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Andis Stylist Combo Envy 66280 Clipper Review in 2021

Are you on a budget? Are you looking for an all-in-one tool that will work for hair, neckline, and beard to trim? Andis is trustworthy and fulfills all your needs. It gives you classical styling and you can relate it to your barber’s tool. Do you want to buy it? I’ll give you all the advice you need in this Andis Stylist Combo review. A professional hair trimmer and a barber clipper are more than an affordable package of Andis stylist combo clippers. Andis Stylist Combo performs to the customers and tells the feature that it comes out with. You get this efficient hair clipper and trimmer, with a profitable price range. This tool can also use for the best Andis clipper for fades. The qualities make it the best Andis clipper due to comparing with features and cost. Moreover, Andis Stylist Combo perfect for family haircuts! The barbers and stylist, the T-Outliner blade is the best prime. A hanger loop is offered by the company for moving easily.

 An Overview of Andis stylist Combo

Many people have been using the Andis stylish combo for many years and they personally like its features and quality. It gives zero-gap shaving and has sharp blades. It doesn’t make noise and gives great cutting. Many people are satisfied but some have got it offensive. It didn’t work well for them and the motor stopped working due to the hairline. One of the customers said that the 1 attachment was missing and it might be a used clipper so he wanted to replace it. Although, he is a user of Andis products and he has been using them for many years. So, he trusts Andis products and likes these products.

Shortcomings of Andis Stylist Combo

Andis barber combo sallys becomes hot when using it constantly. The powerful electromagnetic motors of the Andis barber clippers: tend to get warm easily. Andis stylist combo is not made up of metal; it gets hot in 15 minutes while using it. This is the defect of Andis clippers, and this defect can be solved if you bombard some coolant in the mix.

As I have stated above that the clippers become hot. It is due to the aluminum body of Andis’s master. Its blades can become hot against the scalp of your client. To resolve this issue and for detailed work with these clippers, you can use the backup clippers. You can upgrade your clipper in this way. Another thing is its plastic guard that feels a little flimsy as compared to other Andis master clippers.

In any case, what I suggest you always Envy clipper is US-1 it fits the single magnetic Nano guards. I persuade you: your cutting games will change. Using more secure attachments with your Andis combo set can help you.

Features of Andis Stylist Combo Envy

Andis Stylist combo comes with the following features that make it popular with barbers and experts.

  • T-Outliner blade of Andis Combo

Carbon steel is the composition of the T-Outliner blade. The T-Outline blade slices hair closely and its blades stay sharp for a long time. For trimming, and shaving, a T-Outliner trimmer is best. Edge blade cheer with T-Outliner. High-speed blade clipper good is for all-around styling.

  • Fine Teeth of Andis Combo

The fine teeth of Andis Stylist Combo are ideal for an all-around hairstyle and are useful for chopping well-defined.

  • High -Speed Magnetic Motors

The magnetic motor in this clipper that gives you high performance means high speed.

  • Whisper Quiet

Andis Stylist Combo is one of the quietest hair clippers. It’s motor quiet and cool.

  • Cool Running Operation

After the use of it, the Andis combo remains hot. You would have an experience with the Andis clipper if you are an older user of it. A newbie doesn’t have the same experience. The unique feature of this trimmer it’s motor quiet and cool.

  • Hanger Loop of Andis Stylist Combo

For storage, and moving easy, not drop from the table company provides you a hanger loop; it is a great benefit for the barber. Figuration to fit your hand comfortably.

Andis Stylist Combo Performance

Overall, the comb performs more than satisfactorily for casual users or semi-professionals. The electromagnetic motor of the Andis master takes up to 7200 strokes per minute. It is powerful as Wahl clippers, but the price of Wahl clipper is quite handsome than Andis clippers. The same thing will be told to you when you go through Andis clipper’s master reviews. The Andis clippers can’t serve a lot of clients in a day. A lot of clients especially if you have thick, curly hair. A bit of struggle is taken by the clipper with challenging hair.

The blades are made up of carbon-coated stainless steel are adjustable. The lengths of blades are controlled between #1 to #000. It helps you in choosing your cutting style.  They do an overall nice job, very flexible in terms of application to performing fades or shape us, from styling and chopping wet hair. Andis stylist combo cuts hair, comfortably, quiet, and easy to use.

