Beard Trimmer vs Hair Clippers

Top 5 Beard Trimmer vs Hair Clippers Reviews and Detailed Guide

 Beard Trimmer  for men is a precious thing in their benedict’s kit. A beard trimmer removes the hair and gives a good appearance and witting. The great advantage of a beard trimmer provides you a narrow cutting of your beard you can use comfortably this beard trimmer. The interchange guards will make your blade of beard trimmer oily. This beard trimmer cleans very easily within a short period. It is a very useful product for large beards. It is mostly available as a beard cordless trimmer. The  Hair Clippers  is an appropriate apparatus for the cutting of hair of the human head. It works on the principle like razors and scissors. But it can perform function greatly on the body of sheep. Its size is very small you can hold with you anywhere. Hair clippers were invented in two forms. The first one is the manual clipper introduced by Nikola Bizumic is a Serbian barber between 1850 and 1890. The first electric clipper of hair is invented by Leo J. Wahl. Here discussed the comparison by using different products of beard trimmer Vs hair clippers.

Hair clippers and beard trimmers and beard trimmers look pretty much the same at first glance. And, in principle, they are almost the same devices that can even be used for both tasks, i.e. cutting hair on the head and trimming beards on the face. But are there differences between a hair clipper and a beard trimmer and where exactly are they located? We would like to investigate exactly this question in more detail and tell you whether – and if so, what – there are differences.

What are hair clippers?

Hair clippers or hair clippers are devices or razors with which hair can be cut – this should be clear from the name. Among other things, they make it possible to cut your own hairstyle at home – provided, of course, that you can do this or that you have help. Because we’re not assuming that you want to walk around with a blemished hairstyle, are we? But with many relatively simple hairstyles, e.g. For example, with the classic haircut of a few millimeters or shaved sides, you can do this yourself with a hair clipper when the hair has grown back again. So you don’t have to run to the hairdresser all the time, which saves time and money. Further tips and tricks for using a hair clipper can be found in our guide “Cut hair yourself ”.

What is a beard trimmer?

The beard trimmer or beard trimmer usually looks very similar to a hair clipper. However, it is intended for one floor below, so not for headgear, but for facial hair – i.e. the beard. Do you have a full beard or another beard, z. B. from the current beard trends , you can not only keep it in shape with a beard trimmer, but also trim it. If, on the other hand, you prefer a face completely freed from hair, since you shave completely every day, a pure beard trimmer is not absolutely necessary for you or, more precisely, superfluous.

Now we come to the real topic, the difference between a hair clipper and a beard trimmer. These do exist, even if they are not too large and many devices can be used for both things, e.g. B. our test winner in the beard trimmer test , the Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper . In addition to classic hair clippers and beard trimmers, there are also combination devices that are suitable for all hair, as well as body hair trimmers, which are usually especially suitable for body hair such as under the armpits or in the genital area due to their special design.

But what exactly are the differences between hair and beard trimmers? Now let’s finally get to the facts without further ado. The first obvious difference is that classic beard trimmers are usually much smaller and more manageable than straight hair clippers. This also affects the cutting width of the respective device, which for hair clippers is often 40 mm and more. With beard trimmers, however, the cutting width is usually much smaller. On the one hand, this has the disadvantage that you collect less hair at once and therefore need a longer time to cut or trim the same area. On the other hand, you can work much more precisely with the more compact devices, which is particularly advantageous in relatively narrow areas such as on the upper lip and thus under the nose. Trimming the mustache with a 4 or more centimeter wide blade is really not that easy, which affects the precision and thus the result. This means that pure beard trimmers with their more compact dimensions have advantages in the precise trimming of hair, as it is more important in the usually relatively angled face than on the head, which is characterized by relatively unobstructed areas (apart from the ears).

