Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Brio Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer Review of 2021

For every man, choosing between shaver vs razor or trimmer is a matter of personal preference. If you want an absolutely clean look you might elect to go for a good shaver. But beards are in fashion and its trend has increased to such heights in recent years that nowadays you’ll hardly find a man who has not tried beard styling in his life, at some time or another. Beardscape beard and hair trimmer is a highly praised product that’s a true market leader in its category. When you take it out of the box, immediately you’ll feel its sleek design and easy handling. Along with the trimmer, you’ll find its comb attachments, a charging dock, which you can use to stand your trimmer in. A USB cable with a plug. A brush for cleaning and also a bottle of oil for maintaining the blades.

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Brio Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer Review:

Key Features

  • Long battery life + quick charging
  • Ceramic blades with titanium rake
  • Stays cool
  • Quietest trimmer
  • Micro-adjustable blade height
  • Various length comb attachments
  • Easily adjustable speed settings
  • Informative digital Display
  • Cordless

One of the best things about this brio beardscape is its battery life. Its battery runs for 4 hours. Once it’s fully charged, it will last for four hours of trimming. and that is a long time. so if you use it for regular beard styling which will take a few minutes after every few days, it’s one charge that can last you for months. and when you do have to charge it, it has a quick charging feature. You don’t have to wait for too many hours for it to charge. It will be fully charged in 3 hours only.


Another outstanding feature that Brio’s beardscape beard and hair trimmer flaunts to its maximum advantage is its ceramic blades, which are four times stronger than commonly used stainless steel blades. They are also the sharpest blades attached to any trimmer.

Stays Cool

Ceramic blades also produce very little friction as compared to metal blades. As friction causes heat, so ceramic blades do not heat up and are much easier to use for longer times. This allows you to try any adventurous style in shaping your beard, which requires more time than a regular trim, without worrying about your trimmer heating up in your hands.

Quietest Trimmer

Beardscape beard and hair trimmer boast of being the quietest beard trimmer on the market. That again is a plus point of having ceramic blades and a titanium rake, as they produce less noise as compared to the metal blades.

Adjustable Blade Height

This handy trimmer has a lever to choose the blade height for trimming your beard just as you like it. It is a handy button that firmly clicks into any position that you want. this easily adjustable lever has 4 different settings to choose from 1mm to 1.9mm.

Comb Attachments for Various lengths

If you are in favor of a full beard instead of stubble you may have to use one of the four attachment combs. These attachment combs have different lengths on each side. That means you can trim your beard or even your hair in 8 different lengths. The 4 combs have  8 sizes ranging from 1mm to 18mm. So you can trim your beard to your desired length of anywhere from 1mm to 18  or even 19.9 mm by attaching the comb of suitable size.

Easily Adjustable Speed

This versatile trimmer gives you the power to control the speed of the blades, so you can trim your hair at the speed you are most comfortable with. Precision cutting and beard styling are done best very carefully and at lower speeds, but longer beard and hair trims require higher speed to make the neatest cuts. And with this beast, you can have the speed you want by just pressing the small button with the + and – sign to increase or decrease the speed.

Informative Digital Display

There is also a small screen on the front of the trimmer unit to show you the charge status of the trimmer. It also displays five circles to show the load on the trimmer which is marked as “burden”, which indicates when you have to clean to unit or oil its blades. Along with these premium features this stylishly designed trimmer is lightweight and handy which makes it a real pleasure to use.


This handy trimmer is also cordless so that you can use it anywhere, even on the go. Beardscape’s plus point is that it can also be used with the cord attached to an electric socket, for any time that it might not be charged.

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Manufacturer Brio Product Group
Battery Lithium-Ion
Blades Ceramic
Package Dimensions Package Dimensions
Package Weight 10.08 Ounce
Product dimensions 5 x 1.5 inches
Product weight 7.9 ounces
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  • Immensely powerful trimmer with unmatchably long, 4 hours battery time.
  • Sharpest ceramic blades paired with titanium.
  • Easily controlled blade height at 4 levels
  • Variable speeds for the blades
  • Attachment combs offer a variety of lengths to choose from.
  • Its powerful battery reaches the fully charged status in 3 hours only.
  • Stylish, light in weight, easy to use.
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  • The ceramic blades can be quick to break if the trimmer falls.
  • The combs for various hair lengths are sometimes difficult to attach properly.
  • You can not use it anywhere near water as it not waterproof at all.

