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Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver vs Wahl 5 Star Shaver Shape Review

Several queries have been received asking about the comparison of Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver. No doubt, it is our mistake, we are now going to publish about this topic. After studying in-depth, we have in our front beautiful shavers like Andis Profoil and Wahl’s 5-star shaver. Wahl Finale is also a popular shaver on our list. I love Andis’s Profoil as I recently used this. Its durability and long-lasting battery enforced me to love this product. Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver is the contest of barber’s foil shaver in which we consider the competition of Andis Profiol vs Wahl’s 5 Star shaver.

Comparison Chart of the Two (02) Shavers Mentioned Above: –

Best Pick
Andis Profoil

  • • Useable for sensitive skin,
  • • More than one hour battery life.
  • • Hypo-allergenic titanium foil
Best Pick
Wahl 5 star Shaper

  • • Extraordinary for sensitive skin
  • • About One Hour battery Time
  • • Hypo-allergenic gold-coated foil
Best Pick
Wahl 5 star Finale

  • • Good to reduce razor bump
  • • About one and half hour battery Time
  • • Hypo-allergenic gold-coated foil

It is evident that The Finale is the only an improved form of shaver in terms of battery as its battery lasts –to 90 minutes but it has fragile foil despite good bump reduction capacity.

To review Andis Profoil vs Wahl 5 star Shaver vs Wahl Final, these are the main factors to be considered to decide which one is the best.

  • Quality and body and it is material
  • How much power it consumed i.e watt
  • Duration of battery
  • Closeness/smoothness of the foil cut

It is appreciable for you to read the in-depth comparison to understand which shaver best suits your need. All the aforementioned shavers can give slick bald looks and work as foil shaver according to our needs.

Body and Material of Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver

Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver

Andis Profoil Shaver has a size of 4.75 inches and weight 0.2 lbs body. There is a little bit of sturdiness as it is the mode of the grayish polymer. Due to its material, it is durable and, no doubt, it is at the cost of lightweight comfort.

The size of the Wahl’s shaver shaper is smaller as compared with Andis Profoil i.e. 4.6” inches but its weight is about double the former i.e. 0.36 lbs ounces. It does not mean that it is hard to work with this shaver as a lot of people prefer to use a bit heavy shaver like Wahl’s shaver. The textured body of Wahl gives a strong grip and does not allow the shave to slip out of the hand of its user.

Andis and Wahl, both, have features of Hypo-Allergenic Foil but the former depends upon titanium and the latter has a delicate gold coating for a smooth shaving experience.

It is important to mention here that both the products have very thin foil over their blades.  It is necessary to have extremely thin foils so that they can cut the hair when they are closed to the holes but too thin can cause the foil to break. For sensitive skin, Wahl’s super is the best foil model.

While shaving, one can feel the pressure. You should be careful while shaving with Wahl’s super shaver as has sensitive foils as compare to Andis Profoil and there are chances you may damage it.

It is a big myth to press harder the shaver for a smooth and clean shave which is not true and the reality is its opposite. When you press harder the shaver, the blades cannot pass into the skin and do not work properly. You need to push the shaver with reasonable force making contact with the skin and have a beautiful shave. You need to move the shaver on the same spot more than one time to have a clean shave. Try to avoid burning the razor by pressing hard. If you press hard the razor, there is more chance the razor burn if the foil not breaks.

Several people do not like to use a lightweight shave and Wahl’s Shaver is the best suited to them. The Rating of both in terms of material is as under: –

  • Andis Profoil: 90%
  • Wahl’s Shaver Shaper: 82%

Power & Battery:

Andis is more powerful in terms of Battery Only. It has 9400 strokes / Minute Lithium rotary motor. The Motor of Wahl is also powerful but it is not at par with Andis due to battery life. The battery of Andis lasts up to 80 minutes when it is fully charged while Wahl’s shaver shaper runs only for 60 minutes. Despite battery time, its technology is also considered. The Andis has the latest Lithium-ion and Wahl comprises the older Nicad battery type.  The rechargeable battery is not for life and one day may stop storing the energy and will not be able to get full and also stored energy will be used quickly in these batteries. In the nutshell, Andis battery will last longer while shaving than Wahl’s shaver.

NiCad is also known as Memory of the battery. With the continuous use and passage of time, there is depletion in battery charge, and devices using NiCad decreased their cutting capacity. But this is not in the case of Li-Ion technology. One can use Andis and Wahl’s corded shavers but in cordless feature, Andis has its superiority over Wahl. The former can be used globally as it runs on 100-240V and 50/60 HZ. The Rating of Andis Shaver Vs Wahls Shaver is as under: –

  • Andis Profoil             95%
  • Wahl Shaver Shaper 80%

Closeness / Smoothness Of The Foil Cut:

This is the most complex portion to elaborate but Andis Profoil and Wahl’s shavers are much efficient in their working. They both can be used for finishing purposes such as effacing necklines and removing the stubbles everyone tries to get rid of. Both the shavers are working well for providing a smooth bald look and polish well your dome as well. For extra sensitive skin, Wahl 5 Star performs better well as compared with Andis. If the skin of someone prone to bumps and irritation, the Andis Profoil #17150 will not provide you smooth cutting experience. In conclusion, we may say that Wahl’s Shaver performs better in terms of closeness/smoothness of the shave. The final rate of Andis vs Wahl Shavers in terms of smoothness is as under: –

  • Andis Profoil 85%
  • Wahl Shaver Shaper 90%
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Andis Shaver vs Wahl Shaver: Brand History:

Andis and Wahl are both well-reputed brands in the field of hair care and, no doubt, you have heard a lot about them if you want to buy a shaver or have the interest to buy a shaver the in future. Wahl came into existence about a hundred years ago in America with its headquarter in Illinois. It is well known for manufacturing various types of clippers. The quality of its clipper is very good. It is one of the best clipper brands around the world. Andis is less popular as compared with Wahl and came into being in 1922, a few years after Wahl. Andis is created by an Australian person and shifted to the US for brand building and now it is also in the most popular brands around the world.

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Final Decision:

In this article, we have compared the two best products of Shaver. It is not an easy task to compare two products in any niche. It needs a lot of attention and research. After doing a lot of research and analysis of both models, we have come to the result that Andis Shaver is a little bit better as compared with Wahl Shaver. The former has good battery timing and is also durable. Andis Shaver vs Wahl 5 Star shaver, both are considerable but the former is the best but Walsh performs better in terms of smoothness of the shave. I have tested both of the shavers and it is very hard for me to choose which one I should choose as no shaver is deniable between the two. If you enforce me to choose at least one of the two, I will go with Wahl. Both the shavers are extraordinary in their field. You just have to decide which will work better for you and select according to your choice.


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