In addition to the cutting width, there is another difference between a hair clipper and a beard trimmer – at least if we assume the classic devices without a mixing function: the blade system. Since beard hair is usually much thicker and more robust than the hair one level higher on the head, the requirements for the blade system are accordingly somewhat different. However, a large portion of marketing also plays a role here, as the companies would like to sell both devices. A well-designed hair clipper can also trim the more robust beard hairs without any problems, as our test winner, the Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper, already mentioned above, shows. Because this has done extremely well in the beard trimmer test and the competition, partly pure beard trimmers, skillfully left behind. The cutting width is decisive here, so that you can easily get to the narrower areas of the face with the device. In the same way, you can usually trim the hair on your head with a beard trimmer without any problems. However, this takes a little longer due to the smaller cutting width. If the devices are good, they can also be interchanged.

Another difference that partly exists between the two device classes, the hair clipper and the beard trimmer, is the accessories supplied, especially the attachments with which you can adjust the length. Hair clippers usually have attachments of up to several centimeters (so-called long hair trimmers), while especially with simple beard trimmers, one or the other time only a few attachments with a significantly smaller maximum length are sufficient. When buying, you have to make sure that your desired hair or beard length is also supported by the corresponding device.

On this website I present you the best beard trimmers in my big test. However, in the end, with the Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper, even a hair clipper made it to first place and left the competition of beard trimmers and beard trimmers behind. But what exactly are the differences between a beard trimmer and a hair clipper? Aren’t both the same in the end? After all, they are both used to trim hair. In principle, that is correct. However, there are certain differences between a beard trimmer and a hair clipper. And that’s exactly what I want to introduce you to on this page.

The typical areas of application:

This is actually obvious. What a surprise, a hair clipper is predestined for cutting hair. It is mainly used for men with short haircuts that are only a few millimeters or centimeters long. Because with a hair clipper, hair can be quickly and easily cut to the appropriate length at home without visiting the hairdresser.
The beard trimmer or beard trimmer actually does nothing different. Because he also cuts hair to the specified or set length. However, it is used for facial hair and not for main hair. So do you want your beard, z. B. a full beard (one of the beard trends 2017) or a 3-day beard to a corresponding length, you just need to use a beard trimmer or beard trimmer. Among other things, we can recommend the Braun BT5090 beard trimmer , which also impressed in our beard trimmer test .

The biggest differences between hair clippers and beard trimmers:

After we have clarified the typical areas of application, the all-important question now remains: What is the difference between a hair clipper and a beard trimmer? Of course, they also depend in a certain way from device to device, since these are designed differently and offer different functions. In general, however, there are some differences that we would like to briefly explain to you below.

One of the big differences between a classic beard trimmer and a typical hair clipper is the built-in blades. While they are very fine with a beard trimmer in order to grasp even the finest and smallest hair and cut off at the root, the blades of a hair clipper are usually a bit coarser. However, this is also not wild with regard to the function of cutting head hair. Because this usually consists of one and the same hair structure , which is also not as fine as with beard hair. Therefore, a coarser blade is usually sufficient to reduce the risk of stubble and whiskersto trim mostly weaker and thinner scalp hair. Also, the hair on the head is usually cut longer. Beard hair, on the other hand, consists of stronger and thicker hair that is trimmed very briefly or clipped directly at the root. Here it is important that even the shortest and finest hairs are caught and cut by the blades. Therefore, the blades in beard trimmers and hair clippers are equipped with different blades, at least when they are special devices and not combination devices.

Attachments and size
There are often other differences in the size of the device as well as the setting levels and the size of the attachment. Beard trimmers are usually smaller than hair clippers and also have narrower blades and thinner attachments. The hair clipper is primarily intended for shortening the area of hair. On the other hand, it is less suitable for working out and creating very fine lines and contours, as is often necessary with a beard.
The levels that you can set with a beard trimmer and its attachments are often less graded. This means that you can fine-tune the length of the cut because the individual steps are closer together. This is especially important when cutting very short beard styles, as you can trim them down to the millimeter. The attachments of hair clippers usually have fewer steps, especially with the very short cut lengths. In return, however, it usually offers longer cutting lengths of several centimeters, which most beard trimmers already have to cut the sails.