Brio beardscape is a market-leading product.  It has been bought and used by thousands of people all over the world.

The  Brio beardscape and hair trimmer reviews are highly impressive.

This is a highly reviewed product on amazon and out of more than eight hundred ratings it has received, 78% are 5star and 15% are 4star.

Most of the positive reviewers have praised its marathon-worthy battery power.

People have also liked its sharp and precise cutting with ceramic blades.

Its changeable blade height makes a pro-choice for any kind of styling. It is also very easy to handle and easy to use.

A very negligible amount of low rating makes it a trimmer to go for, any time you need a new one.

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Every product, with numerous good qualities, comes with some negative points too. So is the case with beardscape beard and hair trimmer. The one most prominent flaw in this otherwise perfect trimmer is that it cannot be used in water. Any water penetration can cause it to malfunction. Still, it can be cleaned easily by detaching its head and washing it under running water. Only the machine needs to be protected from water. Another flaw in the beardscape that is pointed out by a reviewer is that its power switch cannot be locked, which can cause it to turn on accidentally while not in use.


Comparison of the Best Products

Brio beardscape and hair trimmer can be compared to the best trimmers available in the market.

Wahl’s Cordless Magic Clip is usually thought to be the best in the category of beard trimmers.

As it has low weight and long battery life, which makes it easy to use.

And its blades stay sharp for a long time.

Brio beardscape comes with all these qualities and in addition to these, beardscape is a low noise trimmer.

And if we compare the cost of both these trimmers, Wahl is much more expensive than Brio’s beardscape.

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Brio Product Group is the company that offers its standard “ORIGINAL GRAY” beard trimmer in three other variations. These three variations are quite awesome for everyone.

  • Blackout Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

It is the same outclass “original grey” beard trimmer in premium black color. It has all the components and characteristics of a standard beardscape beard and hair trimmer.

  • Beardscape beard and hair trimmer with travel case

Here, this essential and handy tool comes with it’s a small case, which can be used to take it with you while traveling. You can take the trimmer plus a couple of length combs in it. Beardscape beard and hair trimmer with travel case will benefit you even when you are not traveling, as you can use the travel case to store its guard combs.

  • Beardscape Pro

In this premium package, you’ll get the standard beardscape beard trimmer with all its accessories and a large travel case to store the trimmer along with its charging stand, cable, and accessories. Moreover, with this Beardscape pro package, you’ll also get an extra “zero blade”.You can get the closest trim with zero blades.

Final Judgment
Every personal and lifestyle product that we see in the market has its fine qualities along with some drawbacks. No single product can be perfect. Brio’s beardscape beard and hair trimmer too have some highly commendable features, like 4 hours long battery life, which will allow you to use it for a long trimming project, without worrying about its charge. Extra strong and super sharp ceramic blades, make trimming any type of hair, a breeze. The cool and noiseless operation of this luxury trimmer will make its use a pleasure for any kind of beard styler. Its prominent flaw is only one, and that is it’s not waterproof. You can not wash the unit under running water. In the end, its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks.
After discussing all its functions, benefits, and drawbacks, we can happily say that Brio’s Beardscape beard and hair trimmer is one of the best beard trimmers available in the market. As its stylish cordless unit with large battery life and cool and noiseless operation can compete with any top-quality trimmer. In most cases, it will outpace the competition with its reasonable price and easy-to-handle functions. So in my opinion, Beardscape beard and hair trimmer must be, to go for beard trimmer for you, any time you wish to buy one.


What is the lifetime of the trimmer’s battery?

It depends mostly on its usage and storage conditions. It is expected to last for 5 years under normal conditions.

What is the benefit of the ceramic blades?

Ceramic blades r much stronger than usual stainless steel blades. They produce less friction, less noise, and less heat.

 What is the use of various speeds in this beard trimmer?

Different speeds can help in managing nice smooth cuts for different types of hair thickness.

Will this trimmer work for managing my 2-3mm hair length and a goatee?

It will help in styling your goatee beautifully and also trim the hair very well to the required length.

Is this trimmer waterproof, can I take it into the shower?

Beardscape beard and hair trimmer are not waterproof. You can not use it in the shower. It is advisable to keep all the trimmer blades dry and oiled to always get a perfect trim.

Shaver vs razor, which is better for daily use?

Usually, the shaver gives less close shaving while the razor gives close shaving. On the other hand, the shaver works faster whereas the razor is comparatively working slowly. So both shaver and razor are good with their specifications.