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Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner Trimmer in Detailed Reviews

Andis is one of the most powerful brands of hair clippers which has a strong fan base among hairstylists and barbers.  It is manufacturing powerful shaving products according to the needs of its fans. Andis Outliner 2 vs Andis T Outliner are the two most respected products of Andis and we will discuss its comparison in this article.

Both models will allow you to shave neatly even if you are new and does not have barber skill. One may say that these models are newbie-friendly, who are conscious about their bread style.

Andis Outliner 2 Vs T Outliner, they both have too much resemblance that’s it is very hard to decide which is best suited to the need. Only the person having experience of using both models can exactly guide you about this and I can do this for you.

Here first we discuss the features of both in comparison and then follow the discussion on both.

Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner Comparison Table

Features Andis Outliner 2 Square Blade Andis T-outline Blade Trimmer
Manufacture Andis Andis
Motor Powerful Magnetic Powerful Magnetic
Weight 11 oz 12 oz
Voltage 120V 120V
Wet/ dry Dry Dry
Blades Smaller Teeth Larger Teeth
Cutting Strokes 7200 spm 7200 spm

Andis Outliner 2 Review:

I heard about Andis Outliner 2 from one of my friends who has good experience of using it and then I read reviews about this product and I decided to use this trimmer. Here is my experience of using it.

This trimmer is too simple and easy to use. Its performance is simple but performance is so good. High-quality carbon is used for its blades and makes it looks like super fine teeth.

Andis Outliner 2 gray is one of the best hair trimmers in the market today. If you have sure to cut your hair, Andis Outliner 2 would the best for you. For many years of the world, Andis Outliner 2 trimmer has been attractive for the barbershop. Andis Outliner 2 looks great and is extra durable.

It is very useful for edging up, outlining, fading, and trimming. Andis Outliner 2 can easily take down a thick and rough beard. It provides a beautiful tapered beard look with a clean neckline.

It can cut the beard very close to the skin but one can adjust according to need. Most of the time, I try to use this shaver for getting medium bread. There is no pulling of hair while shaving with this.

It cut the hair close to the skin even if I have rough hair. I was thinking it is very helpful for getting a clean shave for people having thin facial hair. It is also helpful for shaving the hair of the head.

The dark side of this shaver is that it does not have comb attachment. It is also devoid of a rechargeable battery. You can separately buy combs to use with this shaver. Following are the sizes of combs available with the shaver  3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, 1/16”. Andis Outliner 2 has a long cord attached with it which is about 8 feet long.

This feature makes this shaver even more flexible to use. Its contoured outer surface provides a strong grip on its users. Moreover, its blades are easily adjustable. There are zero gaps between the blades which provides a sharp edge of the shaver.

It is necessary to properly clean up this shaver after using it and lubricate the shaver with oil after at least 3-4 times usage. Disinfect spray is required if more than one person is using the same shaver. Andis Outliner 2 is not only providing good fading and edging but is also skin-friendly.

If you are fed up with having razor bumps after each shave, you must try to use this shaver.  It does not affect ingrown hair growth as it does not cut hair beneath the skin.

It is a heavy-duty trimmer most suited to the modern day’s needs. In the nutshell, we may say that Andis Outliner 04603 is the outstanding shaver to get beautiful bread and haircut.

Every experienced barber knows they persuade how convenient the trimmer will be used because size and weight are always considered primary factors. Andis Outliner 2 trimmer is lighter in weight, a slightly rounded tool, and keeps you cutting your hair for a long time, and helping lessen arm fatigue. It is excellent for shaving and fading. Its length is about 5 inches, and its weight is about 11 oz fit to any hand, rounded in shape comfortable to hold because it has molded grooves. Andis Outliner 2 provides an extra and fixed cut with no rough edges, it is excellent for beard trimming and shaving. Andis Outliner 2 has a competent electromagnetic rotary motor that has great speed and works at 7200 cutting strokes per minute. Carbon coated, stainless steel of the Anis Outliner 2 is very accurate and, sharp using the zero-gap for ridiculously cut. For all your trimming needs the Andis Outliner 2 is excellent. Andis Outliner 2 doesn’t come with a comb but it’s okay according to its price. But you can separately purchase the square blade which is 1\16”, 1\8”, 1\4”, and 3\8” size.

