Andis Master vs Wahl Senior

Andis Master vs Wahl Senior | Which Clipper is Better?

Grooming is the thing on which men cannot compromise because their personality affects their life journey. In this modern era, everyone is in the race of getting perfect looks. That’s why the need for advanced grooming tools is rising day by day. Not only the professional barbers and hairdressers are concerned about the quality of haircutting tools but individuals too. Because this pandemic has made everyone barber at home. Therefore it is your right to stay up to date with advanced hair trimming tools and devices.

When we talk about the best clippers in the market then only Andis master and Wahl fiver start to come to mind. These are both choices best for professional barbers. But when it comes to comparing both professional clippers then difficulty arises. Because both are the best clippers from design to features, from power to performance. Their performance and solid construction material make them the essential tool for every barber.

The professional barbers must have either one or both clippers due to high-end performance and durability. Both the clippers are equipped with top-notch features to get the job done so smoothly.

Let’s have a look at the comparison table first then we’ll discuss each factor one by one in detail.

Andis Master vs Wahl Senior


Andis Master Wahl Senior Wahl 5 Star Senior
Body: 6″, 1.25 lbs.
Extra tough aluminum
Body: 6.5″, 1.3 lb. Grey plastic top, chrome bottom. Body: 6.5″, 1.2 lb. Black plastic top, chrome bottom
Blades: All-purpose blades for fades or bulk cuts. Extremely flexible side lever for blade control Blades: Wahl #1005 standard blade for all-purpose cutting. More rigid lever. Blades: Wahl #2191 Fade blade for precision fade and above-average bulk cuts. More rigid lever.
Motor: Electromagnetic at 14,000 SPM Motor: Wahl V9000 motor Motor: Wahl V9000 motor
Noise/Heat: Gets hot, somewhat quiet. Noise/Heat Heats up less, but runs noisier and vibrates. Noise/Heat Heats up a bit less but runs noisier.
Accessories: No guards included. Accessories: 3 guards (1/16″ to 3/16″) Accessories: 3 guards (1/16″ to 3/16″)

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Design and construction material

Andis Master clipper is 6″ long and weighs about 1.25 lb finished with beauty sporting chrome-colored elegance. The durability of the Andis Master clipper is ensured by a strong aluminum metal housing. The master clipper is extremely durable and long-lasting with a solid casing. Moreover, its design is appreciated by all professional barbers around the globe.

On the other hand, the Wahl senior professional clipper is 6.5″ long and it weighs around 1.2 lb. it feels bulkier as compared to the Andis master to some extent. If we talk about its housing the hard plastic material is used to build Wahl senior. The Wahl senior is made with grey color plastic and Wahl senior 5 start professional clipper is finished with black color. Where the lower half is built with durable chrome.

Both the Andis master and Wahl senior are durable and long-lasting. Their solid bodies are responsible for their long life span.

The appearance of both clippers is attractive but this is the thing that draws a line between them. The master has a more elegant finish than the Wahl senior therefore people attract towards it. But when it comes to practical industrial grip then Wahl wins points. Wahl senior offers a better grip with a more ergonomic design than the Andis master.

Blade quality

The Andis Master is fitted with superior quality carbon-coated steel blades to cut through each strand with perfection. The blades are sharp enough to cut coarse and ethnic hair with great accuracy. This clipper can be used to create a crisp line and fades without any quality issues. The Andis Master is an adjustable clipper that can cut hair to very short possible lengths. You can zero gap the blades or adjust them from (#000 to #1) with the help of a side lever.

On the other hand, the Wahl senior is equipped with a #1005 Wahl blade constructed with stainless steel is known for its quality smooth cuts. Wahl senior is also an adjustable clipper but the lever is different than the master. The lever of Andis is comfortable to control than Wahl senior but the process of zero gapping of senior is much easier than the master.

The lever of the master is very tight at the beginning you need to get it to loosen manually. Then you can set it according to your required hair length. On the other hand, the lever of Wahl senior doesn’t need to be adjusted by using both hands. You can just pull and push to change the length of hair.

On wrapping up the Wahl is easy and quick to adjust than the Andis master without stopping your cutting process.

Motor performance

The Andis Master is powered by a high-quality electromagnetic motor. The Electromagnetic motor delivers 14,000 SPM so cut through each hair strand quickly with great precision.

Where both the Wahl senior and Wahl fiver star are equipped with professional electromagnetic V9000 motor. It delivers great performance with more power to give long haircuts without any hesitation.

