Andis Ceramic BGRC

Andis Ceramic BGRC 63965 Clipper Review in 2021

Andis Ceramic BGRC clipper is one of the best products and quite famous products among professionals. There is no problem for personal use, or anyone cutting hair for prolonged periods, but here is a great advantage to hair salons. It has surely no comparison among other professionals’ hair cutters. It can be said that the Andis BGRC can be proved the best choice for all users. The outstanding quality of the BGRC ceramic clipper its blade which outshines most of the others, the fact that it doesn’t heat as much, and its lightweight design.

Consider These Features Before Buying Andis Ceramic BGRC 63965 Clipper:

Decently powerful Rotary Motor and Body of Andis BGRC

Andis BGRC uses a rotary motor that has single-speed and quite powerful. The rotary motor of the Andes BGRC professional hair clipper is powered with 2900 strokes per minute. Andis Ceramic is one of the quietest, hair clippers on the market. If you hate noisy clippers, Andis Ceramic clipper is one of the quietest hair clippers than the other heavy-duty barber tools on the market and which is delighted for you and your customer.

Andis Ceramic BGRC 63965 Clipper Blades

A powerful motor and efficient blade both qualities make up a good hair clipper. Due to detachable blades, you can use any type of blades such as all Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades with this clipper. The Detachable Ceramic Edge blades will cool even after extensive use, they will remain 70% cooler than your stainless steel clipper blades.

Almost every hair clipper uses regular, stainless steel blades on the market. Ceramic edge blade is easily changed with other Andis blades, also interchanged with Oster blades. Ceramic blades have certain advantages such as stay sharper, extremely hard-wearing, and corrosion-resistant, do not conduct heat.

Andis Ceramic blades are well insulated and produce a low popping sound. Ceramic is non-metallic, which means it does not conduct heat or electricity. Through these blades, you will cut all types of hair without any issue.

Andis BGRC Corded and Cordless Battery

The Andis BGRC cordless does not contain a charger when you purchase it. So the Andis BGRC battery pack and charge separately you will have to get it. It has a Nickel-Cadmium battery that runs for a long time without any intervals.

Just take an hour the BGRc battery can be recharged completely. The Cordless Andis Ceramic BGRC you can be used anywhere, and it doesn’t restrict your movements at any given time, which is a great advantage which many barbers and fanatic prefer. It is pretty great. It will take an hour and recharge completely.

Operating Andis BGRC

Andis ceramic clippers body is made from silver for the coded option, and quality of polymer has been used for a black finish for its cordless version. Its weight is quite light and its ergonomic shape helps you to feel comfortable.

Moreover, it also gives a light and easy-grip to those who have to work with it for long, especially, the professional barbers’. The Andis detachable clippers are almost 10% small and 20% light. The Andis Ceramic clipper is lighter much more comfortable to hold, or easy to use over extended periods.

It uses rust-resistance and ultra-strong ceramic edge blades. Its length is 6.5 with 0.90 Ibs weight provides frequent work. Nobody wants to use such a clipper that is critical to handle or complicate. It is a slim and lightweight design that is easy to carry.

Key Features:

Manufacture Andis 
Length 6.50
Item weight 14.5 oz.
Speed motor Single-speed \ Rotary
Body material Plastic polymer
Voltage 120V \ 60 Hz
Motor Rotary motor
Bladder Detachable Ceramic BLade

Product Specifications

Battery Rechargeable Battery with 1-Hour Runtime
Includes Ceramic Edge size, 1 Blade, Blade Oil
Cutting Strokes Per-minute 2900
Warranty Warranty
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  • Small and lightweight for easy to handle and use.
  • Powerful motor
  • Ceramic edge blades stay cool for a long time
  • Quietest Ceramic clipper
  • Detachable blades
  • Heavy-duty ready
  • Easy to use
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  • Price difference.
  • The battery and charger are not available.
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Weak points of the Andis BGRC Clipper

In this Andis BGRc clipper review, this clipper is unnecessarily expensive, the main issue, however, will be in the costs. Another thing you have to buy blades separately. Another thing would be the NiCD batteries [Nickle Cadmium].

NiCD batteries are older battery technology, so the other shortcoming battery life is not good. Moreover, you may need some force to remove its blades for cleaning. It may break if it fell. If you buy separate blades, then they are quite expensive.

One of the users bought ceramic Andis trimmer blades 00000 for $135. It’s heavy and cut reek and does not give close cutting. This is the review of that user. Some have positive thoughts on these blades as well. As they have told that these blades work well.

Overview of Andis Clippers T Outliner

Those people who are using Andis ceramic BGRC are happy with it. Customers have been using it for hairstyling and all other purposes. Its ceramic blades have satisfied the customers. The blades are serrated and stay cooler while using and give fabulous results. Andis clippers blades don’t burns neck, face, and where it is needed. Many customers have been using Andis clippers and they prefer to keep using them. Some people have issues with their voice. According to them, Andis master clippers have louder voices whether some people have said that it does not have noise and they are quiet in use. Although it is expensive. Some professionals have also revealed that the blades were not finished. They said they have proper knowledge about clippers therefore they have identified some issues with them. Whereas many people have shown satisfaction and interest in this product and they are happy with it. We must provide you knowledge about everything even if it has benefit or loss, we think of you first.

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Andis is known a well-known brand and all its products come with special features. In the same way, Andis Ceramic BGRC has been designed under the professionals’ conditions. These clippers are available in premium quality. Therefore barbers can perform multiple jobs without losing their grip on it and getting tired. The Andis Ceramic Clipper is lighter in weight, beautiful, ergonomic, and will become the centerpiece in your barbershop or your grooming kit. Must use oil on blades before, during, and after use for optimal performance. It all depends on your choice. What you like, you buy. Many users like to buy additional accessories which Andis cordless clippers are already providing.



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Q1: Can I trim my beard and mustaches with Andis ceramic BGRC?

Answer: Yes, you can trim your beard and mustaches even have a haircut.

Q2: What voltage does Andis BGRC use?

Answer: I use Andis ceramic BGRC and its voltage is 120V.

Q3: Can this trimmer be used to remove the cat’s fur? Will it be safe to use on them?

Answer: I think it can be used to remove cat furs. I am not sure if the cat’s fur is thicker. If it comes with attachments then it’s well and good. You can easily use it anywhere.

Q4: How much does it cost?

Answer: Andis products are quite expensive. Its price is around about $298. I think prices may vary due to models.

Q4: Can we Andis products in other countries? Will the same voltage work in Dubai?

Answer: Unhappily, all of our Andis products are only for US use. You would need a converter to use these products in your country. This is a possible way to use them.


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