Andis Speedmaster 2

Andis Speedmaster 2 Cordless Review in 2021 Updated

A magical tool for men’s grooming and styling that enhances the personality. Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers are one of them. The tool is not only for beard and mustaches but can also trim hair. Some sharper trimmers do a single job and some Speedmaster 2 clippers and do multiple jobs. They are known as professional trimmers. Most Barbers possess professional trimmers to make their customers happy by doing professional works. In this article, we will acknowledge you about Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers. You will be able to know all about Andis Speedmaster parts. A Speedmaster Andis clipper consists of the following parts that are given below.

Consider These Things Before Buying Andis Speedmaster 2:

Blades of Clipper

Blades means to clean mustaches and beards. Unnecessary hair can be removed by these blades. Some (trimmers_KW) consisting of a variety of T-blades. T-blades edges are curved that can be used to access ears, neck, beard, and mustaches easily.

  • The Andis Speedmaster uses ceramic blades in clippers. While other models have stainless steel blades.
  • Ceramic blades are expensive and sharp. They give a smooth shaving experience with their sharp blades.
  • Ceramic blades stay cooler while using. This makes the difference among all other models.

Body Cover and Weight

Every Andis clippers have different body material and weight. Body material is another thing that to check the quality product and weight depends on its material. Both things relate to each other.

  • The body material of Andis Speedmaster ll clippers is eye-catching. It is made up of chrome-plated plastic.
  • Its material design is smooth and persistent that can be used for a long.
  • Its weight is quite different from other clippers. 0.9 Ibs lightweight machine measures 6.
  • You can carry it with its lightweight that is just perfect while holding heavyweight trimmers can slow down the grip. It prevents hand cramps with its lightweight.
  • The clipper has rubber on its top for grip and it also helps in a phase of ergonomics.

Guards of Clipper

Clipper guards are also known as attachment combs that are used to measure hair length for cutting by barbers. The attachment combs are available in different sizes. Some attachments are short and some are long and their sizes are set on millimeters or inches.

  • Andis clippers set come with 9 guards in different sizes.
  • The kit includes a blade guard, clipper oil, and blade cleaner brush.

Power Motor

Andis clippers cordless are consisting of three types of motors i.e. magnetic, pivot, and rotary. Rotary may supply direct current while both magnetic and pivot uses magnetic force.

  • Andis master is consisting of magnetic motors that make it four times powerful.
  • This magnetic motor Andis clipper is common among professionals and barbers for all kinds of stylings.

Overview of Andis Speedmaster 2 Clippers

Many users are completely satisfied with the Andis clippers combo and enjoyed using it. They can have a haircut on their own easily that grooms them professionally.  The clipper’s noise is less and lightweight that is easy to hold. Where some people are happy, on the other hand, some have a bad experience with it. They found previously used clippers. Some people have issues with its attachments combs and clippers oil. The attachment combs are not according to their need. They are having length issues and cheap quality, therefore, they have to buy them separately which cost them. And clippers oil vanished sooner while using. The users have shown interest in considering the buying knowledge about blade care and antiseptic. They should be provided the information, they want to know.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer is Andis
  • Dimensions are 25.4 x 19.69 5.72 inches
  • Model is 24145
  • Ceramic blades
  • Long-run motor and quiet
  • Work for dry and wet hair
  • Cooler blades than conventional
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  • Ceramic blades remain cooler.
  • Quiet and lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • Long-lasting and adjustable blades.
  • Helps in ergonomic.
  • Easy to use.
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  • It gives vibration.
  • Not good for bulk cutting.
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Andis Speedmaster 2 Clippers vs Oster Fast Feed Clippers

A variety of clippers has been introduced in the market. It becomes difficult to select the best one for use. Andis Speedmaster is a well-known clipper and we have compared it from the Oster fast feed. You have provided all the information about Andis clippers now there’s another trimmer clipper for you. Let us do a comparison in both and find that which one is the best trimmer.

Oster fast feed specifications are given below

  • The manufacturer is Oster.
  • Dimensions are 6 x 3 x 10 inches.
  • Weight is 1 pound.
  • Model is 76023-510
  • A powerful pivot motor.
  • Adjustable steel blades.
  • Corded
  • Blades safety guard, 4 cutting combs, grease oil, and cleaner brush.

An Oster fast feed clipper does not make any noise while an Andis Speedmaster ll makes vibration. Oster clippers size is small while Andis Speedmaster size is a little bigger. Both have pivot motors. Oster feed fast has steel blades while Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers have ceramic blades. Andis clippers blades stay cooler that differentiates it from Oster feed clippers. Oster clippers and Andis clippers both are being used for wet and dry hair. There isn’t much difference in both clippers’ weight. Oster is a fast and trimmer as compared to Andis. Oster clippers are not much expensive than Andis clippers. Oster clippers’ price is $71 while Andis master clippers’ price is $109.

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Final determination

On the whole, we have come to the final decision of both the clippers that which one is better? Andis clippers are much better than Oster clippers. Four times powerful and best-considered clippers. Its blades adjustment from 000 to 1. This has nine attachment combs from 0 to 8. This includes 1/16″ (1.5mm), 1/8″ (3mm), 1/4″ (6mm), 3/8″ (10mm), 1/2″ (13mm), 5/8″ (16mm), 3/4″(19mm), 7/8″  (22mm), 1(25mm). It has a pivot motor and 3400 strokes per minute. Andis clippers blades are specially designed for barbers’ professional jobs.


Personal Recommendations

I have been using Andis Speedmaster 2 clippers for 2 years and I am amazed and satisfied with Andis clippers. I can use them on my beards, mustaches, and for a haircut as well. As it comes with all its attachments including combs, guard, and other additional things are lubricant oil, cleaning brush, and blade guards. So I can use it by myself at home. I even can have a haircut with the help of measuring combs. One thing I would like to clear is that it is not good in bulk cutting. But it is ideal for use at home. Everyone can use it easily. It’s not faster that’s why does not give cuts. I show my positive impression towards Andis Speedmaster ii clippers.

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