Andis Master vs Fade Master

Andis Master vs Fade Master: Review and Compared in Detailed

According to your budget, you need something to cut your neckline hair or beard. Andis has taken care of your needs. Close cutting blades are one of the common things in all hair clippers that use the barber. Do your looks rely upon a good haircut Andis Master Cordless Clippers does just the same? You devoir to use the great tools such as Andis Master Clipper Combo when you want to regard your best. Andis Master Clipper sallys is one best hair clippers that are used extensively by professional barbers. For taking care of clients or personal care you need to use the Andis Master Cordless Clippers. Beauty and power are included in one clipper of Andis’s master guard. It consists of a powerful magnetic motor blade. Andis Master Clipper is the lightweight awesome design, much more comfortable to hold, and unbreakable aluminum body that is fully resistant, or easy to use over extended periods. Andis Fade Master is one of the ultra-close cutting blades. Andis Fade master cordless clippers suitable for edgy hairstyle and all kinds of blade fade. Andis Fade blade perfect for tapering, and for all types of cutting including bulk hair removal and shaving. Andis fade master cordless consists of a high-speed magnetic motor, which is easily adjustable. Andis fade master cordless guards is unbreakable and lightweight aluminum housing awesome designed for heavy-duty cutting. Due to the sharpness of the blade, I would not advise the fade master blade for non-barber or a newbie. The length of the Andis Fade Master blade is 0.2mm-0.5mm which is easily adjustable. At first, the time when you buy both clippers, it could easily confuse because both models look the same. I have not only discussed the comparison between the Andis Master vs Fade Master but I have also given the review in detail of each model.

Comparison Table of Andis Master VS Fade Master

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These two models highlight the comparison between Fade Master vs Andis Master. Comparison of Andis Master VS Fade Master is quite similar, looks beautiful coequal. Both models look the same.

The great difference between the Andis Fade and Master clippers about the blades. Blade of the Andis Fade Master adjusts from #00000 to #000, about 1\125 to 1\50. However, the blade of the Andis master adjusts from #000 to #1, about 1\50 to 3\32.

The Andis Master best for the fades and the Fade master is used for extra close-cutting blades. This Fade blade is very sharp you have to be more careful to easily nick your clients. The Andis Master clippers are used for bulk hair removal, optimal for haircuts, and all-around cutting, and many other kinds of hairstyle.

Andis Master Blade would be a better starting point if you are a newbie. The fade master would not do as best for a complete beginner, the Fade master I would not recommend, a bit heavier, warmed up, and can be somewhat noisy.

The Andis Fade Clipper consists of a high-speed motor generating at 14000 cutting strokes per minute. On the other hand, Andis Master runs at 72,00 strokes per minute. Andis Fade Master weighing about 1.25 lbs is heavier than 1 lb Andis master but it is manageable. The Fade comes with four additional combs but in the case of Andis Master, you don’t get any guards you purchase separately.

Detail Review of Andis Master

Andis Master Cordless Clipper review: Andis Master Clippers are one of the best hair clippers in the market today. If you have sure to cut your hair, Andis master clipper would the best for you.

For many years of the world, Andis Master corded version clipper has attractiveness for the barbershop. The body of the Andis Master clipper is made from the aluminum good look, a strong quarter that is unbreakable and is used for smooth cutting.  Andis Master looks great and is extra durable. Its length is about 6 inches, and it weighs about 1.25 pounds fit to any hand, ergonomically design that shape comfortable to hold.

Every experienced barber knows they persuade how convenient the clipper will be used because size and weight are always considered primary factors. Andis master is lighter in weight and keeps you cutting your hair for a long time, and helping lessen arm fatigue. Andis master provides an exact and fixed cut with no rough edges, it is excellent for a beard trimmer.

Andis master guards have a competent electromagnetic motor that has great speed and runs at 7200 strokes per minute. Andis Master Clipper is used for taper cuts, smooth cutting, bulk, and thick hair removal.

Carbon coated, stainless steel of Andis Master Blade is very accurate and sharp, using the side lever to cut from 000 to 1 in length by arranging the blades. Andis Master battery is made up of lithium-ion bring time about 1 hour and 30 minutes of regular use and has a charge time of just one hour.

The integral surface of Andis master is soft which makes it light slippery. Andis master blade is one of the quietest extra close-cutting hair clippers. Andis Master Clipper Amazon is also used for trimming animals such as dogs, without any interruption. After every use cleans the clipper with water. To reduce skin irritation using a blade guard is also included in this box.