The ideal solution: a combination device
Now that we have worked out the most important differences between a beard trimmer and a hair clipper, it should actually be clear that both devices have their special areas of application, which they already have in their names. However, today there are also combination devices that do very well in both areas. This was shown not least by our beard trimmer test. Because he was able to win a hair clipper as a class leader and thus assert himself against the competition of the actually specialized beard trimmers. Because our test winner is the Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper.
Ok, admittedly, the crux of the matter here is the word “professional” in the name. Because this device is for professionals, i.e. for hairdressers and co. But since it is still affordable at a good 100 euros, you can also use it wonderfully for private styling and kill two birds with one stone with this model. Because with the Panasonic ER-GP80 you not only cut hair and trim your short hairstyle, but you can also trim your beard into shape as well. This device is practically a hair clipper and beard trimmer in one and therefore the universal solution for all hairy problems on the head and face. You get a multifunctional device. So you can ultimately ignore the differences between a hair clipper and a beard trimmer, as this professional hair clipper perfectly covers both areas.
If you want a “real” beard trimmer because you don’t need a hair clipper and you don’t want to spend a good 100 euros, we recommend the device to place 2 in our beard trimmer test. The Braun BT5090 beard trimmer proves this. This device costs only around 50 euros and offers everything you need to cut and shape beards of all types, lengths and shapes. You can also find out all the important information about this beard trimmer as well as our impressions in our Braun BT5090 beard trimmer review .

Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clippers

Bear Trimmer
  • Wahl 5622 Groomsman bread trimmer
  • Philips Norelco beard trimmer series 7200
  • Andis slimline pro li T-blade trimmer
  • Oster Ac T-finisher trimmer
  • Remington MB4045B Mustache trimmer
Hair Clipper
  • Oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper
  • Babyliss Pro Barberology GoldFX clipper
  • Panasonic ER-GP80 K professional clipper
  • Wahl 5-star magic clipper
  • Andis master cordless hair clipper

Conclusion for comparison

As you can see, the differences are rather small, although they can make sense, especially when it comes to the cutting width. If you really want to use two different devices, you can of course do so. If, on the other hand, one device is sufficient, which is the case with me personally, then we recommend our already mentioned test winner. It costs a few euros more than simple devices. In return, you get a high quality product at a professional level. Because that’s the real difference that counts in the end: The device has to be good, then you can usually use it to shape both beards and hairstyles …

Top 5 Beard Trimmer Reviews

1. Wahl 5622 Groomsman Rechargeable Bread Trimmer


Key Features

Stainless steel self make sharp blades
The battery is recharged and used about an hour for trimming of beard
Comes with 8 guide combs 3 guards used for beard and six-position of the guard used for many barbed lengths

The Wahl beard trimmer is one of the best trimmers on the market. Trimmer is used by the men for the cutting of beard, and hair around the ear.

Wahl is an ancient brand that performs its services in the clipper, shave, and trimmer since 1919.

In this competitive world, the Wahl brand famous for its product in which the Wahl 5622 Groomsman beard trimmer.

With the help of this trimmer, you want any smooth and uniform style of beard.

The stainless steel carbon blades of this trimmer are carefulness loam blades; these blades stay actuate for more time.

For many facets, the adjunct length controller uses in affiliation with our six-position bread. 14 altered adjunct lengths range from 1\16 to 1\2 inches used for beard design.

This trimmer comes in cordless adaptation means wireless. To carry the working this trimmer used the battery.

When the battery is dead, recharge and again used it.

Not any need to buy another battery.

The Wahl trimmer starts working on both voltage 110V and 220 V. it composes of a flexible adviser comb, 3 combs used for bristles, 4 adviser comb used for hair, and some guide for styling.

