Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver

Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver Review in 2021 Updated

An electric-powered tool used to clean beards, mustaches, and haircut is known as a trimmer or shaver. Andis profoil lithium plus shaver is a small hypo-allergenic shaver. It gently removes hair on the area where you move it. A simple electrical and cordless tool for cleaning.  Andis foil shaver head gives close shaving and removes stubbles. It supports a lithium-ion battery that gives maximum power for close shaving. The battery can give 80 minutes job on a single charging. Andis shaver consists of the following parts that are given below.

Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver Review:

Main Parts:

Profoil Lithium Blades

Andis foil shaver head uses gold titanium blades for a perfect and clean look. It’s quite safe and can be used for all types of skins. The foil shapes are octagonal that catches hair perfectly. Its hypoallergenic titanium foil gives an amazing cut. Each cutter blades consist of dual single drive shafts for the finest result. Foils and cutters are replaceable.

Profoil Lithium Plus Battery

Andis profoil lithium shaver is supported by a lithium-ion battery. A powerful battery that runs for 80 minutes on a single charge and gives stunning results. It doesn’t draw or booth during cutting. The battery is charged on a premium charging stand.

Profoil Lithium Plus Motor

Andis foil shaver head has a rotary motor that has maximum power and undemanding use. It cuts off stubbles and gives the final touch of fade styling. This effortless Andis shaver replacement foil can easily remove hair from the neck, face, and head. It does not make noise. It takes 9000spm strokes per minute. It uses 50/ 60 Hz frequency and voltage is 100/ 240V. This mini machine does numerous jobs and amazed everyone.

Additional Accessories

Andis clippers cordless come with additional accessories. The accessories include a dual voltage charger, charger stand, brush, and blade guard. All these additional accessories come along it and it doesn’t cost much. The blades are replaceable for cleaning and for charging them. It’s easy to charge via a charger stand.

Key Features

Manufacturer Andis
Weight 5 ounces
Dimensions 8.07 x 5.24 x 2.83 inches
Battery Lithium-ion
Model 17150

About Andis Shavers

Andis profoil copper is a stunning shaver that ultimately gives close shaving. Its titanium blades are hypoallergenic and do not give skin burns. It is safe and can be used on all types of skin. It gives a close shave and a haircut. Andis profoil copper does not give irritation to the skin.

On a single charge, it delivers 80 minutes of runtime due to its lithium-ion powerful battery. It comes with a premium charger stand. This mini clipper is light weighted and easy to handle for the neck, face, and hair. It’s rotary motor is super powerful and quiet in use. It is available cordless and corded.

Its voltage is 100 t0 240V while the frequency is 50 to 60Hz. It gives 9000 strokes per minute. Andis foil shaver sallys perfect for stubble cut-off and fades finishing. A polymer material grey mini Andis with 5 ounces weight is designed to deliver you a full-fledge shaving experience.


Product Model Number TS-2 17200
Length 4.60
Material Polymer
Category Rotary motor
Voltage 100/ 240V
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
Inner Cutters Lithium Titanium Foil Assembly

Weak points of Andis foil shaver head

Andis clippers blades may be fragile. It may break if falls accidentally. While removing foil you should be careful about cleaning its blades. In case of break down, you would buy them separately.

It might not work on thick long hair. It does not come with oil for cleaning; you have to buy oil separately. Oil is a must for sharp and clean blades. Cleaning the Andis shaver properly on daily basis can work for a long time.

Overview of Andis shaver gold

There are many positive reviews of Andis profoil lithium plus shaver and some negative reviews as well. Those who are satisfied with Andis foil have been using it for months. They have used many brands but after using Andis profoil for bald heads, they are happier and prefer it for the rest of life.

They considered it much better and powerful. It has a plastic guard for foil protection. It is simple to clean it with its brush. Just remove the foil and rise-off hair with the help of a brush.

After this, take a drop of oil and apply it to the blades for cleaning. It’s been working for 4 months for those users who have liked it.

Good quality, powerful shaver for close shave and haircutting. It takes all the hair in the blades and removes them gently. It doesn’t cost much. On the other hand, Andis profoil lithium shaver review is also bad for those who have used it. They have revealed that it doesn’t clean thick hair and gives irritation.

When the customer thought of returning it, they were told that this item can’t be returned. Another issue with it is that it stopped working after 3 months. The reviews are fluctuating between these issues. These issues can be resolved easily to make Andis foil more popular.

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Andis profoil lithium plus shaver is an amazing power tool for shaving and haircutting. It gives close shaving and easy to clean. It is not that much expensive and everyone can afford it. Andis profoil lithium plus contains a brush, charger stand, blade guard, and dual voltage charger in addition. A mini shaver can be taken anywhere even if you are traveling. It can be used anywhere, anytime. It takes less time to shave hair. Lithium plus is a quick shaver with non-stop working. It has a Long-lasting battery with less charge.



Question                                 Does this come with additional accessories? 

Answer                                    Yes, it comes with additional accessories. It comes with a brush, charger, and blade guard.

Question                                 What blades does the Andis profoil lithium plus shaver have?

Answer                                    It has titanium blades.

Question                                 How can I clean them? Can anyone guide please?

Answer                                    Sure why not! Replace the foil carefully, now clean it. Clean the blades with the help of a cleaning brush. After that use a drop of oil on its blades for its sharpening and cleaning.

Question                                 What voltage does it have?

Answer                                    Its voltage is 100/ 240V.

Question                                 How efficient does it work?

Answer                                    I am using it with 000 and it is working efficiently with it. I don’t know about its actual moving foils. It is an amazing shaver for me.

Questions                                Is it corded or cordless?

Answer                                    It comes in corded and cordless both. The choice is yours.

Question                                 Is it refundable if having issues with it?

Answer                                    Check the refundable policy for returning. Return before 2 months.

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