Best Andis Clippers Supra is also known as a Lithium-Ion 5 clipper that comes with impressive features. This ergonomic design and adjustable blade provide a more efficient result while used at home or salon. One of the most convincing factors is that it has reliable battery life.
It has been manufactured with a tough polymer that can work with 5500SPM which provides sufficient power to cut any type of hair. If you’re looking for a reliable and additional power clipper then try this Supra Li 5 because it will meet your all requirements. Plus, it works both corded and cordless. The specialty of this clipper, it can use for 2 hours after the full charge. Even this stylish clipper has stainless steel 5-position blades that help to adjust it from #0000 to #1.
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It’s quite lightweight and easy to control.
  • It has a 5-position, high-precision sharp blade
  • Comes with a strong rotary motor
  • Stellar battery runtime
  • Its small and ergonomic design
  • It’s a trusted clipper
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • little bit noisy
  • It gets heated up when used for long


It’s a very small, stylish, reliable, lightweight, ergonomic design that can be easy to use it everywhere. It can be your perfect choice if you want because it has all the necessary features that you’re looking for.

8- Andis Fade Master

This Best Andis Clippers Fade Master has a carbon steel blade which is perfect for close-cutting and fading as well. With a lightweight aluminum body and ergonomic design, it’s easy to control and hold. The best part of this clipper, it has a strong magnetic motor that can work on 14000STM which is sufficient power to make any type of haircut. It will not disappoint you.
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It’s perfect for close-cutting, #00000 blade
  • It has a high-quality design and is easy to use
  • It comes with the strong 14000 SPM motor
  • It is durable housing
  • The quiet relaxing taper lever
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • It’s got overheats fast
  • Not provide any helpful accessories


In the end, we just say that if you want to use massively then do go with this one because after continued usage, it heated up very fast but if you’re a random user then try it.

9- Andis BGRC

Many professional barbers never compromise on the quality and their performance, if you’re also one of them who’s looking for a true clipper then don’t go anywhere because we have a perfect option for you that would meet your all requirements. Here is the best Andis BGRC hair clipper which is available with a small, lightweight, and ergonomic design.
The popularity of this Best Andis Clippers BGRC is that it has a soft, perfect, and comfortable grip that anyone can handle easily. Moreover, it’s available with the standard rotary motor that usually provides 2900 SPM, I think this is enough power to make any haircut efficiently.
Let’s talk about the blade of this Andis BGRC, this clipper has sharper detachable carbon steel blade features which are fully compatible with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades.
The specialty of this clipper is that it can be used for cordless work after the clipper has been charged. I’m damn sure; it can be worth buying. Don’t hesitate about it just go for it.
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It is one of the most stylish and ergonomic design
  • It comes in strong motor
  • It has the ability to use for corded and cordless operation
  • It’s unique and comfy to use
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Low sounds vibrate.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • A little bit of low speed and weak motor
  • Not enough accessories
[/su_panel] Conclusion:

With all the facilities and requirements, it is on the top for a long time but I think Andis BGRC hair clipper is a little bit more expensive than the other brand. So if you’re interested in all the amazing features that you will have to adjust it.

10- Andis SlimLine Pro Li Cordless Beard Trimmer

If you’re looking for an outlining, designing, and dry shaving type of clipper then you should try this Andis Slimline Pro Li which will make you satisfied more than the other clipper. So you can judge by its name as well. Many professional barbers and hairdressers love to have this type of grooming hair clipper and make a worthy investment in it because they know the value of its features.
With the stylish and unique design of this trimmer, it is always attracted its user. Apart from the design, it works efficiently to trim the hair around the neck and ears as well. It has a high-performance rotary motor that provides enough power and speed to make any haircut. Moreover, it comes with a modern Lithium-Ion battery that has the ability to work for more than 2 hours after the full charge.
Let’s talk about the size of this trimmer, it is quite lightweight 4.8 ounces, and 6 inches long which is the ideal size for any trimmer which is why it’s very comfortable to work with. Even it has a T-blade that can be used for close-cutting and heavy work. If you use it for massive work then you’ll have to neat and clean it with lubricant oil that’s how it will work for a long time. Along with the grooming kit, you’ll get some additional accessories like a cleaning brush, charging stand, lubricant oil, and a set of 4 different sizes of combs.
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It’s a perfect trimmer for massive and close-haircut
  • It comes with a small and lightweight design.
  • It has a durable battery life
  • It has a reliable exterior body
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Mostly work for outlining and edging
  • Need to use the oil after constant usage.
  • Not waterproof

In the end, we just say that it’s a complete package for any hairdresser but it needs a little bit of extra care after constant use. If you’re a professional then without using this trimmer you cannot make high performance.