This clipper comes with a zipper-like pouch, with the help you can carry from one place to another. 


Dimension  10.5 * 5.8 * 2.3 inches
Weight  1 pound
Manufacturer  Wahl
Product number 05622
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Lightweight trimmer
  • Whisper quiet
  • Good for beard-cutting of men
  • Available in low amount
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Not tell the when it is fully recharged, just shows the red light when starting to recharge

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2. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 


Key Features
  • Rapidly Buckle hair up to 95% with the help of an integrated exhaustion system
  • Rapidly bulk of hair with the help of high speed of the motor 
  • Not source of any irritation on the skin
  • Stainless steel self sharp blades two times rapidly cut hair
  • Lithium-ion battery used about 1 hour and twenty minutes
  • It is waterproof calmly to clean with the water

Philips Norelco beard trimmer series 7200 is used for trimming men’s beads.

Men like this trimmer due to its working. The cutting speed of this trimmer is two times rapid than the other trimmer.

Philips made up of an exhaustion system that rapidly buckles the hair up to 95%.

This exhaustion system comprises motors and fans that trim the bread rapidly two times than the other trimmer in the market. This trimmer cut the beard in more adequate.

The blades of this trimmer are stainless steel that is very sharp to cut the hair quickly. The good thing about these blades is when dull, you again self sharp with the help of stone.

Not no need to buy another blade when working is not well. The setting of the trimmer provides you a 20 different length cut.

So which one you select the length for cutting with the help of flash rotation by effortlessly turning until you want the length from 0.5mm- 10mm.

Philips Norelco beard trimmer comes offers in cordless version. The cordless version always comes with batter. And the battery of this cordless material is composed of a lithium-ion battery.

The battery of this trimmer delivers great power for its rapidly cut hair. The battery of this beard trimmer takes one hour to recharge and its cutting time about one hour and twenty minutes.

Dimension  2.36 * 5.91 * 0.43 inches
Weight  5.6 ounces 
Manufacturer  Noreloc
Model number BT7215
Batteries  Requirede 1-lithium ion battery
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Best trimmer for beard
  • Affordable price
  • Calmly use
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Not good warranty

3. Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer 


Key Features
  • Great high speed powerful rotary motor 
  • Fit in hand due to its shape of the architecture
  • Light in weight both corded\cordless trimmer
  • Lithium-ion batteries take two hours and fifteen minutes to recharge and running time about two hours.
  • T-shape close cutting blades rapidly cut the hair

Andis Company offers its services since 1922. Andis is one of the great brands that run more than in ninety countries. 

A professional person like the Andis Company is due to its features.

In every barbershop, Andis trimmer is acknowledged as the classy piece for its shop.

Andis 32400 pro lithium trimmer consists of a rotary motor that is more powerful than the other motors like an electromagnetic motor.

The working of the rotary motor is powerful, rapidly done the cutting. To run this motor required voltage 120 Voltage.

This trimmer is composed of very sharp t-shape blades.

T-shape blades give the uniformly cut to the beard. The lightweight trimmer used the professional barber the whole day without effort.

Andis slimline pro li T-blade cordless trimmer is made up of a lithium-ion battery.

Battery timing is not good it takes two hours and thirty minutes to recharge used only about two hours.

This trimmer is calmly used by a newbie. There is a question in a mind of a newbie how to use a beard trimmer simply?

It is simply to use the beard trimmer.


You select the trimmer, set the guards of the trimmer, in the front of the mirror set the bear with the help of a brush, and then run the trimmer in the upward movement. 

After the trimming, clean your neckline and trimmer. So a newbie can effortlessly use it.

