Andis Supra ZR Review

Andis Supra ZR Review in 2021 – Detachable Blade Clipper

I have been personally using this Andis clipper in my daily routine for many years because of the excellent features and incredible results. This is the primary tool kit when the first day I went to the hair salon. It’s getting so popular these days and has been well-made with high-quality material. Before Oster was provided the detachable clippers but now Andis is also providing the detachable clippers that are why now Andis Supra ZR has become the top brand in the market. I cannot deny this thing because many times I got the smooth result from this clipper and attractive look than others. Now you can get a saloon-type haircut at home, it can save you lots of time. You don’t need to go every day to saloon and wastage time. That is why I would recommend you to use it.

Overview of Andis Supra ZR

This Andis Supra ZR is available with a cordless detachable blade that provides heavy-duty for any Barber. The specialty of this clipper is that it can be work for two hours after the full charge. It has the lithium-ion battery design which is available with the rotary motor feature that can be cut any type of hair dry or wet. This ZR clipper has five different speed options that will be work from 1800 to 3800 per minute strokes. Plus, it has the Andis 000 Ceramic Ultra edge blade. It is convenient for charging and storage base clippers.

This Andis Supra ZR is the first aim for all the professional Barber and hairdressers. For those people, who want the buzz cutting at home and looking for a quality cordless clipper then this is the perfect option. This detachable clipper is one of the excellent deals which is available with a clipper comb that gives the various effect of blending. It can be work on 5/8 inches length.

Andis Supra ZR clipper feels really smooth while making a haircut but it’s a little bit heavy than other brands. The unique thing about this clipper is that this is a little bit narrow than my previous cordless clipper. I really like this thing; it has a comfortable grip to hold.

How Does It Work

The important thing to know the usage of any clipper, if you’re facing any kind of problem to use then doesn’t matter how much it is a big brand. Without providing the good features, all the brands are useless that is why Andis Supra ZR has more focused on adding their new features like effective blades, powerful motor, smooth grip to hold, and slim design as well. It has a tough polymer housing design that provides extra durability to use. The popularity of the Supra ZR clipper is that it has more versatile and flexible than the other brand clippers. This rotary motor has a lesser sound and a much cooler system.

The Andis Supra ZR challenges that it can be work continually two hours after the full charged. Moreover, it can be used on both dry and wet hair that will perform very well without damaging your skin. After upgrading the new features, the clipper can be work for shaving as well which is an amazing thing for all of you. With the eight hours shift, you just need to put on the charging and dealing with the customer, after the dealing just grab and apply on the customer’s hair. When you have done this process, you can put it again on the charging that how you can use it the whole day.

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Andis Supra ZR II Features and Functionalities

Here are some of the following features that Andis Supra ZR has given:

  • Powerful and Durable Motor:

Andis Supra ZR has a strong rotary motor that is quite durable everywhere and every clipper has some great features and functionality to compete in the market. Without having great features, you cannot survive there that is why Andis’s supra ZR clipper is on the top. Its motor has a lesser chance for damage which is a great feature of its motor. It has specially manufactured with thick carbon steel and ceramic, but its detachable blade is a little bit harder than the adjustable one. The teeth of the Andis Supra ZR have a larger girth.

  • Bulk Cutting:

Andis Supra ZR has the ability to handle any kind of haircut even it is a perfect choice for lots of haircuts. So you don’t need to worry about bulk cutting because it will meet your all requirement. Moreover, it has the lesser chances to slow down and get stuck anywhere.

  • No Needed Attachments:

While using the adjustable clipper, it can work one-handed. It means you don’t need to use such kind of attachment because an adjustable blade will help you out in maintaining your haircut. It has a powerful and sharper blade that can be work for any length. Even it has a plastic attachment that you can use it.

  • Detachable Blade:

Andis has great work with the cordless detachable cutter. The size of this masterpiece is only 1.1 LBS that’s quite lightweight than other brands. It looks really slim and compact design as well. The supra zr is available in #000 heavy-duty with ceramic detachable blades that are quite versatile in design and dark-toned colors. Moreover, it has a different variety of blade series like CeramicEdge UltraEdge, the Oster Classic 76, and the Oster Titan blade series as well.

  • Excellent Battery Life:

The battery life of this clipper is quite amazing even it has the feature to replace easily. With having a powerful battery, it can be used for more than 2 hours and will take only 30 to completely heap up. After using the clipper, simply turn it off and put on the charging.

  • Extra Cool Features

It has a great LED lighting display where you can easily monitor the accurate cooling level and speed setting. Moreover, if you’re a traveler or planning to go somewhere, then this is the perfect clipper for you to carry anywhere. It can be used from 100v to 240v.

  • Weak points of the Supra ZR

Might be you have seen that it is a little bit expensive than other brands because of its incredible performance and the great functions. It’s a perfect choice for many professional barbers. With the Supra ZR, you’ll get only the #000 blade but if you want to make a different hairstyle then you’ll have to buy the #000 CeramicEdge Blade that is the only week point I have seen.

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Final Thoughts:

In the end, we must say that many expert and professional Barbers are using this Andis Supra ZR cordless clipper so you should also try it once without any hesitating. Because it provides excellent performance, along with the performance, it gives amazing features like durability, 5-speed rotary motor, sharper blade, and slim design as well. It means no other brand gives this kind of features that is why it’s more demanding in the market. If you’re also finding a clipper with all these amazing features then I would suggest you use it. If you have any questions regarding this clipper then you can ask in the comment box here.


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