11- Andis T-Edjer Beard/Hair Trimmer

Here we have another Best commercial-grade clippers for you that will surprise you to make a haircut very smartly and efficiently. This Andis trimmer has more versatile features compared to the other trimmer. With this Andis T-Edjer trimmer, you can make a barber-like look at home without facing any problems. Plus, it’s available with the carbon steel T-blade which helps to make the close-cut like zero gaps.

The best part of this trimmer; it can be used for the thickest hair where most other trimmers get failed because it has a strong rotary magnetic motor that produces enough power to make any type of haircut. The surprising part of this trimmer, is it has a long lifespan which is the most convincing thing.

This trimmer has a special chemical-proof cord that usually works on the AC voltage. It means the battery will have the ability to work for a long time. The specialty part of this trimmer has been manufactured with strong metal which means there is zero risk factor for its breaking. You just need to use the oil of its blade for excellent performance and it’s really easy to handle.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It comes with the strong external body
  • It can work for heavy-duty performance
  • It can be used for flawless shaving and trimming
  • It’s quite light-weight and easy to control
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • No additional accessories like comb and oil.
[/su_panel] Conclusion:
If you’re looking for a strong external body trimmer then you should try this one. Apart from all the excellent features, it has a strong body as well.

12- Andis Pro Foil Shaver

If you have had a problem before while making a close-cutting and fade-styling this time is not gonna happen because here is your perfect pick Andis Pro Foil Shaver is perfect for this work. Even it has a Gold titanium hypoallergenic amazing foil head that will safe for sensitive skin. It also can be used for shaving the neck, head, and chin around the ears.

Let’s talk about the battery; this trimmer has strong Lithium-Ion batteries which work for more than one hour after the full charge. It has the ability to increase your performance. So don’t miss it is the right time to change.

This Andis Pro Foil Shaver comes with 5 ounces weight which is quite lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, it has a thumb-controlled button that can be changed on or off. It does not provide heavy accessories which means it’s easy to carry. Along with the trimmer, it gives the foil and cutter replacement warranty. So you can change it at any time.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • It’s the perfect tool for skin irritation
  • It provides the foil and cutter replacement warranty.
  • Excellent performance
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • It takes charges for the foil & cutter replacement.
[/su_panel] Conclusion:
If you’re worried about skin damage, this is the perfect tool to use it. Even it also has the ability for close-cut and fade styling.

Benefits Of The Best Andis Clippers:

Here are the few benefits that you should read before buying any Andis Clippers:

Blades Quality

Before going to buy any clipper, you will have to check the quality of the blades because only high quality and strong blades can provide you the excellent performance that is why Andis has more focus on maintaining the quality of its blade. It has been used in carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium coating material which makes it much strong and more durable.

The best part of these blades, it works smoothly and sharply for close cutting, fading, outlining, and blending. It doesn’t matter, if you’re an expert or a newbie, it is easy to control for everyone.


The motor plays a huge role for any clipper if your motor is not powerful as should be then it will not work for a long time. But all the Andis design comes with a strong electromagnetic motor that can be cut smoothly with any type of hair. The best part of the electromagnetic motor, it consumes less electricity than the other motors.

A strong motor provides enough power to make precise cutting and close trimming. Even it has a lesser sound that makes you more comfortable and it has a longer lifespan.


A warranty is the most convincing factory of any product that makes a belief in its valuable products which means users have the option to replace their product at any time. The best thing about this Andis, it provides a complete 5-year warranty on its all clippers which creates good images in the market.

Peaceful Operation

All Andis clipper comes with a strong electromagnetic motor which is why it works quite silently and peacefully. Even it has a rotary motor as well which is a little more expensive than the other brand. Many professional barbers fully rely on the rotary motor even if they don’t care about the high price. So I would advise you to spend a little bit extra on your clipper that will never disappoint you.


Today Andis brand has become more popular due to its stylish and versatile design. Apart from all the multi-function, it provides excellent performance and works very smartly and efficiently. Now Andis has launched two types of trimmers; light-duty trimmers and heavy-duty commercial-grade trimmers.

The light-duty trimmers can be used for the shave head hair, facial hair, body hair, and close trim but on the side, the heavy-duty trimmers can be used for blending, precision edging, fading, or heavy haircut as well.

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Best Andis Clippers – Final Thoughts:

In the end, we must say that if you’re about to groom your hair/beard and looking for some quality and trusted brand clippers, then don’t go anywhere because Best Andis clippers provide all the necessary features that someone needs to use in the haircut. It will surely meet your all requirement that you’re expecting in any clipper.

With some of the other clippers, it provides the additional size comb that helps you to make any length of haircut. Along with these attachments, you’ll get lubricant oil as well which will help to maintain your clippers. So do not think too much about it just go for it.



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