Babyliss Double Foil Shaver FXFS2 VS FXFS1 Review

Babyliss Double Foil Shaver is an eye-catching shaver for men’s hairstyling and grooming. The Babyliss pro is a double foil cord and cordless metal shaver. Babyliss brand is leading with high-performances and advanced tools.

A supreme clipper is chosen by barbers, hairdressers, and customers for daily use. This is the best and high-performance tool for everyone. Babyliss pro clippers have features following which is mentioned below.

  • Double Offset Foil System
  • Hypoallergenic Gold Foils
  • Metal Housing
  • Strong Rotary Motor
  • Auto Cover and Shut-off
  • Corded and Cordless Clippers
  • 3 Hours of Run-time
  • Consists Storage Pouch
  • Replacement Foils and Cutters

There is a customer who ordered it and found a used clipper so he is unhappy with it. He posted the pictures of Babyliss foil shaver rose gold as he checked it. More reviews are that it is quite expensive.

It has a premium look but the performances of Babyliss double foil shaver and Andis pro foil are the same. Although, the Babyliss clippers are more powerful. On the whole many people are super happy with this premium and glossy shaver.

Many professionals, barbers, and users recommend it for its mind-blowing performance. It has been gifted to the son by his dad; he has fallen in love with this clipper. 99% reviews are positive for best electric shaver 2020.

People who have been using it are committed that the Babyliss foil shaver is giving a heavy-duty performance which is quite sleek very well in cutting.

Users, who have used it, said that it goes against the grain and gives smooth shaving. Altogether we can say that Babyliss pro foil FX is a winning product.

Babyliss Double Foil Shaver FXFS2 VS FXFS1 – Comparison, Similarities, Differences:

Babyliss Pro Rotary Motor

  • Babyliss pro silver FX trimmer is made up of metal housing and facilitates with a rotary motor.
  • The rotary motor is relatively powerful and delivers maximum power for close shaving.

Babyliss Pro Replacement Foils and Cutters/ blades

  • Babyliss gold FX trimmer blade gives a close shaving experience to the neck, hairline, and face.
  • Babyliss pro uses titanium blades for finishing fades and styling.
  • Foils and cutters are replaceable when need to clean them. Just remove the foil and rise-off the hair from the blades with the help of a brush.
  • The titanium blades are fast and prevent burns and cut on the face and neck.
  • It’s a perfect tool for close shaving and hairlines all around. It takes all the hairs quickly in the foil and removes them gently.

Babyliss Corded and Cordless Battery and Charger 

  • Babyliss foil shaver gold is corded and cordless required a lithium-ion battery.
  • On a full charge, it gives 3 hours of run-time. It comes with a pouch known as a storage pouch.
  • It has a 3-meter long charging cord.
  • Premium style double foil in silver color comes with a charger, a mini brush.
  • It comes with a hard premium case. When you don’t use it, you can keep it in that hard case.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer Babyliss Pro
  • Dimensions 18.75 x 8 x 9 inches
  • Weight 1 Pound
  • Head type Foil
  • Color Silver

Product Specifications

  • Special Hypoallergenic, All Metal-Housing, Gold Foils,
  • Features Double Offset Foil System
  • Model FXFS2
  • Battery Required 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Voltage Dual Volt
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  • Premium quality.
  • All Metal Housing comes with a storage pouch.
  • More power, fewer prices.
  • Corded and cordless use.
  • Uses dual voltage.
  • 2 years warranty.
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  • It can irritate your skin if pushed hard on your skinFor adjustment, it can take 2 or 4 weeks.
  • Shaver sometimes gets warm.

Weak Points of Babyliss Pro Titanium Foil Shaver

It may irritate the skin when pushing it to the skin. Moreover, its premium look makes it a little bit expensive. It may be heavy for you to hold it for a long time.

Especially for hairdressers and barbers who have to hold it all day while styling their customer’s hair. They have to spend a lot of time with it and due to its metal housing body; it becomes heavier to hold it for long.

Babyliss Double Foil Shaver FXFS2 VS FXFS1

Babyliss Double Foil Shaver

There is a little difference in Babyliss Double Foil Shaver FXFS2 and FXFS1. You can clearly identify that difference with the help of table that is mentioned below.

Babyliss FXFS1 Babyliss FXFS2
All Metal-Housing Clippers All Metal-Housing Clippers
Gold Single Foil System, Hypoallergenic Double Foil System Offset, Hypoallergenic
Strong Rotary Motor Strong Rotary Motor
Cordless, AA battery required, 5 hours of Runtime Cordless, Lithium-ion battery required, 3 hours of Runtime
Storage Pouch is included Storage Pouch is included
2-Years Warranty 2-Years Warranty
Shutoff, Auto Cover Shutoff, Auto Cover

Final Perceptions

Finally, you can say that you have the best tool for your grooming professionally at home. Babyliss pro FX is a famous product among many users. It is acceptable for sensitive skin. It does a great job for the face, neck, and haircuts.

It is also safe and easy to use. It does not give any harm to your skin. It has a double offset foil system. It has replacement foils and blades. Its titanium blade is sharp to shave quickly and the rotary motor has great power to give quick results in minutes.

Its lithium-ion battery delivers up to 3 hours of run time in full charge. It is charged via a corded charger. A storage pouch is included with its kit. A premium hard case makes it more unique and good to keep it in the case for protection.

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Babyliss double foil shaver is a well-known tool among professionals, hairstylists, and barbers and they recommend it to own for personal use at anytime and anywhere. It has many users who like its premium and glossy look.

It gives its best for all-purpose hairstyling and cuttings. A zero-gapped and close shaving clipper is just awesome and you can’t deny its quality features.



May I use shaving cream with Babybliss shaver?

Answer.  It’s for dry use. You can’t use shaving cream with it.

What does its best voltage for use?

Answer. It has double voltage. It may use 110V or 120V.

Can I use it all over my body? 

Answer. Not recommended, I would suggest you use it for face, neck, and haircut or hair lining.

Does it have a charger stand or have a corded charger?

Answer. No, it doesn’t have a charger stand. It comes with a corded charger. 

Does it come with a replacement foil or a cutter with its package?

Answer.  It has only one cutter including in it. You have to buy a replacement cutter separately.

How can I get a charger in case of losing its original charger?

Answer. You can get the charger from the manufacturer or you can place an order through Amazon.

Can I keep this for traveling? 

Answer. Yes, you can take this anywhere you want. Even if you are traveling in other countries, you can take it along.  

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