Dimension  3 * 5 * 9 inches
Weight  0.634 inches
Manufacturer Andis 
Product number 32400
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Great powerful rotary motors
  • Weight is not heavy
  • t-shape sharp blades
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • The running time of the battery is not good

4. Oster Ac T-finisher Trimmer 


Key Features
  • High speed and powerful pivot motor 
  • T-shape sharp blades used trimmer for quickly cutting of beard
  • This trimmer perfect for the beard and removal of hair nearer from the ears, and necklines
  • Not break trimmer calmly due to its materials

Many brands run in the market. The features of all brands are different from others. In this technology world, there is great competition in the manufacturing of the products. Oster brand in which is one. No, doubt Oster products are amazing in their work.

The Oster t-finisher trimmer used a motor that is powerful than electromagnetic which is the pivot.

Its speed is two times faster than the other trimmer.

Pivot motor trimmer is used by many brands in which the Oster is one.

The pivot motor of this trimmer required 8- watts to run.

The quality of the pivot motor its working is quiet, which is cheerful for the person during the trimmer of beard.

No one person on this planet likes the noise. 

The body of the trimmer is made of tough material so can’t break easily when fall from your hand or table. 

This trimmer is corded means electrical come with wire, and the length of the wire used trimmer is about 8 ft. That is the maximum for the users. Cleaning brush and blade oil are appliances of this trimmer.

Dimensions  1 * 1 * 1 inches
Weight  1 pound 
Manufacturer  Wahl 
Product number 8148
Batteries  Required the lithium-ion battery
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Powerful motor
  • Weight ie light
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Expensive 

5. Remington mb4045b Mustache Trimmer


Key Features

Key features

  • The lithium-ion battery can use for 120 minutes 
  • Sharp blade for small and dry hairs cutting 
  • It has adjustable blades with adjustable combs for different types of cuts
  • It is very great for sharp and small cuts 
  • Its body is made of a high-quality unbreakable metal body. 

 It is very precise and a great trimmer for the mustache. This trimmer is highly recommended by professionals for professional use. It can also be used at homes. It is very simple to use. It has several, advantages because it can be used for all types of hairs of a mustache. It is very great for dry hairs because of its sharp blades, and high power motor fitted inside it. It is made with standard quality body material. It also has a very unique design very strong body.

Dimension 17 * 3 * cm and weight is 446 g
Coms Adjustable 
Battery  Lthium-ion
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • It has all the accessories when we buy it
  • This trimmer is very great for beard large hairs
  • Unbreakable body material
  • High power motor that and sharp blades
  • Pop-up function for full small hairs and for cleaning the face
  • It has XL trimming comb for thick hairs
  • Self-sharpening blades with made stain-less steel
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • It is for cordless use only
  • Its motor is not fast

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  • Andis

Top 5 Hair Clippers Reviews

1. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor


Key Features
  • Consists of an amazing powerful pivot motor
  • Blades made up of accommodate stainless steel blades
  • Two range used in the blades from 000 and 1
  • Perfect in all kinds of cutting even the hair is wet or dry
  • For the easily fit in hand consists of an ergonomic scheme
  • This hair clipper composed of four guide combs such as 1\4”, 3\8”, 1\2”
  • For the movement in any angle made up of 8 ft length of the cord

The other fast clipper has the pivot motor that is powerful in working as compared to other clippers which have another motor like an electromagnetic motor.

The alterable blades of this clipper cut your hair rapidly and calmly with the help of a high-speed motor.


Doubt during its motor working not a source of the noise.

Due to alterable blades can effortlessly change from another sharp blade.

Stainless steel blades used for a long time even for years. Two range of blades used this clipper from 000 and 1.

With the help of three attachment combs, you can easily determine the length of hair which you like to cut.

With the help of a comb, you give the final stylish look to our hair.

Every expert barber doesn’t like that clipper that has a small length of cord.

This is because they don’t like to work in one fixed place.

For calmly move in any turn for the cutting of hair professional barbers like that clipper that have an extra length of the cod power.

If you want to cut hair both thick or thin as well as the trimming Oster fast clipper amazing for it.