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Andis Outliner 2 Specification

  • The item number of this model-4603
  • Dimensions-8.13*2.75*5.25 inches 11.2 ounces
  • Weight of this model-11.2 ounces
  • The motor of Andis Outliner is 2 powerful electromagnetic
  • Blades Of Outliner 2 square carbon steel trimmer which equipped with close cutting
  • Color of this model gray
  • Run time of this model is about-7200 spm
  • Accessories required for this model Outliner 2 square blade
  • Warranty of this model 1 year
  • Hanger loop of the Andis Outliner 2 with 8-foot cord
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The Magnetic Motor is powerful runs at high speed for all types of cutting, included fading, and dry shaving
• The extra close cutting, carbon-coated –steel blade of Andis Outliner 2
• Andis Outliner 2 powerful motor works cool and quiet
• Rounded in shape tool fits easily in your hand
• Andis Outliner 2 are sensitive skin-friendly
• Precision cutting Of Andis Outliner 2
• Quality of Andis Outliner 2 square blade

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• To get overheat after 10 minutes
• On\Off of the Andis Outliner 2 switch



This trimmer is inclined to heat up after continuous use of 10 minutes, otherwise, it is close to perfection.

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Andis T-Outliner Trimmer Review:

Andis Professional T-Outliner

This trimmer is very powerful and simple as no one can guess it from its plain exterior. Its polymer-made casing can survive heavy usage i.e accidentally dropping this clipper a few times on the floor.

If a barber or hairstylist looking for the best trimmer, he must consider T-Outliner while buying the shaver. Its length is about 5.5” with longer T-blades as compared to square blades of outliner 2. Andis T-Outliner is named after its T-Shaped blades. Carbon steel-made T-Shaped blades perform very well to get a smooth and clean shave.

Due to its T-shaped blades, you can trim hair easily from difficult spots like the back of the ear, upper lip, neckline, and so on. Professional barbers can use this trimmer for fading, lining up, and edging.

To get a smooth shave for short to medium-length bread, you can adjust the blades to zero-gapping. You may say that it has reduced the need for the razor. Andis T-Outliner can also be used to shave your head but first, cut your long hair with a scissor.

Despite the above, there is a lot of similarity of Andis T-Outliner with Outliner 2. There is a cord with T-Outliner to operate it on standard household voltage. The adapter is also available with it to adjust according to the voltage.

It is a lightweight trimmer, you can carry it while traveling. There is a small bottle of oil with it. You must lubricate the trimmer with oil after every 3 uses to keep running the blades smoothly.

You must clean the head of this trimmer after every use to get rid of any trapped hair inside it, otherwise, the clipper tends to heat up abruptly.

Andis T-Outliner Specification

  • Weight of this model-12 oz
  • The motor of the T-Outliner blade is oscillating high speed magnetic motor
  • Rus the motor at 7200 spm cutting strokes per minute.
  • Colour of this model-silver
  • Accessories required for this model oil blade
  • Warranty of this model 1 year
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• Oscillating electromagnetic power
• Extra close-cutting including trimming, shaving, and edge around ears
• Polymer body light in weight comfortable to hold easy
• Whisper quiet
• Easily clean of this trimmer

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• To get warm after 15 minutes
• Limited accessories of the Andis Outliner trimmer



Similar to Andis Outliner 2, this trimmer is also a victim of overheating with excessive use but it is still best for limited or low duty use like lining up, shaping, edging. It may take up to 15 minutes to heat up while doing heaving duty shaving.

Similarities Between Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner

Andis Outliner 2 and T Outliner both have the following similar features: –

  • Motor

Both trimmers have the same magnetic motor with a capacity of 7200 SPM (Stroke per minute). It is very easy for this motor to handle lightweight shaving jobs like fading, shaping, and trimming. You feel it is with the powerful motor when you start the shaving but it does not mean to expect to shave like a razor blade.

  • Zero-Gap settings

These two devices can use a zero-gap setting. To get your hair trimmed to 0.2mm, you need a zero-gap setting of these trimmers. You need to do a little bit of effort because it is not as easy as it sounds.

  • Appearance

Andis Outliner II and T Outliner both have a no-frills design. Their hard plastic bodies are not prone to be broken and can easily bear a few slips from their hands. I always prefer performance overlook, therefore, their non-glass look does not distract me. These devices have 8 feet long cord with a switch at the end. Neither Comb guides, nor speed adjustment is provided with them.

  • Basic Functions

Both the devices are specifically designed for light-duty shavin i.e edging, lining, and fading. A person with small and thin hair can easily shave close to the skin by zero gapping.

  • Maintenance

A small bottle of oil is provided with both the trimmers to grease to blades after every 3-4 uses for their smooth working for shaving. One must clean the head of these trimmers after every use. Replacement blades of these two trimmers are available in the market at affordable rates.