Professional barbers love these clippers just because of the endless power they offer. This is the reason why Andis master and Wahl senior are having great sales regularly. The barbers don’t want their tools to be lazy to get the job done. Because they have to deal with multiple customers at the same time. Due to which the power factor is crucial and they can’t compromise on it.

Not only the professionals but the individuals love both of these clippers because they offer ghost-like power to get the job done.

Noise and Heating Factor

The Wahl Senior clipper is a top choice when you have to cut the thickest hair in a single stroke. Because its powerful electromagnetic motor is loaded with energy to cut through each hair strand with professional perfection. The energy of the motor doesn’t mean speed but the power to give you cool and quick haircuts. Usually, people think that the Oster items having a rotatory motor with great torque work best to cut thick and coarse hair. But Wahl offers the same performance as havig an electromagnetic motor.

Therefore both the Wahl senior and Andis master have heating issues just like other heavy-duty clippers.

Both the items can get heated when you use them for extended periods due to their heavy-duty electromagnetic motors. But since the Andis Master is designed with aluminum metal housing therefore it gets heated more often than the Wahl senior. Because the Wahl senior has a mixed plastic body.

You can use the Kool Lube spray to cool down the Andis master. The aluminum housing conducts heats very fast due to which it gets hot and cools faster than the Wahl senior. Where the plastic body of the Wahl senior gets longer to get heated and doesn’t get cool faster due to conduction issues. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If the Andis master gets heated fast, then it gets cooler too with Kool Lube spray. Where on the other hand if Wahl senior doesn’t get heated fast then neither it gets cool fast with Kool Lube spray. You will only waste the Kool Lube spray on Wahl senior as it doesn’t make much difference due to the less conductivity of plastic material.

Both the master and Wahl senior make noise when performing due to powerful electromagnetic motors. But they are even way quieter than other high-end hair clippers in the market like Oster classic 76.

Which one is the best clipper for fades?

When it comes to fades then only sturdy motor and blade vibrations aren’t enough. Rather the clipper must have the fade blade fitted in it. In this field, the Andis master gives a strong competition to the Wahl and other clippers in the market out there. Because it is fitted with a fade blade and an easily adjustable lever allows you to achieve quality fades within minutes.

On the other hand, the Wahl standard senior doesn’t feature a fade blade therefore is hard to get perfect fades. But the Wahl senior five stars is fitted with fading blade and can compete with Andis master. Therefore both the Andis master and Wahl 5 star senior perform great to deliver smooth and flawless fades.

Accessories and Attachments

When it comes to attachments and accessories then Wahl wins the game. Because every model of Wahl is packed with necessary and useful accessories. The Wahl senior is also packed with 3 attachment comb cutting guides (1/16″, 1/8″, and 3/16″), styling comb, cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, and red blade guard.

But in the case of Andis master clipper, you are not going to receive any add ons. Rather you will have to buy the necessary attachments like guide combs separately.

When we talk about the quality of guard combs then Andis master wins the hearts with durable guards. Though they are sold separately but built with high-quality material. Moreover, the master guards are very sharp to give you effective haircuts with no effort. You should be cautious while using master guards on kids. Andis master uses magnetic tips to get the combs attached.

For your information, these magnets are not as weak that the combs would get off accidentally. You can use them without any worries because they don’t come off very easily. Rather you have to put force to get them off once they are attached.

On the other hand, Wahl guard combs can be attached with a metal clip. This makes it extra secure but the Andis guard combs are more durable.


When it comes to cost then Wahl is way cheaper than Andis master. Moreover, the accessories included in the box make it, even more, cost-effective. Even the Wahl 5 star senior is far cheaper than the Andis master.

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Andis Master versus the Senior is an extreme decision. On one hand, the two models are top-notch stylist hair trimmers generally utilized by experts and easygoing clients the same. On the other, their concentrate in some cases contrasts a ton. Let me get straight to the point: as far as engine power, sharp edge quality, and dependable activity, the two of them are a top decision.

A decent way to deal with choose which proficient trimmer is better for you would be:

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a more in-vogue, respectable trimmer? Andis Master has famous looks that make it stand apart from other haircutters.

Do you lean toward bulkier models with a somewhat better hold? Wahl is for you.

Do you require a hair trimmer for blurs? The Master bodes well, or if nothing else snatch the 5-star Seniors trimmer.

Is it accurate to say that you are on a careful spending plan, yet need an expert quality hair trimmer? Wahl certainly surpasses the Master in this department. You’ll likewise get more adornments.

I trust this Andis Master versus Wahl Senior expert trimmers examination has given you a few pointers. Eventually, you can’t turn out badly with both of these stylist hair cutters. Yet, there are a few contrasts between them that make them reasonable for marginally various events.


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