The poster offers the clipper with sufficient appliances such as oil for blade use before or after the use of the blade. When before or after the use of the clipper clean the clipper with help of a cleaning brush that included in the appliances of this clipper.

Dimensions  6 * 3 * 10.5 inches 
Weight  1 pounds
Manufacturer  Oster
Product number 76023-510
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Powerful great pivot motor
  • Stainless steel impressive and durable sharp blades
  • Its motor is never warm
  • Weigh of this clipper is light
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • The warranty time is not good
  • Not good quality comes with attachment combs

2. Babyliss Pro Barberology GoldFX Clipper


Key Features
  • Babyliss Pro clipper made up of great speed of Ferrari engine that works without the buzz
  • Calmly convertible titanium sharp blades
  • 5-detent taper quality that makes the unique hair clipper from other brands
  • 8-attachment combs become the part of Babyliss pro goldFX clipper 
  • Lithium ion-battery used by the Babyliss pro cordless gold fx clipper

The one great quality of the Babyliss pro clipper makes the best product in the world due to its high-speed Ferrari engine.

Due to the high speed of the engine, you guy all kinds of cutting which you allied.

The working of every hair clipper depends on the speed of the motor.

When the speed of the motor is great, they cut the hair rapidly like the Ferrari engine.

The titanium blades of the Babyliss pro clipper are very sharp and convertible.

Blades used by Babyliss pro clipper vary in size. You can adjust according to the kind of hair which you like to cut the hair without any problem.

With the help of a 5-detent taper, you give the fine cutting of hair even the hair coiled or not.

The lithium-ion battery is used in the Babyliss pro clipper. The battery is used for about two hours when is a complete charge.

The weight of the Bayliss pro clipper is not heavy easily hold for the whole day without any debility. with the 8-attachment comb calmly to cut our hair. 

Every barber wants to work in a quiet environment. Not like a noisy atmosphere. Ferrari engine of Babyliss pro clipper works shut even after the whole day, not a source of any vibration.

No, doubt the Babyliss pro clipper gold fx clipper is good in performing but is costly.

Dimensions 11.5 * 11.5 * 11.13 inches
Weight  1.07 ounces 
Manufacturer  Babyliss Pro
Product number FX870G 
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Made up the strong and powerful engine of Ferrari
  • Lithium-ion battery working time about two hours
  • Perfect for ultra-close hair of cutting
  • 5-detent control taper that makes the amazing hair clipper
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Costly
  • The architecture of this clipper is not utterly ergonomic

3. Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper


Key Features
  • Panasonic clipper composed of the high-speed pivot motor
  • Stainless steel sharp blade, faster work
  • Best for wet or dry hair, not pull off your hair during cutting
  • Made up of 2500mAh battery of lithium-ion, used for a long time when is fully charged

Panasonic clipper composed of the great high speed of pivot motor.

The motor of pivot working is high as compared to the electromagnetic clipper for hair. This clipper performs the cutting of all kinds of hair which you allied. With the help of sharp stainless steel, blades make the cutting of hair smooth and quickly in cutting.

These blades can easily clean when washed with water.

Panasonic k professional cordless is wireless means come with a 2500mAh battery.

The battery of the Panasonic cordless clipper made up of lithium-ion, running time about three hours when it fully recharges.

It takes three hours for its recharge the battery.

It consists of the lever which is used for the acclimation of the length of the hair.

On the left side of the clipper, a taper lever is present which can calmly acclimate the length of the haircut from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm.

This clipper calmly uses by a newbie as well as an expert person. LED affectation becomes very important of the clipper which indicates the percentage of the battery timing.

When the percentage is less than 10% start flashing gives an alarming situation to the person who uses it. For the long duration, it is the perfect clipper due to its ergonomic scheme. 