Difference Between Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner

The differences between both the models have been pointed out here and listed below: –

  • Blade Shape

Andis Outliner 2 has a square-shaped blade while T Outliner has T-Shaped blades. The former has micro-fine teeth at the end which are smaller and narrower but It is a little bit larger as compared to T-Outliner. Andis Outliner 2 is easy to operate and works well for dry and sensitive skin but there is a limitation that it cannot shave the difficult-to-reach spots but T-Outliner performs well in this term. It does better coverage of complex edging.

  • Ease of Use

Andis Outliner 2 is an easy-to-use trimmer specially designed for beginners who require fading, edging, lining-up, and dry shaving, etc. Andis T Outliner is a little bit advanced in terms of use and designed for a little to medium level of experience of shaving. It is not easy for a newbie to adjust its T-shaped blades at a specific angle on a difficult reach spot.

  • Available Accessories

There are no comb guides available with both the trimmers but you can buy comb guides from the market only for square blades of Outliner 2 if you need to use it for varied lengths.

  • Noise

Andis T Outliner is a little bit noisy due to its lengthy blades as compared to Outliner 2 which is less noisy and makes its use very comfortable.

  • Weight

Andis outliner 2 has an eleven-ounce weight while T-Outliner has twelve ounces. No doubt, it is not a big gap and it is only due to the smaller length of Outliner 2 blades.

Comparison of Andis Outliner VS T-Outliner

These two models highlight the comparison between Andis Outliner 2 vs Andis T-blade. Comparison of Andis Outliner 2 vs T-Outliner is quite similar, looks beautiful coequal. Both models look the same. The great difference between the Andis Outliner 2 and T-Outliner clippers is about the replacement blades.

Andis T-Outliner cordless blade consists of a T-shaped carbon-coated steel blade which is very sharp used for all types of cutting more precise trimming and shaving. The blade of the T-Outliner is  Andis stainless steel blade which is large which gets warm earlier as compared to the Andis Outliner 2. On the other hand, the carbon-coated, stainless steel of the Andis Outliner 2 is very accurate and, sharp using the zero-gap for ridiculously cut.

Due to the larger size of the T-Outliner replacement blade is slightly louder as compared to the Andis Outliner because its blade size is small. Both of the trimmers consist of powerful, high-speed rotary motors generated at 7200 spm strokes per minute. The Andis Outliner 2 weighs about 11 oz, and the Andis T-Outliner about 12 oz both are lighter in weight fit to any hand. Another good thing in the Andis Outler trimmer has an 8 ft long cord it is a great advantage for the barber comfortably moving around the shop.

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Final Judgement

Both of the models of the Andis are great which I have reviewed in this article. According to this review, The T-Outliner and shaver are the best for men shaving, hair trimming. According to the review, the Andis T-Outliner blade proves this trimmer best for men. There is no doubt Andis Outliner 2 blade replacement is also best but T-Outliner is perfect for intricate cutting as compared to the Andis Outliner 2. . For very sensitive skin it fits easily, the Andis Outliner 2 reduces the chance of nacking and razor burns. Both of the best I’ll recommend both for a newbie because there is no problem in use. Both Andis are used for shaving, trimming and include other types of cutting. Both of the models are best for sensitive skin. It’s all about your need.

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Final Verdict: Which Andis Model Best Suits Your Need?

The performance of both the models of Andis has been reviewed above and we can say that both can provide you good bread design without razor bumps. One can say that Outliner 2 and T Outliner both can do proper shaving even on dry sensitive skin.

Despite a lot of similarities and resemblances T-Outliner is a little bit better and has more usability as compared to Outliner 2. T-Outliner has more control and precision to provide shave on difficult spots. Its durability and powerful usage do not leave a beat no matter how difficult the spot is.

Outliner 2 is recommended for the newbie who wants a dry shave and tries to maintain the subtle edge and head shaving.



Question                  What is the main difference between the Andis Outliner vs T-Outliner?

Answer                     The main difference between these two models is the blade. The Andis Outliner 2 consists of a square blade that has smaller teeth and the T-Outliner consists of a T-shape blade that has larger teeth.

Question                  What does the Andis T-Outliner use for?

Answer                     The Andis Outliner is used for extra close cutting hair including beard, shaving, and around the ear.

Question                  Does the Andis Outliner 2 come with a comb?

Answer                     No, the Andis Outliner doesn’t come with a comb but according to price it’ an adjustable price.

Question                  Which one is the best Andis Outliner 2 vs T-Outliner trimmer?

Answer                     Both of the Andis trimmers are good but the Andis T-Outliner works great as compared to the Andis Outliner 2 used for all types of cutting including shaving. Beard and edge around the ear.

Question                  Can I wash my clipper blades?

Answer                     Do not wash them. Clean your blades with a brush and use oil on them.  Using water on blades can cause rust.

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