Andis Master Features

  • The motor of the Andis master clipper is magnetic used for tapering and fading.
  • The powerful magnetic motor of the Andis master runs at 7200 strokes per minute
  • Andis master blade is used for smooth cutting.
  • Carbon-steel of the Andis master blade from 000 to 1 and tight trim.
  • Andis Master Guard consists of an unbreakable aluminum quarter.
  • The lithium-ion battery of the Andis master charge time of just one hour.
  • Andis master powerful motor runs at high speed, quiet, and cool.
  • Cord\Cordless features of Andis master clipper an LED light which represents the battery power levels.
  • Includes of Andis master guard are premium charging stands.
  • Tube of Andis master blade oil
  • Operating instruction of Andis master

Andis Master Specification

  • Dimensions of this model-2 into 1.8 into 6 inches
  • Weight of this model-1.25 lbs
  • Body material of Andis master cordless-lightweight aluminum
  • The motor of this model-magnetic
  • Blades required for Andis Master –adjustable replacement master blade
  • Power source-8ft
  • Colour of this model-silver
  • Run time of Andis master-90min
  • Accessories of this model-blade guard or blade oil
  • Warranty of this item-1year

• Design of Andis master clippers’ combo
• Powerful electromagnetic motor
• Highly quality carbon, stainless-steel blades
• Has a very durable and tough aluminum quarter
• Noise-free
• Ergonomic design for better handling and usability
• Great fading clipper
• Best for a newbie
• Easy to clean off this clipper
• Whisper quiet


• Tends to overheat if you use it for a long time.
• Limited accessories of Andis master.

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Detail Review of Andis Fade Master

Andis Fade Master clippers cordless are very durable with an unbreakable strong aluminum tool, lightweight for easy handling. The Andis Fade Master Amazon is used for a simpler haircut, the best silent clipper for cutting, and hairstyle.

The Andis Fade Master is used for excellent all-around cutting hair, giving a neat and absolute finishing touch to all types of fades and taper cuts. Andis Fade Master sally has an oscillating magnetic high-speed motor that works at 14000 strokes per minute while ensuring cool and quietness.

The Andis Master Blade is made of up carbon steel blade for extreme sharpness that is adjustable from #00000 to #000 and can be 0 gapped for ridiculously close cuts. This is 1\125 to 1\150. The weight of the Andis Fade clipper is about 1 lb it’s easy for handling because of its unique design and won’t annoy your hands as much.

In every barber’s shop, Fade Master is an honorable piece of art. Andis Fade has a frequency-60 Hz and a voltage consisting of 120 V, you need to bring a voltage connector if you use it overseas.

The issue is that the Fade Master is heavier, noisy, but it is manageable. It has less moveable parts with a bearable magnetic motor. You can separately purchase the Andis blade guard because the box doesn’t come with any blade guard. For very sensitive skin it fits easily and reduces the chance of necking and razor burns.

Features of Fade Master Blade

  • The Andis Fade master consists of a powerful magnetic motor, used for tapering and heavy-duty-cutting
  • Magnetic motor works at 14,000 strokes per minute
  • Powerful motors run at high speed, quiet, and cool
  • Andis Fade master sallys used for smooth cutting
  • Single lever of fade master blade adjusts from 00000 to 000, tight trim
  • Fade master is an unbreakable aluminum quarter

Product Specification of Fade Master

  • Model of fade master-ML
  • The Item number of this model-01690
  • Weight of this model-1.25 lb
  • Length of this model-6.00 in
  • The body material of Fade master is a polymer

Fade Master Blade

  • The Item number of Fade master blade-01591
  • Blade name used for this model Replacement blade
  • Material of Fade master carbon-steel

• Good for ultra-close cutting, tapering
• Powerful electromagnetic rotary motor works high speed
• Best for skin fading and low haircuts fade.
• Strong weight distribution
• Desire minimal upkeep


• A bit heavier, noisy
• To get overheat after some time to use
• Very sharp easily poke your scalp

Final Judgment

Andis is Masterfully suitable for a compact buzz-cut and maintaining elegant fuzz look. Andis Fade Master cordless suitable totally if you are a regular person, and a seasoned barber who has ahead observation of using a trimmer. Andis Fade clipper works very sharp easily pokes your scalp. If you want an all-purpose machine though, and an extra close-cutting clipper just sticks to the Andis Master Clipper Combo. They implement simply amazing designs for the Master series. Andis Master Guards are used for faster cutting, and impressive handling, and usability, this master also consists of an electric clipper that should work for a long time. It’s all about your need.


Question                  How long do Andis Master Clippers last?

Answer                     Andis Master long for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Question                  What is the main difference between these two models?

Answer                     The great difference between these two models is the blade adjustment.

Question                  Does the Andis Master Clipper come with any guards?

Answer                     No, there is no guard in this box you purchase separately.

Question                  What is in the box of the Andis Master clipper?

Answer                     Hair clipper, oil, blade guard, operating instructions.

Question                  Without the lever can you fade?

Answer                     Yes, You can.

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