Dimensions 11.65 * 8.58 * 3.23 inches
Weight 12.3 inches
Manufacturer Surker
Product number K7S-silver
Batteries Required 1 lithium-ion battery
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Battery time is excellent
  • Wireless lithium-ion battery used for a great duration
  • Quiet amazing clipper
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Costly 

4. Wahl 5-Star Magic Clipper


Key Features
  • High speed electrical powerful motor
  • Convertible zero overlap sharp blades
  • Lithium-ion battery, running time about 1 hour and thirty minutes
  • Both used in the form of Corded\cordless

 Wahl 5-Star Magic Clipper is an amazing clipper in the world.

Most people in this world used the Wahl 5-star magic clipper for the cutting of all kinds of hair.

No difficulty in the use of Wahl 5-star magic clipper, calmly handle this clipper during the cutting of clipper.

The motor of this clipper consists of great speed electrical power runs at the voltage of 120V.

The sharp blades of this clipper used to cut the hair rapidly give a fine cut of hair. Lithium-ion battery takes one hour to recharge and its working time about ninety minutes.

Performance of the battery for the expert barber is too much important. This is because when the customer continuously comes into the barbershop.

The barbers want to continuously cut the hair to earn the money without any disturbance.

The weight of this clipper is 5 pounds means not a heavyweight clipper, pick in hand calmly for a long due to its ergonomic constitution. A lot of men used this clipper and give 5-star reviews due to its performance.

This 5-star clipper comes with an extra cord which is cheer for the expert barbers.

Dimension  1 * 1 * 1 inches 
Weight  1 pound
Product number  8418
Manufacturer  Wahl
Voltage 120V
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Running time of the battery is good works about 90 minutes
  • The arrangement is ergonomic to feely convenient in hand
  • After the use, the motor is no sizzling 
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Generate a minute of buzz

5. Andis Master Cordless Hair Clipper


Key Features
  • The motor of this clipper is electromagnetic that is powerful
  • The range of the sharp blades from 000 to 1 that is efficiently to change
  • Due to its arrangement is ergonomic fit in your hold
  • The battery of Lithium-io, working hour about the 1 hour and thirty minutes
  • Silent and cool working for about the hours

Andis Master cordless clipper is one of the amazing hair clippers in the world.

The purpose of this clipper used for all types of cutting of hair. Those people who have coiled hair are not worried about it how to cut hair.

Andis Master clipper best for it. The motor used by the Andis clipper is electromagnetic that generates at a high speed such as 14,000 strokes per minute.

That clipper has an electromagnetic motor that is affordable for the common men.

Because the electromagnetic motor is cheaper than other motors used by other clippers. 0 gapped stainless steel sharp blades effortlessly change with other blades.

The range of these blades is from 000 to 1. Without any pierce, these blades change calmly.

The body of Andis Master cordless clipper can’t break due to its aluminum material.

The shape of this clipper is perfectly fit in hand due to its ergonomic arrangement.

Without loss of strength,

Barbers use this clipper for the cutting of hair for the complete day due to its design.

The working of Andis Master’s cordless clipper motor is silent. You can see the motor of another clipper within half an hour start to heat, but the motor of this clipper cool for a long time.

As you know the cordless clipper always comes with a battery.

Different brands used different made up of materials.

The Andis master cordless clipper is made of a good quality lithium-ion battery, which you can use for many years. Guards are an important part of the clipper used for the defensive aim.

Dimension  2 * 1.8 * 6 inches 
Manufacturer Andis
Length  6
Warranty  1-year
Accessories  Oil and guards for blade
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  • Electromagnetic motor runs at 14,000 strokes per minute
  • Stainless steel sharp blades that are changeable
  • Can’t break due to the aluminum frame
  • Ergonomic scheme
  • Best  for a newbie
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  • Limited accessories

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A Buying Guide of Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper – What is each of the Devices?

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The  Hair clipper  consists of a great variety of accessories, which makes a hair clipper wonderful like guards are present on the blades for protection when it is not used. Combs are present a cap is also present on hair clipper oil and brush for cleaning.