Even little fades are nice easy to do. It is easy to blend in without leaving any line, but for a tight fade, I wouldn’t try to 0 gaps these and does skin fade. They are superb for a new barber to start with these clippers. It helps in learning ropes while coming to the fades.  An electromagnetic motor also runs on the trimmer and performs well. This is not a GTX T-Outliner!  It looks like glossy black, but it’s closer to the standard T-Outliner trimmer with T-blade. The T-Outliner is a very good set of trimmers that may barbers use for years without thinking of changing since they get the job done. The ability does not draft you away with their performance; they are the workhorse of a trimmer. Carbon-coated blade features slightly deeper teeth; they help to trim mass hair, which is an aggressive type of hair like, curly hair. The T-blade is very sharp and can cut you a bit, so it’s my advice that trimming with the guards that you have given, you can go with it on your neckline.

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Andis Stylist Combo Motor

  • Magnetic type Motor
  • Strokes per Minutes-7200 spm
  • Volts required this combo-120 V
  • The frequency required this combo-60 Hz

Andis Stylist Combo Blade #1

  • Item Number of this model-66240
  • Name of blade-US-1 Replacement Blade Set
  • Carbon Steel Material is required for this model

Andis Stylist Combo BLADE #2 

  • Item Number of this model-04850
  • Deep Tooth T-Outliner Replacement Blade is the name of the blade
  • Carbon Steel Material is required for this model

Andis Stylist includes

  • GTX Trimmer and Professional Envy Clipper
  • 6 Clipper of Andis attachment combo
  • 4 Trimmer of Andis attachment combs
  • Oil for blade
  • Operating Instruction of Andis stylist combo

Product Specifications

  • Model of Anis Stylist Combo-US-1\GTO
  • Item Number of model-66280
  • UPC Code of Andis Stylist-0 40102 66280 5
  • Model weight -1.1 lbs.
  • Model Length -7.00
  • This model has required batteries-1 Lithium-ion batteries
  • Polymer Material Body
  • Black Glass finish

What’s in the Box of the Andis Combo Set?

In this Andis Stylist combo review, you get so much stuff; you will realize that Andis Stylist Combo looks like a gift box. It’s slightly heavier with its hard plastic, the glossy black body; it’s more compact and bigger than another barber clipper at 7″ and 1.1 lbs. An Envy clipper is one of the Andis medium budget pro tools. For perfect styling, shaving, outlining, and trimming, every professional wants the perfect tools. All the essentials of the Andis Stylist Combo Kit were designed to combine into one convenient Kit. A T-Outliner Trimmer and an Envy Professional Hair Clipper include in the Andis Stylist Combo Kit. The Envy is uniquely balanced and ergonomically designed. Its motor gives 7200 cutting strokes per minute. A quiet and cool motor is just amazing.

Dress with great fine tooth blades, the T-Outliner assures a close and excellent trim with every use. The Andis barber combo remains comfortably fit in your hand. Firm and strong blades give accurate cutting and they use the power in both ways of cutting strokes. For changing the voltage, you don’t need internal oil arrangements. For more blooming the clippers, oil and blades serve a lot for awesomeness. The Andis Stylist Combo is a balanced trimmer combo for stylists.  Andis barber combo cordless clippers blades are quite close to Andis T-outliner trimmers and they use the frequency of 120\ 60Hz. The same use the clippers. Andis master clippers combo is quite light hair clippers on the market. If you hate noisy clippers, Andis Stylist Combo is one of the quietest hair clippers than the other heavy-cut barber tools on the market. Its motor’s quiet and cool operation boots the clipper’s quality usability quality.

Andis Stylist plastic combo cutting your hair at home, and will help you give a regular haircut tapered on the side. Moreover, the blade is made up of carbon-steel works well for close-cutting of all hair along with facial hair.

Some accessories are given to you free by the company. These includes one guard and six attachments like _1\16″, 1\4″, 3\8″, 1\2″, 3\4″. You’ll also grab four trimmer attachments_1\16″, 1\8″, 1\4″, 3\8″. For more updates on the Andis Stylist Combo review stay connected with us.

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  • T-Outline blade
  • Cool running
  • The magnetic motor produces motor power
  • Reliability product and accurate cutting
  • Amazing quality and a good combo set
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  • Sometimes overheat
  • Sometimes create Vibration
  • No starter lube and loose-fitting attachment
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Andis master Combo clippers will not be disappointed you. It is a lightweight and ergonomic Cordless Envy Clipper that features a premium adjustable surgical fade blade or a close cutting blade. Andis professional clipper and trimmer combo set is well -designed machine with its design and advice by the customer review. The Andis combo set is stylish in design and I personally like it. The Andis trimmers and clippers have the ability to do any hair-cutting jobs with all joy. The Andis clippers provide you all the guidelines for managing your cutting tools. For those who use the clippers at home on their own, they have the perfect choice of Andis clippers.


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