The  Beard Trimmer  possesses an exchangeable guard, a tool for charging, attachment combs are also present. The beard trimmer also consists of a razor, oil, and brush for cleaning purposes. All these accessories make it the best beard trimmer on the market. This is the answer to what is the best beard trimmer on the market.

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The  Beard Trimmer  mainly works with long hair cutting. For this purpose, the beard trimmer contains comb attachments these combs arrange the length of your hair.

While the  Hair Clipper  used for the cutting of hair and its cutting is not very close. Mostly its function is the thinning the beard outgrowth for the shaves easily.

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The manufacturing of  Hair Clippers  is done with a stainless steel blade. These blades are not exposed to any type of corrosion. These blades are very sharp and can be used for a great time. It is because it cannot break easily as compared to blades which are made with metal. These blades are not good conductors of heat.

 Beard Trimmers  also possess stainless stain blades which are very useful for the sharp cutting of hair for long period. These blades can easily be clean. Beard trimmer also possesses other forms of blades like titanium. So you have an opportunity of using a hair clipper to trim your beard.

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There are three types of motors are used in the construction of any  Hair Clipper  such as rotary motor, pivot, or magnetic motor. The rotary motor is more powerful and is mostly present in the cordless clippers. While the electromagnetic can run the blade for hair cutting with more speed and this motor is best for the corded clipper.

 Beard Trimmer  is also composed of three kinds of motor similar to the hair clipper.

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There is a great diversity of hair clippers in the market in which some  Hair Clippers  are corded. These corded hair clippers have long wires to perform their work. There are some cordless hair clippers also available in the market. The cordless hair possesses a battery of lithium ions. The charging time of this hair clipper is less as compared to usage. If you charge it for one hour it can work for two hours. The  Beard Trimmer  is also composed of corded and cordless. When your charging is run out you can take work with the help of a corded beard trimmer. This is the reason for what is the best beard trimmer to buy.

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Clipper and trimmer possess some specific features that differ from the other.  No doubt the working of clipper and trimmer is best. The hair clipper is perfect for cutting hair, and the trimmer is used for beard-cutting and shaving.  Every man on this planet looks modern. Modern cutting depends on the stylish cutting of hair. We discussed the trimmer and hair by using different brands of the razor Vs shaver. All these are good in performing, not mislead you. 



Can I use a beard trimmer to cut hair?

Beard trimmer is specified for the cutting of the beard. We, not advise you to use the beard trimmer for the cutting of hair like the head. It is because a beard trimmer does not give good results when you use it for the cut hair. It may affliction the skin.

What types of motor used in beard trimmer or hair clipper?

There are three types of motors are used in the construction of any hair clipper such as rotary motor, pivot, or magnetic motor. The rotary motor is more powerful and is mostly present in the cordless clippers. While the electromagnetic can run the blade for hair cutting with more speed and this motor is best for the corded clipper. Beard trimmer also composed of three kinds of motor similar to the hair clipper.

How to use a beard trimmer?

It is simply to use the beard trimmer. First, you select the trimmer, set the guards of the trimmer, in front of the mirror set the bear with the help of a brush, and then run the trimmer in the upward movement. After the trimming, clean your neckline and trimmer.

What length beard trimmer settings?

The best length for the setting of the beard trimmer is 3-5mm. in the case when you have very long hair. This hair is hanging out from the top lip. You can easily use a beard trimmer length of setting to cut this hair.

Are the work of hair clipper and beard trimmer can be done by one?

The answer is yes, you can take the work of beard trimmer as well as hair clipper in one clipper. But that clipper is free you can have share cutting of hair with the help of bread trimmer. But it takes a bit more time so a hair clipper and beard trimmer in one is available. The beard trimmer is also composed of corded and cordless. When your charging is runout you can take work with the help of a corded beard trimmer. This is the reason for what is the best beard trimmer to buy.

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